Snow Day! Can you tell me a story about nice Spring like weather?

Blizzard Warning

Blizzard Warning (Photo credit: capt.taco)

Winter Warnings today, white out blizzard conditions.  My scheduled town trip looks like it could be pushed forward  untill tomorrow.  Blizzard warnings 20 inches of snow predicted for the mountains.  Yes, I think my town trip can wait.  I was going to burn a CD with pictures of our Blue bird trail.  We put 7 more boxes up yesterday, that makes a total of 10 on our new trail.  Now we wait for the blue birds to show up.  Navar just sent me a text, the school called a Snow Day. Yipee!  I love snow days, it reminds me of being a kid.  As a teacher, it must be nice to hear, “Snow Day!”, nothing like an extra day off.   We had such a busy weekend.  I’m sure Navar will be grateful to have the extra time off.  I need a few more days for my blue bird post there was a surprise find in the midst of my newly established blue bird trail.  I need to do extra research as I was not expecting to find this smack dab in the middle of my trail.  Can you possibly guess what we found?   My guess is probably not, but maybe, so if you dare, take a guess.  What could be strange, very strange something right in the middle of my sweet peaceful happy-go-lucky bluebird trail ?  What could it be?  I will spend my time today, doing a little research.  I can not leave this out, so time for me to hit the net as I pour a cup a tea and watch the snow hit the window.  Feel free to guess or maybe you would like to tell me about your Spring warm weather?  If you are in a place like Tasmania then you are likely getting ready for Fall or Winter.  I know officially Spring starts March 21st but we have had two amazing Spring like days.  Please tell me in detail if you have had any warm Spring like weather.


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  1. This might qualify as a Spring weather story:
    Downtown NYC is nice enough today that I fully expect to be fired for ducking outside to enjoy the sun every chance I get.
    Hope the new season smiles on you soon!

  2. It has been beautiful in Ohio–I have been in weather heaven. But I grew up in North Dakota and remember days of snow even into May (though not the norm). Can’t say I miss that climate!

  3. Hey great story starla. I am glad for the day, but still finding it hard to focus and get stuff done. Okay! Now I am going to get to work. Wonder how many people blog on Monday morning at work.

  4. Hi,
    We have had a couple of beautiful days here in my part of Australia. The first of March is the start of our Autumn, but today rain again, only light showers, but still. Our days in Autumn is not much different to your Spring, flowers are still blooming, everything is green, this is because I live in the Tropics, other parts of OZ are different again. 🙂

  5. The tropics! How wonderful I like that your Autumn is like our Spring.. Flowers and green grass I can’t wait to see other colors other than different shades of brown and today lots of piles of white! It’s hard to imagine that tomorrow will be the first day of Spring here. In Montana a lot can change as far as the weather. A famous quote here is if you want a change in weather wait five minutes. :+)

  6. As the the eastern US is above normal, winter lives in the west … and yes, you are seeing more snow today than we’ve seen all year. (Last year was horrible for us). Meanwhile, i have a guess for your find on the trail …. a horn from triceratops!

  7. Snow is so beautiful, but cold! I guess I was lucky. I got to leave the cold to my warm house! CA is strange that way. Spring and I get along great. Not too hot, not too cold…just right. lol We plan on going on local RV trips. Gas is crazy nigh! Have fun today Starla.

  8. My guess is a McDonald’s burger joint. They keep popping up everywhere. You can keep all that snow to your self. Yes it’s Autumn but we’re still getting nice weather here. It was quite hot yesterday, 24C. I tried to view the Bluebird cam before but got a message saying I didn’t have the correct plugin. But it didn’t tell me which plugin I needed. Maybe I’ll try it on IE

    • That would be nice I could get a egg mcmuffin while I’m checking to see if any of the bird boxes have little birdies in them. Nope no golden arches they do pop up every where don’t they? When I think about our Spring I thing about your weather changing over there for you and Michelle. When we are planting seed over here you are cleaning up your Fall Garden.:+)

    • Yes, I will be over to subrcribe again. :+) I also want to catch up on the contuining saga of Leny and the gang. Also I need to make a special link on the Blog Roll for Mis Dixie and Angus they are stars in their own right!

      • Ummm…
        I deleted their doggy site last night. I considered giving up Doggy Saturday posts some time ago. Now that I go to the gym 5 – 6 evenings a week I just don’t have the time to organise that extra post each week plus do my comics & get them posted & reply to the comments & visit all my favourite bloggers/cartoonists. I will just do Angus & Dixie cartoons from time to time & post them with my regular comics.

        • WOW First of all let me say I’m impressed going to the gym 5-6 days a week that’s really really great. I understand about getting too much going. Navar being his first year of teaching is always walking around saying he’s over whelmed too much to do. So do the blogging that’s most fun and like you said you can do an occasionally Dixie and Angus cartoon. By the way I was having troubles find where to comment on your posts today maybe I wasn’t looking in the right place. I’ll have to look again. Thanks for getting back to me about the doggies blog.

          • I do weights 4 days a week & a couple of cardio days. It has really paid off as I’ve lost about 15kg so far. When you go to the home page the comments don’t show up. Just click the title on the comic blog or the centre navigation button that has the number of comments on it

            • Navar just said to say hi to Tony! :+) He walked by and saw your icon. Let see now I remember the navigation button, I must have been tired, Thanks for jogging my memory.
              That’s great mixing it up cardio and weights. Navar and I have been talking about getting back into exercise of some sort now that the weather will be getting nicer The nice thing about being out of shape is that it dosn’t take long to get that endorphine good feeling. The better in shape you are the longer you have to exercise for that good enorphone feeling. Keep it up that’s great!

              • I only started gyming late December & I could barely manage 1 minute on the exercise bike. Last Saturday I did 30km in 65 min. It doesn’t take long to fitten up once you start doing it regularly. I find it easier to stay motivated by going to the gym. I’ve had weight sets, exercise bike etc at home before & it’s hard to keep it up without losing interest.

                • When Navar did the Glacier Challenge race that was good because he had a goal and he was doing the race with other people so he trained almost every day for a couple of months so that he would be able to keep up with his friends. He did mountain biking, kayaking and canoeing. The day of the race was the last day of exercise! He hasn’t done too much since. Teaching has been all consuming but his Summer break is around the corner. I’ve been lifting my 4 pound weight not much of a weight but just that little weight I can tell a differnece. I think your right exercise at home can be difficult to keep at it.

    • Wow 85 degrees how nice. I hope your getting enough moisture that could bring a dry Summer. Pollen YUCK I’ve had the worst allergies here. Mainly to the farm fields and the grain bins. Hope your feet are doing better? I’ll have to come over and check on you today. :+)

  9. Hey, your blog looks very nice. Starla, where the heck are you -ALASKA?? Where I am it never get below about 88 degrees and folks start putting on sweaters. Who am I kidding? It was 95 the other day and people were wearing sweaters. Thais are strange like that. What did you find, tell tell tell…

    • Thanks Lynn! Yes, a new WordPress theme. I was going crazy with not much color around here this Winter just farm brown and white snow. I’m listening to your Bloggers Juke box right now :+) excellent choice. I’ve had a lot of trouble posting videos I don’t know why some times it works and sometimes it just dosen’t. Not sure what the key is in posting videos these days. I’m still having to relearn some things about Blogging I was gone from blogging for about a year.

      No guess I’d give a hint but I’m terrible at hints people seem to always guess. So must be that my hints are too easy.

      That’s warm 95 and wearing sweaters. I hope your taking tons of pictures and shooting lots of camera footage!

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