Puppy Therapy


I forgot just how darn cute a little brand new puppy can be.   Saturday we went to watch the kids run a track meet with several schools involved.  I was taking photos of the kids jumping and running.  We try to support the kids by watching a little basket ball,  volleyball,  football and now track.  When I first stepped out of the car this  little puppy came running up to me.  Well, I might of run up to the puppy saying “Oh it’s a PUPPY!”  It was nice the owner was generous and let us play with the puppy.  Getting a good dose of puppy therapy watching Gunner was his name,  so much joy and excitement a spinning ball of euphoria.  It must have been a good ten minute dose of pure puppy therapy.   The Red dogs name was Romi an older dog but full of sweetness.  It’s amazing you can meet a dog and they can take to you instantly.  I was a little  surprised, as I squatted down to talk to him as he leaned into me.  Later in the day  we had our dog Makwa with us a few kids walked up to her to pat her on the head.  She’s very gentle with kids.   A mother walked up to Makwa with her son who has down syndrome.  He looked at Makwa with her bright pink bow he leaned down and kissed her so sweetly on the forehead.  I looked at the mother and she said ” I know it’s probably not a good thing for my son to kiss a strange dog on the forehead.”  I smiled at her and told her I know how he feels,  I’m always kissing Makwa on the forehead I just can’t help it either.   I looked up at her son smiling ear to ear bending down to kiss her again.  I was glad to share my dog with them like the other two people had so graciously  shared their dogs with me.  Theres nothing like a little dog therapy.


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  1. Puppies are cute cute cute! We are not dog owners, but I appreciate them. This weekend we were at an event that had a good number of friendly ones. Thanks for the morning cheer!

  2. I usually don’t take Makwa to big events, but as she’s getting older it’s better that we take her with us as we go to town. The harsh Montana weather is to cold for her frail health. I think she likes getting out and about. I enjoyed the video this morning over at your Blog.

    • They sure are wonderful therapy our two cats and one dog bring such joy. It’s a little difficult now because they are all getting older. The two cats are 12 or 13 and our dog is I think 13 no longer spring chickens. Our new Vet said about our dog ” She has the face of a five year old and the back side of, well of an older gal.” I thought that was funny. That’s what the Vet said when he first met her. :+)

  3. It’s no mystery why they use dogs in pediatric hospitals to entertain the sick children. If only my husband wasn’t so allergic, we’d have one of our own. I don’t think my boys will ever forgive him for that one…

    • They will My father has bad allergies. When I was a kid I was a big animal lover. When I got out on my own I got a cat nobody in my family ever had a cat. When my Dad visits he stays in a hotel. Sounds bad when I type it, but that’s how it’s worked out. :+)

        • Thats true with my Dad he came to visit me recently and my 2 cats almost the minute he walked in the door he was sneezing up a storm. I wish my Dad lived closer so I could visit him more. There’s always the hairless cat and dog. You could dress them up in crazy outfits or not…:+)

  4. Hi,
    I love the photos, there is nothing like a puppy to bring on a smile. Dogs are wonderful animals, and you just can’t have enough of puppy therapy. 😀

    • I really delightly in meeting this cute little guy. I think 20 minutes a day of puppy therapy would be a good thing. So much energy he would probably tucker me out prety quick if I had him full time. :+)

  5. i WAS SO TOUCHED BY YOUR STORY. i SMILED OFTEN AND TRIED TO SEE IN MY HEAD WHAT WAS HAPPENING. wHAT A BEAUTIFUL DAY. mAKING SO MANY PEOPLE SMILE. i LOVE ANIMALS. tHEY ARE PRECIOUS GIFTS OF gOD, IN MY OPINION. 🙂 sTARLA, YOU ARE SO NICE TO SPREAD THE LOVE IN mONTANA. tHANK YOU. 🙂 I just noticed my CAP lock was on. OOOPS> I am too lazy to retype. Sorry for yelling. lol Isn’t that what it means when you make the words capital? lol

    • I’m glad to see someone else locks their caps some times. :+) Thank You for such a nice comment. I actually thought of you when I was writing this story becuase the very day before we were just talking about puppys and getting a puppy some day. I couldn’t believe that out of the blue there was a puppy for me to play with.”+) The story of the boy and his mother I’ll always remember with his sweet face and his huge smile and how his face lit up kissing Makwa on her head even though his mother was saying don’t do that, don’t kiss her, don;t do that. He would look at me and smile and kiss her again. It really was a great moment. :+)

    • It’s funny when I first met the puppy I was trying to take his picturd. He was a blur running around so much that each picture wasa blurry leg or his butt. I couldn’t get him to pose. Then he sat right in front of me like OK get ready you have shot to take photo. :+) He was so excited to meet people his owner said he lives on a ranch so he doesn’t see very many people.

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