Just be your Sweet Self.

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After so much testosterone on that last video throwing wood into the truck, and wearing wrangler jeans, I realize I needed a little Pink for balance. I’m Still waiting for my camera cord. I guess it will arrive in the mail when it’s good and ready!  Oh well, I would have shown you my new pink nail polish and my new 4 pound pink weight on the table. Yes, I’m now pumping iron! I think it’s a good thing to building some muscles so that my back and neck and shoulder areas will be pain-free. Pain free is defiantly a good thing!  When I went to physical therapy she gave me lots of exercises to do to strengthen mussels around the spine, physical  therapy really did help a lot. I’ve been flexing my muscles showing Navar and saying “Welcome to the Gun Show!” than he laughs.  I guess I don’t have very big muscles, really I’m just wanting to tone and help my back out. I think two things I’ve learned this week is one with my struggle of moving to this part of the state and feeling a little bit out of sorts and like an outsider is to relax and like my family used to say when I was growing up, to just be your sweet self, don’t worry about what other people will think about you, just do your own thing and be who you are. I also realized that the feeling of not fitting in has been an ongoing theme in my life.  I moved around a lot as a kid always being the New kid, so maybe this feeling is an old outdated memory.  The other thing I learned this week is how much I learn from YOU my Blogging friends. How I am inspired to look at life in different ways. To remember to enjoy life and to laugh. How I’m encourage to try new things and to try to look at the world without preconceived ideas,  to read different books, to work on my grammar, to look at the stars and contemplate the Universe, to listen to new music or even to try to learn to play a new musical instrument. In my book that’s gold!  So, Thank You for that!  I Hope you have a Great weekend and keep smiling, it makes people wonder what you’ve been up to.:+)  One last thing do you like the new WordPress notification button?  I think it’s great I get to talk to you just a little bit more and it’s a delight when I see the little orange number it’s like “You’ve Got Mail” your comments to me are still like wrapped presents. Thank You for your Comments. :+)


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  1. I love the notification button. It makes ongoing discussions so much easier. I’ve been really happy with WordPress. They make things easy for those of us new to the blogging world. 🙂

    • Yes, I love WordPress! The only down side is the New Themes tempting me to change my Blog often. I do my best to ignor when new themes come out. :+) Thanks for your comment!

  2. Thanks for the delightful post. I giggled at “welcome to the gun show”. Very adorable. I completely agree with your philosophy. Be your own sweet self and do what you like. And yes. I do like the little orange square!

    • It’s such a great new WordPress gift. Thanks for the giggle about my gun show it does the same thing to Navar. I’m like a little kid I know it makes him laugh so out of the blue we may be talking about somthing serious and I’ll say “Welcome to the Gun Show!” I think i”ll go pump some iron now. Thanks for your comment.

    • Hot pink weights! Yes, I think your right people do get along nicely on WordPress. It makes blogging fun. Thanks for your comment. Hey I just reread your comment odd folks? Am I in that catagory, I know it’s possiable.

  3. Hi,
    A great read while I’m having my morning coffee. 🙂
    I think feeling like an outsider is how most of us feel when we move to a different area, but it’s only for a short time I feel, and being yourself is great advise.

    I also love the comment notification, it is the best idea that WP has come up with, just magic. 😀

    • It really is magic :+) I’ve been meaning to stroll over to the WordPress office and to let them know two thumbs up on the new notification button. I think they outdid themselves on that one. I wonder what other fun things they will come up? Thanks for your comment Mags. I think your right it just takes time to get use to an area. I guess I just need to be more relaxed.

  4. Hot pink weights? Hmmmm … But as long as they help your back and create defined guns, mission accomplished. And yes … blogging friends are special and add much to my day.

    Happy St. Patrick’s Day to my favorite Montanans!

  5. Being or feeling like an outsider is really nothing but a tribute to one’s character. For me it only shows a person with integrity and a willingness to not follow the crowd. You could see yourself as a the eagle flying high over the herd of sheep. So, yes, be your sweet self, as your family so rightly told you.

    • That was such a wonderful comment Thank you Munchow. I realized it has been interesting moving to this side of Montana as I have had to face my own thoughts about “fitting in” and about how I feel about myself as I am in certain situations. I realized yesterday being in a room full of people that it wasn’t really about “them” it was more about me, finding my own sense of self and being comfortable with my own ways of uniqueness. Thank You for your comment. :+)

  6. Starla, I am glad you appreciate you for you. I think you are the best. Forget what other people think. As long as you are happy with you, everyone else will pick up on that positive energy. I LOVE your post. Stay cool and happy. 😎

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