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Newspaper colour

Newspaper colour (Photo credit: NS Newsflash)

I’m curious where do you go for real-time news?  I’ve noticed over the last few years my news habits have changed.  There use to be a time not that long ago, where adults gathered around the TV for the evening 6 o’clock News.  Also, the newspaper hitting the porch early in the morning to catch up on the important news overnight.  I find it a little difficult as I’ve always loved newspapers.  My first real job was for a newspaper, stuffing the ad inserts.  The black news print on my hands must have stuck, because over the years I’ve had several jobs working for papers.  Even recently I had considered a job at the local paper.  I won a contest as a youth selling the most papers in a day and barking the loudest ” Hey mister do you want to buy a paper? ”  I think the paper was 25 cents  at the time.  I remember the heavy pockets of quarters.  I noticed the other day the paper is a free handout.  I won a kite and my picture in the paper for selling the most papers in a day.   Here’s the deal I think times have changed, I know they have changed.  It’s probably an easier transition if you have grown up from day one with a mouse in your hand.   The desire for real-time information can change a person.  Everything today is so instant.  I find when something important is going on in the world I use to turn on the TV to find more information.  These days, frustrated and disappointed as I go from channel to channel only to find some silly nonsense.  Usually my thought is are you kidding me?   The TV seems so out of touch.  I find myself going to the computer more times than not to look up something important of interest.  Where would you turn if there was a real newsworthy emergency?  Twitter is my real-time News source?  I’m struggling.  Recently, I wanted more information on the Indonesia earthquake hardly anything on the boob tube.  I actually went to my own blog to the USGS link to look at a map so I could see current  earthquake update information.  I know I can be slow to change on some things.  Maybe an iPhone is the way to go?  What are your thoughts on this subject?


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  1. I still get most of my news from the papers and CNN, but if I want something more realtime, I’ll go online and either google it, check Yahoo news, or CNN. I do have an USA Today app on my Iphone, so that’s another source. And I follow a few news sites on Twitter, but I haven’t really used this as much.

    Great question.

  2. Hi,
    I used to get the newspaper delivered every day, but I still get the weekend papers, old habits die hard. But I read a lot of newspapers online, I find the internet gives me the opportunity to read a lot of different papers with different views on the same subject.
    I still watch the 6 o’clock news at night, but the internet of course has a lot more information.

    • Old habits really do die hard. On line newspapers are great. I still watch the 6 o’clock news myself. It’s a strange connection for me to old habits.. I’m wonder how tecnology will be changing in the near future as far as how we keep up to date on information. I guess in a way that’s the interesting thing about getting older as you can see many things come and go including how we get our news. :+)

  3. Here’s a bunch of short stuff on the topic …. I’m a CNN junkie … (that is watch news babes) … Most newspapers are are getting smaller, … plus have more syndicated articles …. Instant news also means less investigative stories (first favored over thoroughness) … so I tend to migrate to some notable columnists …. Sure the Internet is great, but using reputable sources is more important than ever!

    • Good point Frank! I agree thoroughness and being reputable very important. I guess when I wrote this I was thinking of an emergency so getting quick information would be important. But news sources that you can trust and that aren’t just trying to be First with the news. I notice a lot of that rushing with a story to be first check facts later. Not a good a trend. Hope you have a Great Weekend!

  4. I don’t buy newspapers or watch TV much. My information about what is happening in the world comes almost exclusively from the internet

    Newspaper ‘news’ is out of date – especially in fast moving situations – as soon as it is printed, forcing one to turn to the TV or internet to find out what has changed since the paper went to print. For that reason, newspapers (the printed version) are becoming increasingly irrelevant as a source for finding out what is happening in the world right now

    [Most newspapers recognise the limitations of the printed word and also now produce an ‘online’ version of their paper, which is updated frequently!]

    I’m always looking for ‘interesting’ snippets of ‘news’ for MadHatters. The internet is a godsend in this regard since it allows me to read online versions of newspapers from all over the world that I couldn’t buy in my local newsagent shop

    My first stop when seeking the latest information on some major event in the world is ‘Google News’, then a search to see how the local TV and newspapers in that area are reporting events and how that differs (if it dies) from the way those same events are being presented by the news media in the UK and USA. I would not be able to do this without the internet

    • One of the things I love about your Blog is that you are wonderful about tracking current news. Your Blog is up to date and that’s why I enjoy visiting often. I also appreciate your journalistic style. OK enough compliments! Oh, just one more your love of animals and appreciation of the human condition. Also, good raunchy homor can’t beat that.

      Google News I must start checking that out. That’s why I asked the question to broaden my news sourses. I find times are a changing and I need to continue to change right along with the times. :+) Thanks for your input. Hope you have a great weekend.

  5. Goodle News here too. I do not do as much searching now. My family is a great news source. They talk about the world events, I listen. lol I have some issues with news reporting these days. 😦

    • Google News seems to be a good choice I see. I was just checking it out and reading a couple of articles. Todays TV news it’s just hard to know what to believe these days. I’m going over to the school to shoot some baskets with Navar. Wonder how long I’ll last? I’m just getting back into exercising it’s a slow mo kind a thing. Hopfully I will get back into the swing of things. Just move huh? Talk to you tomorrow maybe :+)

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