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English: A short-haired hamster (named "E...

This week has flown by, which in some ways I’d say is a good thing. How was your week? Are you starting to ramp it up for the summer busyness? I had a pretty good week, which was nice for a change it seems like it’s been one really difficult thing after another, so a little fun has been welcomed. Going to the farm and taking pictures, last week, was nice. My last post, the one about the hamster shot, jumped my stats up in a crazy way. For a moment I thought I needed to get my glasses. I had been bracing myself for the inevitable summer blog slow down and BAM there it was, three hundred extra views. WHAT! Are you kidding me? ” I kid you not.” It was a strange funny surprise. I call it the tower of the hamster. Have you ever had a strange stat jump that was unexpected from a topic that you thought, “well that’s unexpected?” Do you have any plans to stay cool for next week? Are there any activities that you’re looking forward to getting to do this Summer:  fishing, golfing, swimming, perhaps jumping in the lake? Hopefully not all at once.


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  1. Who would have thought hamsters were so popular? Then again, the critter did show off a pretty cool talent. 🙂

    I’m just looking forward to ramping up my Vitamin D with all of this sunshine we’re having in good old Ohio. My youngest has one week left of school, and then it will officially be summer in our home. 🙂

    • The hamster video was only 17 seconds crazy. I’m glad you have lots of sunshine your way. I’m a big fan of Vitamin D it’s so good for so many health benefits. :+)

  2. The heat and humidity is out of here (at least for now) … Busy weekend ahead of dance, wine, an art show, graduation party, baby shower, and hopefully some time for self. Cheers to your big hits with the hamster video! Have a good weekend!

    • It’s nice to get a break from the heat and the humidity I know that can be relentless in the summer months. Sounds like your up for a busy and fun weekend. Thanks for the cheers to my big hamster stats what a funny surprise. :+)

  3. Weather has been crazy here in the UK – record sunshine creating drought conditions, then torrential rain.

    It’s almost monsoonal !

    Last day at work for me tomorrow – then a week of rest at home.

    Some friends promising to drop by for a visit next week, but other than that I’m looking forward to just chillin out – spending some time with the dogs – and drinking some wine!!!

    A few chores need doing in the garden and around the house which I may get round to – but then again, maybe not. It all depends on the weather – and the nearer the holiday week approaches, the worse the weather has become. It’s currently very cold and very wet . Ggrrrr !!!

    • Monsoonal weather is strange it can be so sudden and coming from no where. I remember when I lived in Arizona of all place in the summer time they had these crazy monsoonal down poors I had never experienced anything like it.
      Sounds like a fun and relaxing weekend for you, those are the best kind. I’m glad you have your pups they sure are a joy to have around I’m sure. Sometimes I think about getting another dog, but Navars thoughts on the subject are to wait awhile, oh well.

  4. Hi Starla. You have been busy posting stuff, huh? lol I LOVE all of the cute photos. I have been wondering what you all have been up to. lol I am plugging along. Stay well. Hi to Navar. 🙂 Oh, got any hazelnut creme decaf. coffee going? 🙂

    • Yes The hazelnut creme decaf coffee is on come on by! :+) 😆 Yes Navar and I have bee really busy lately. My next post will be on our experince going to a North Dakota dairy farm to visit family. Wow was that fun. Hopefully will have a post together in a couple of days. Hope your enjoying the busyness of summer!

  5. Hi,
    What a beautiful photo, just so very cute. 😀
    I’m actually enjoying the cooler weather for a change (Winter here) living in the tropics we don’t have our cool weather for long, and it is nice snuggling under the doona. 🙂

  6. We’ve got a cool break here in New York after few really hot and humid days. It’s a welcome jump from +28C down to +15C. It won’t last long, so we’re enjoying it while it lasts:). I wish everybody a pleasant summer!

    • Hello from New York! I sometimes wonder what it would be like to live in New York. :+) It’s nice to get a break from the heat sounds like cool days can be a welcome after the heat. I’m looking forward to fun this summer wishing you the same. :+)

      • Where are you from? I can tell you that living in NY is a lot of fun. I am originally from Russia, and love Moscow, but New York is my favorite City!

        • I’m living in Montana right now Central and Northern Montana. Russia it would be great to learn more about Moscow. I would like to visit or live in New York there seems like so much interesting things to do and see as well as good food to eat. :+)

          • Oh, New York has SO MUCH to offer – all kind of interesting events and shows, unbelievable variety of restaurants with cuisines from all over the world… People are so friendly here. I really enjoy it living here.

            • Sounds wonderful. It’s also nice that people are friendly. We just moved to a very small town and it’s funny buy people are not very friendly it’s strange. If you not born and raised there they don’t welcome you very much it’s hard to get use to. In some ways it makes me want to move to a different area. Northern Montana was friendlier.

              • Yes, it’s very interesting how people differ culturally. For example, in Moscow I would just say ‘Hello’ to a stranger on the street. Or if I would, I’d get a strange look, a person would probably ask me:’Do I know you?’. It’s completely different here in NY – you cam say Hi to anybody you’ve never met before, and you’ll get a smile and ‘Hi’ back. I was very surprised when strangers would great me when I first moved here. And NY is very accepting to the accents – everybody from somewhere here. It’s such a welcoming City! That’s why I love it.

                • That’s a wonderful thing I love that people are so welcoming. That’s was interesting what you said about Moscow that it would be unusal and unexpected to get a random greeting from a stranger. I agree it is so interesting how different places have differ culturally. I am intrigued by the New York and all the possiable things to see and visit. I’m glad your enjoying your adventure there.

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