A Bluebird of Happiness

This post is starting to give me nightmares.  Have you ever started to work on a post or a project and it zigged when you thought it should zag?  I started off with the Bluebird of happiness a few pictures maybe a little song and a stray rainbow thrown in just for luck.  It’s turned out to be bit of a can of worms.   I should just tell you what’s in the middle of my bluebird trail just to get it out and over with because I can’t decide about how to talk about it .   I’m the kind of person that I like to know,  I don’t like secrets they drive me crazy or surprises for that matter.  So I’ll just tell you now!  The eighth bird house we put up Navar points to the road and says “See how the road up there goes from smooth to rough?”   I’m think yeah, So…..  He says look to the right.  I turn and look, ” WHAT!”  What is this doing on my happy-go-lucky bluebird trail?  It was drum roll please…….still haven’t guessed huh?  It was or is a missile silo right there smack dab on the trail that I had just named Starla’s Lane.  I felt like pulling up the bird boxes and finding another road, but I realized how ironic.  We had permission from two land owners to put the boxes up, the first person the lady who is the chairman of the school board.  I thought of all the houses we choose to knock on her door, to me that seemed odd.  The second property turned out to be a student of Navar’s we talked to his father he gave us permission, ” yeah, put them up  any where”  and gave a broad wave of his arm.   The eighth box Navar pulled the car over directly in front of the missile silo, and said “How about here?” I’m thinking sure why not.  I could see the camera and as I turned my back, I could feel the heat of someone watching us.  Watching Navar bang the nail into the post to hang the blue bird box on.  I thought how strange this is.  Bluebirds are known to represent Peace and Happiness.  Now each time I check the bluebird boxes I will have to drive right by the missile silo.  It’s opened a lot of questions for me that make me toss and turn, but I thought I would just tell you what it was that was in the middle of our happy-go-lucky trail.  Strange days indeed!  I will still be putting up photos it just may be a few days, as I’ve been not sure what to say about the whole thing.  Do I leave the rainbow and the Happy bluebird song and the poem by Henry David  Thoreau Oh dear…. so there you have it.  I will probably be throwing in a few more stories about missile silo’s from time to time.  How did a post about bluebirds turn into a post about Minuteman missiles? I recommend both links below one you can see what a Minuteman  missile looks like and read some history and the second link you can see a bluebird nest and eggs.  Strange combination blue birds and Minuteman missile silos.

(The bluebird photo is from Zemanta)

Putting up Bluebird Boxes.


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    • That’s why it took me awhile to write this post. I live in Central Montana and am surrounded by missile silos I believe 150. Yes isn’t it strange that this would be in the middle of mysweet bluebird trail? They are dismantling some of the missiles I need to find out how many still researching.

  1. How interesting Starla. Missile silos may notbe conducive to birdwatching but I definitely think this area needs a bluebird house to balance everything out. It’s the yin an yang of the world. Btw I think that other blog was an interesting read as well. Oh, did you take that photo- it’s breath taking!

    • I think your right about the yin and the yang of the world and thats what struck me the most about this experinece. Another interesting point that I didn’t mention is living amognst the missile silos are many Amish and Hootrite familys known for being pacifists. I also had to think about how I feel living so close to so many missile silos myself. I wish I took the photo it is really great! It is from Zemanta collection from WordPress.

        • Thank You Lynn I’ve always Loved Color it’s been a running theme through my life. I use to work with stained glass it was great going to giant glass stores to pick out big colorful sheets of glass reds, blues, greens one of my favorites colbalt blue and than the specialty mixes it was like being a kid in a candy store.

  2. Have to agree with Lynn and crubin.
    The contrast of one and the other is a good one, and if you can get pics of the bluebirds enjoying the birdhouse while the silo is dismantled, even better!
    Just, you know, don;t get arrested for spying!

    • That would be great. We went up there yesterday I was wondering if they would take down the birdhouse. I was plesantly surprised to see that it was still there. It is a little creepy around the silo and it is hard not to feel uneasy. I know the cameras are watching us. Luckily all we are doing is watching the birdhouses the silo just happens there. Hope I don’t get put on a no fly list.

  3. Hi,
    It must of been a shock to you to came across this silo on your trail, but nature does have a way of working around things. If the bluebirds are in the area, it seems that the silo doesn’t worry them at all. I found the read on the other blog about silos very interesting, very nice of you to put in the link. 🙂

    • Hi Mags Yes it really was a shock to find the missile silo on my bluebird trail. Nature does have a way of carrying on regardless of our stresses. I remember once being in a big earthquake it was a 7.2 earthquake. I was working in a restaurant at the time, I could hear the giant pottery in the other room crashing to the floor shortly after the shaking stopped by boss at the time sent me home. I was stuck in traffic inching my way home feeling stressed about the whole thing and thinking about the earthquake. I was looking out my car window and could see a monarch butterfly slowly flying around enjoying the day. The betterfly put the day into perspecive that life does go on even under great stress.:+) Glad you liked the other link I was greatful to find it with good pictures and well written about the subject.

    • Yes it’s been strange to move to an area with many missile silos. I went from Grizzley Bears in my back yard to missile silos. I miss the Gizzley Bears. Peace and Happiness I think your right concentrate on those thoughts.

  4. The bluebird in the photo is so sweet. Did you take photos of the silo??? If so you may be now on the CIA’s suspected spy list…
    Watch out for black vans with dark tinted windows…

    • Shoot hold on…..let me look out my window…. I did take a picture of the silo I told Navar to not stop just keep on driving as I snapped the picture. I really didn’t want to be standing out in front taking a picture. Sigh…. I should have used my secret cel phone like you’ve been know to do. Back vans huh?

  5. It is so nice to find ways to relax and enjoy this crazy world of ours. We need to keep our mental health going strong. I am happy you do all of ther wonderful things that you do. You are a very caring person. Thank you. 🙂

    • Thank You Doraz :+) It’s been a fun learning experience I’m hoping the bluebirds will show up. Last week we checked no birds in the houses yet. But I guess it takes time the female birds fly around for a couple of weeks to pick out the place they would like to nest.

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