Eagle and Fox On The Porch?


I thought this was a really cool video.  How was your weekend what was the best part?  I had a surprisingly relaxing weekend not much fuss and not much muss.  Is muss a word?  It’s too early in the morning to google or Bing.  I can hear a few of you say it’s never too early to google.  They sure are talking about peeps a lot this morning on TV.  Do people still eat peeps?  The News is saying they are best served warm .  Must be a slow News day if they’re talking about peeps.  I wonder if you could roast a peep on an open fire?  They could burst into flames.   A flaming peep on a samore.  I could make a YouTube video and  call it The Flaming Peeps. Theres probably a band called the flaming peeps.  I’ll have to go and check.  I love the internet.  I can do searches on my random thoughts.  I’ve actually spent hours going from one random thought to another maybe that’s why the internet has been so successful.   I can’t be alone this.  Now that I think about it I think I have a stray peep in a box somewhere.  I  should put a date on the bottom and see how long it holds up?

I guess it’s official my mind runs along the same lines as a teenage boy. I had my fears now it’s official. How could that be?


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  1. Hi,
    I loved the video with all the different animals together, that was incredible.
    I don’t know about it being too early, it’s midnight here and your blog is the last I will visit before I head off to bed. 😀

  2. I saw Peeps on a stick at WalMart. Kind of like a Peep Shish Kabob, I guess. To each his/her own…

    I am soooo glad I did not have to clean out that microwave in the video. Hope my teenage son never gets that idea!

  3. Those poor little peeps. lol I would have screamed if my microwave was grossed out by them. lol I think we have an old microwave in the garage I could try blowing up the peeps. lol

    The video of the animals was so cute. I would love to have visitors like them at my mountain house.

    Our Easter was nice and relaxing. I did gain a few pounds, so I will be at the gym a lot this week. lol

    Stay smiling. 🙂

    • You too +) Glad you had a good Easter. I thought it the animal video was amazing the animals seemed to be so relaxed as well amazing.
      The microwave video made me wonder what other things are people blowing up in them? hmmm

  4. AMAZING to have all three animals on one household deck!! Now, about the Peeps. What’s the big deal about those things anyway? People seem to love those lil’ things- aren’t they just sugar. Seems like they be just like marshmallows with crystalized sugar on top? Am I wrong? You blew me away with that first video thought. Geez!

    • When I was a kid my parents often put peeps in the Easter basket. I would eat the peeps last because it is basically a marshmellow with sugar all over it. No chocolate or gooey center. My Dad sent me a peep which for some reason I saved. I think he was feeling nastolgic for the days when he use to buy easter candy for the kids. Only my guess. Glad you enjoyed the video of the wild creatures on the porch. Nice she had a camera at hand. Maybe I should toss the peep this summer when I’m going through my things. A good example of my sentimentle hoarding ways. :+)

  5. I am surprised that both the fox & eagle didn’t try & take of with one of the cats, or one cat each. Wild animals can share too. Is that on your verandah? I love eagles they are just so majestic.
    Never heard of peeps before except slang for people.

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