All the news that’s fit to print.

Acro dance partners execute a Lawnmower, one o...

Acro dance partners execute a Lawnmower, one of many types of partnering tricks found in acro dance routines. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)    Navar came home from school the other day and he said  “Check out this is what the kids were doing instead of their homework.” Bad kids, but  hey I appreciate the link.  I said ” Let me know what their doing next time their not doing their homework OK?”  They were suppose to be reading something about helicopters imagine getting distracted and not doing what your suppose to do.  The picture over to the right has nothing to do with this post it just happen to be one of the options Zementa offered me.  I’m always curious how they will interrupt my words.  Is that the image my words make a girl flipping over with a spotter?  I use to do a post called Free Chat Thursday it was to hear about what was going on in your world.  The basic chit-chat of your life.  What’s on your mind?  What was the highlight of the last couple of weeks?  Or what’s coming up soon that your sure will rock your world good or not so good?  Life does have its way with us sometimes. There are moments, I feel like life is the hammer and I am the nail. By the way I figured out how to get the results of my first poll.  Easy peesy looks like the winner for the The field trip IS Great Falls Sip and Dip. Yippee that should be fun.  I will take pictures and report back probably a few photos of Great Falls Montana in general so you can see what it looks like it’s your basic small city.  My guess is we will probably at some point go to Judith Basin it was one of the other choices on the poll.  I will take pictures to show you what Judith Basin looks like even though it wasn’t the poll winner.  Valier Montana received no votes.  I’m glad because one night I couldn’t sleep and I was listening to the radio there was a  show on and the quest speaker had said that in Valier Montana there had been some cattle mutilations who needs to go there!  Your gut probably told you that would be a bad place for a field trip,  get it gut… it’s too early in the morning to pull out a pun.  I must say when I went for a link for cattle  mutilations this was third on the list of Debunk 10 rural legends.  I should point this list out to the kids that are trying to avoid doing their homework.  I found the idea of cattle mutilations very disturbing!  Great I live in an area surrounded by missile silos and cattle mutilation stories.  So what’s the news that’s fit to print in your life?


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  1. Oh Good :+) I’m looking forward to going to a small city. We have one grocery store here and one box store a Pamida. Can you imagine there is no office product store here!

  2. Whew! When I saw that moving picture, I worried your post would be about ballet, something I’m not a huge fan of, probably because I’m too thick-headed to understand it. And I can never seem to keep my eyes off of the guy’s tights. Ewww.

    No news from me today, other than I need to get off this dang laptop and go workout, something I usually do at 5:45 am so I can be ready in time to take the kids to school. But my husband drove them this morning, so I jumped on the computer first. Big mistake. Now I must go motivate myself to do some burpees and squats. After all, I want to look like those ballerinas; I just don’t want to watch them…

    • :+) Nope just a strange picture with no reference to today’s post. I guess I’m all over the map. The movement of the picture caught my eye. I’m glad you keep up on your exercise routine. I’ve been thinking about deciding to exercise more. It’s only in radom thought stage at this point, but being as it’s spring it could progress into more.

  3. The Lawnmower flip is interesting and something I would never try. 🙂 Love the article about the local legends (and I may use it! – with credits of course). Today is go to the grocery and clean the house as we are having a friend over for dinner. Which also means I will cook this afternoon and do a load of laundry. Oh boy!!! First night of golf league was last night and our small handbell fest is this weekend. Have a good day yourself!

    • Thanks Frank! Of course I would be honored to be a link with the article about local legends. I thought that was an interesting and fun article. Sounds nice having company. OH you just reminded me we are having company soon too, not today but soon. I need to be thinking about a menu and to clean the house as well. That’s a nice thing about having visitors the house gets a brush up and the recipe box comes out. :+) Hope the handbells consert goes great!

  4. How does the Lawnmower resemble a lawnmower? Is there something subtle here I’m missing?
    I just found the last 3 days of blog email in Spam, so I’m trying to wade through that before the next wave.
    And I’d really like to get my surfboard in the water this weekend…

    • Spring has sprung! Isn’t it amazing your actually talking about surfing this weekend. Ah….the joys of spring. I think living in a place with a cold and harsh winter the rewards are great. Nothing like spring and of course summers not far away.:+) Green eggs and Spam. It’s strange how the spam file has a mind of it’s own. The lawn mower it dosn’t look like the lawn mower dance move I know which I saw a lady do in heals on the Jay Leno show. I wonder if I can find that video?

        • I couldn’t find the video of the lady doing the lawn mower dance that was the first time I saw that dance move. It was on some late night TV talk show.

          January surfing that’s gotta be cold. I know I’m sure you wear a wet suit and hat and boots but still….

          • I’m laughing too hard at that video to even be appalled. but I’m sure that will come later.

            Yeah, Only my face is exposed for non-summer surfing. But even with the cold water, it’s still worth it.

            • I’m glad you saw the humor to the video. I have a question do you know why sometimes when I’m trying to post a video in a comment area I just get the link show. I highlight embeded code and then come back to comment area and hit Ctrl V I wonder why the whole video won’t show up? Could you tell me what I’m doing wrong?

  5. Hi,
    I am also amazed at what photos Zementa comes with it, usually I just shake my head and smile, but I love the dance photo, very strange name for a dance and I must say I have never heard of it before. 🙂

    • Did you see the video that I put a link when I was talking to El Guapo? It’s a video of Kelly Clarkson doing the lawn mower dance. :+) It’s a silly dance move. I think the moving picture is an acrobatic lawn mower move. That’s my guess anyway. I enjoy using Zementa it saves me time serching for photos.

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