Montana spring

Montana spring

I woke up this morning to open the door to piles of the white stuff.  Just seems like yesterday or at least a few days back I was sitting on the porch feeling the sun on my face and feeling utter and complete delight in the season change.  Psyche, winters back.  Navars idea he says “let’s go skiing” I said “OK”  I figured I’d call his bluff.  He said “Really?” I said “how fast can you change?”  Faster than you could say “where’s the sun?”  Amazing really I haven’t been cross-country skiing in two years.  I can’t believe I found my skis, gators, mittens and boots in no time flat.  I did leave without my poles, but you don’t get very far without your poles so I had to turn around and go back into the house to get them.  Something about skiing down town to get the mail is pretty cool.  The temp wasn’t bad 33 degrees a bit of a biting wind I could feel my ears get pretty cold.  I was glad to take my skis off and walk into the post office.  Reading over the mail warming up a bit, Navar said “you want to go to lunch? “Sure why not” so we glide down a half a block to the one bar/restaurant and split a burger and order two cups of coffee with hot chocolate.  The owners Mom served us lunch and his dad was vacuuming they both told us stories of their travels across the country in an RV, they just got back.  Hearing about their journey as she called it, made lunch that much more enjoyable.  Filled up on food and skied back home in no time.  I would have to say that goes under the category of That was SO much fun.  I hope that your weekend has moments of Joy what ever you may find yourself doing.  Unexpected moments of Joy are always welcomed.  If you are celebrating Easter or Passover enjoy. Hopefully we are in the last throes of winter.

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  1. Thanks Donald! When I get tired of what I see around here: the gray days, too many browns, and tans, or fields of white. I’m always grateful I can come visit your blog, lots and lots of really beautiful art, a wonderful multitude of colors, it helps me get through the long Montana winter.

  2. So nice to see someone turn a potential downer into a smiling upper. But I still don’t miss North Dakota… (Got snowed in in May there once, I kid you not. 🙂 )

    • A smiling upper :+) I like that on occasion that can happen. I got lucky today. North Dakota can have some really really cold weather. I think dealing with the elements at times can be tough driving shoveling, and what not. Snow in May I believe it.

  3. Hi,
    I just couldn’t imagine skiing down for some lunch, by the look of the photos there certainly is a lot of snow about, but it sounds like you had some fun. 🙂
    I hope you and your family have a very Happy Easter.

    • Hi Mags, It was fun and yes there was a lot of snow. It was a wet snow I was surprised it wasn’t sticking to the bottom of my skis. Thank You looks like we will be having a nice weekend. Navar has several days off from teaching so that’s always nice. :+)

    • Soon I will be singing the happy I can’t belieive it’s spring song!. :+) Maybe the snow was just an April fools joke? Sun out today big blue sky that a good thing.

  4. Now that was a very nice small town story! Sounds like you took advantage of a great day just waiting to be had! Good for you!

    • Thans G M Boy is it a small town. I’ve lived in a few small towns but this one really feels like a small town with the pluses and the minuses. When we got here I noticed one of the stop signs had fallen over. It’s still laying on the ground months later.:+)

  5. Starla, you take such nice photos. Did you take photography classes somewhere? Well, I know that you always manage to figure things out…no matter what the weather. lol Hope you guys have a great weekend. A:)

    • Thanks Doraz! I hope your enjoying your weekend as well. The suns out today beautiful blue sky day. We went for a ride that was nice looking at the sceanery. No photography class for me. Navar has had photography classes so I probably have learned some things from him. I love taking picture because it slows me down and I take the time to look at the details in things and it helps me enjoy the world around me. :+)

      • That is a great way to slow down. I think I need to take a few more photos in life. I have them of family events, but I should do more of other things. Good idea Starla.

        • It’s reafullly Fun Doraz I highly recomended it. It’s a Joyful way of celebrating creativity. No paints and no clean up all you need is a camera. With digital these days it’s great because you can take as many photos as you like and it doesn’t cost a penny. I’d say just have fun with it and don’t worry about what your taking pictures of just take pictures of things that catch your eye and things that make you happy. :+) Thats my 2 cents on the subject.

  6. Sounds and looks like a great day. How fun that must have been, to ski down to the restaurant. Cool. I love your photographs and particularly your eyes for details. The cat and the gloves is a really fun picture.

    • Thank You so much I sure have fun taking pictures. I would say it’s been my greatest joy these days. Cross country skiing use to be my greatest joy but life seems to change from time to time. It was nice to revisit the skiing. :+)

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