a sad goodbye


How do I write this post?  I’ve tried more than once, it’s tough to find just the right words. We just got back from Navars fathers funeral. He lost a valiant fight with pancreatic cancer. I hate cancer.  Its been extremely tough and sad in fact gut wrenching.  I haven’t posted or visited blogs for a couple of weeks, we’ve been driving back and forth visiting the hospital and the last visit was the day before to the funeral.  Navar’s father was a very good man.  The whole town turned out for his funeral. I wasn’t surprised there was standing room only at the church.  He was also a very talented poet, artist and an extraordinary writer.  He will be greatly missed by many.  Just a warning if you visit Navar’s blog there are pictures up of our dog Makwa she passed away recently.  It’s been a really tough month to say the least. The picture below this post is from Navar’s fathers house in the kitchen. This was my favorite room the whole kitchen is painted baby blue. I remember sitting in this room many times having breakfast looking out of the big picture window, looking at the yard seeing the raspberry canes and apple trees watching the birds eat at the bird feeders. In the next few days I may post a few pictures of the area it is a beautiful part of Montana. The picture to the left is of Charlie Russel as we drove home yesterday this metal sculpture caught my eye it reminded me of Navar’s father he loved to paint outside.  I look forward to coming by your blogs  to see what you have been up to.  It’s nice to be home and to see your smiling faces and to have the comfort of blogging.  I hope you have coffee on the burner.


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  1. The Like is because I’m glad to see that you are ok … and I look forward to your visits when you are ready. Meanwhile, may all the good memories fill your void and aid in your healing.

  2. I found a blogging a great comfort and support when I lost my wife to cancer. Hopefully, it will prove likewise for you at this sad time

    P.S. those pics you posted made me think of Vincent Van Gogh – now if only the brush strokes were a little more ‘swirly’ 😆

    • Thank You duncan I’m glad you found blogging to be a comfort as well. Life sure can throw us some tough stuff at times.
      Glad you liked the photos Vincent Van Gogh that’s cool that makes me smile. :+)

  3. Likewise, I clicked the “like” button only to let you know I’m thinking of you. So sorry for the loss of your father-in-law. My husband’s mother and father died within just a few months of each other two years ago. They were like parents to me, so I empathize with you and your husband’s pain. Take care.

    • Thank You Carrie, I’m sorry for your loss as well. It is hard to lose people that treat you like family. I worry about his wife as well they were extreemly close. I hope she will be ok.
      I look forward to coming by your blog today. :+)

  4. I commend you for even “just saying”, for getting out there what you feel. I have been to funerals, but not too grieved. Yet, if my son were to die, my God, I truly don’t know how I could exist with his wonderful spirit in this world. So for those who DO feel for the deceased, who loved them, my heart dearly dearly feels for you.


    • Thank You I have learned recently that there is no right way to grive that as people are individual there are many ways to grieve. I agree some loss is hard to even imagine. It makes me feel more compassion to realise the depths of what some people must endure in this life.

  5. thanks honey. I think baby blue reminded him of the sky. This reminds me to cherish the now with the ones we love including pets. A hug. A kiss on the forehead. Say what you feel, TODAY!

    • Your Welcome. I’m so sorry it was so sudden and such a shock with your father. Your right we really need to remember” to Love the ones we are with and to be in the moment.” Also I agree “say what you feel.”

  6. Welcome home Starla and Navar. I am sure you both have so many wonderful memories. Those that leave this world and go to the next dimension will ALWAYS be remembered in our hearts. May you find peace.

  7. I am so sorry Starla. My own father in law is thankfully well at the ripe age of 80 and the only father I have known…. A great man, and so I feel for your loss deeply. I am thinking of you.

    • Thank You sounds like your In Laws are very sweet. How nice that your Mom In Law is Helping with your ironing. Thank You for the warm thoughts. I appreciate that.

  8. I am so sorry for your loss, Starla. It’s so hard to lose a parent. I’ve lost both my parents and my in-law parents (whom I adored) over the years and each time was so difficult. Losing my Dad was the worst. It was 12 years ago but I remember it like yesterday. The feeling of loss never goes away but I still smile whenever I think of him. He was such a great Dad. I love the blue picture window. I can imagine how nice and peaceful it would be to sit by that window.

    I’m sorry about your dog too. I have a 13 year old kitty and I can only imagine how lonely I will be when he passes.

    It’s a good thing we have our good memories to dwell upon. Sometimes when I am feeling low I will talk to my Dad and I always feel calmer after I do. Maybe it’s because when he was alive I always went to him for everything. So sit back and close your eyes and remember the good times you spent with Navar’s Dad and it will bring you peace to know he is where he is supposed to be and so are you.

    • Thank you Joan I’m sorry about the loss of your father. I can’t even imagaine how difficult that would be. My father has been a huge part of my life always so it’s hard for me to imagine what my life would be like without him. I think loosing the ones that are so important to us in our lives has to be one of the hardest things we must endure. Such a test I feel like every loss changes me just slightly not in a bad way or a good way just subtle way. I recieved a phone call yesterday that my fathers not doing well. It seem like we have been going from one challenge to the next without much of a breath.
      One thing about the picture of the blue room Navars father had such a welcome way about him. He was a great cook so I remember sitting in the kitchen watching him make homemade bread and yummy meals. I hope that I learn a little somthing from those I care about who pass. I’ll always remember his welcomeing ways he could make you feel so special. I could imagine it would be like this at your home as well comfortable and welcomeing.

  9. Pancreatic cancer runs in my family so I know how dreadful this type of cancer is. What i don’t know is what to say here. I’m sorry seems so futile at a time like this but I am as shallow as those words may sound. Deeply sorry for your loss..deeply sorry. That’s all. Oh and thinking of you and wishing this awful dreaded diagnosis will just go away forever. ❤

    • Thank You Lynn, I know I stuggled a lot about what to say to Navar’s family and how to say it. Pancreatic cancer I have a new appreciation for how tough that cancer can be. Cancer in sucks in general. I agree with you it would be great” if the dreaded diagnosis will just go away forever!” Thank You for thoughts it really has been heartwarming to feel that we weren’t completly alone in this.

  10. Sorry to hear of your family’s loss Starla. Please pass on my condolences to Navar. Both my parents are still alive but I saw what Michelle went through when her Mum died last year. I can’t even imagine how hard it must be.

    • Thank You Tony I appreciate that I will give Navar your reagards he will appreciate that I’m sure. I’m sorry to hear about Michelles Mum it is heartbreaking to loose family. This experince has given me a small insight on my owm family. I too have both parents although my father has been having some difficulies this last year. I guess as we get older we have to experince some of the really difficult stuff of life.

  11. I am so sorry for your loss.Cancer is brutal! Hugs to you. thank you for all the likes and for following my blog. 🙂 Renee

    • Thank You Renee Yes I agree Cancer is brutal. I have new respect and understanding of this after seeing it take Navars Father so quickly. Thank You for coming by!:+)

        • I’m so sorry to hear about your Father it is so sad to see the ones we love die from cancer.Thank You for the hugs :+) Hugs back to you Renee.
          Hope you enjoy this beautiful day it’s so green here after so much rain .:+)

          • You are so kind. It is beautiful here too. No rain today and the sun is peeking. Love the nice weather. We have had so much rain. Enjoy your day. 🙂

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