Pygora Kids (mama is a pygmy goat and papa is a angora goat)

Pygora kids and a pygmy goat

“How you doin!”

This weekend we were invited to a coworkers farm to look at the new baby goats.  We also got to watch as they sheared the Lamas and Alpacas. Two men visiting from Oklahoma  go around to most of the local farms to shear the animals. I was amazed at how quick and efficient they did their jobs.  You could tell that they are pros at this job doing it safely and quickly.  I was thrilled to see the baby goats they were so sweet they reminded me of little puppies.


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    • I was lucky there were a few children vising the goat babies as well. I guess you call goat babies kids. Huh Kids and Kids. :+) I think I might need to go back again soon. They have a really cool farm with lots of animals.

    • It was fun I liked all the animal sounds I think I’d like to go again. Acutally my next adventure soon it to go to visit family that has a milk farm. Moooo :+)

  1. They are sooooo cute. I especially love the one in the last photo. Trying to catch up wit all my favourite blogs/comics after 2 weeks without an internet connection is so hard. People update faster than I can catch up. Don’t have time to read all the posts I’ve missed just have to skim over a few recent ones till I get on top of it all again. All the Best to You, Navar & family

    • I know how busy bloggers can be posting. I was glad to see your cheery yellow visitng. Hope your doing well in your place. I know how frustrating it can be without internet. We are not without internet for a little bit so blogging could be challenging unless we get a Wifi hotspot set up soon. I will give Navar your regards

  2. Oh dear, first of all, I noticed that I wasn’t informed by wordpress about your new posts and now I corrected this… What a beautiful photographs, I am almost lost but especially the last one is amazing. Thank you dear Starla, where are the kittens I am going to find them now 🙂 Love, nia

    • Sorry Nia I have not posted them yet. I just got back from my trip and I am working on the post now it may be a day or two before I get the photos of the kitties on a post. I will let you know. I was just thinking of you when I saw all the sweet kitties on the farm. :+)

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