Bad Songs that stick in your head battles.

Mah Nà Mah Nà (GRT 20003)

Mah Nà Mah Nà (GRT 20003) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The other day when I was bouncing over to my good friend  A Frank Angle blog I was invited to listen to a muppet video Manamana  I realized after it was too late that manamana is one of  “those songs” that sticks in your head and plays on it’s own and at any time like when I was drifting off to sleep last night.. You know the kind when you’re doing something unrelated and all of sudden you hear the song in your head manmana and wonder where did that come from?  Yesterday off and on this song would jump into my head with full on musical accompaniment so I thought fair is fair and racked my brain for other songs that have nested in my head.  The old classic  Pants on the ground a catchy little tune stuck around for longer than it should have.  What other songs can you think of that have taken up residence and played on their own in you head?  You do have that happen don’t you or is it just me?  Couldn’t be just me,  please post a link of any songs that you think might be sleepers or keepers. To cleanse your musical palette.  I  also wonder what was one or two of your favorite concerts that you have seen live that was most memorable to you please feel free to leave links in comment section. Thank You! Let the bad song battles begin! While your over at Franks place check out one of my favorites On Satire Bits picking your favorite from a group of headlines from The Onion always a fun thing to do midweek!


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  1. One of my most mememorable concerts was seeing Stevie Ray Vaughan in Santa Cruz California. Honestly I had never heard of him at the time a friend asked me if I wanted to go and I said sure why not. It was a really great concert one of those consert that actually sounds as good live as their CD. It was tragic that very shortly after this concert he had a tragic accident a passed to young. But I would say it was one of the best and most mememorable. I would say another favorite of mine was seeing Annie Lexes live outside in San Diago california that was really memorable too. How about you what have you seen live that was really memorable to you?
    Stevie Ray Vaughan
    Annie Lennox Sweet Dreams Eurythmics

  2. For some inexplicable reason, my youngest son likes to torment me by repeatedly singing The Monkees theme song. So for hours on end I’ll have, “Hey, hey we’re the Monkees, and people say we’re monkeying around” recirculating in my brain. Just when I’ve cleared it, he’ll start again. That’s what I get for momentarily listening to the 60s station on satellite radio with him in the car!

    • Hey Hey are the Monkees, mmmmmmm funny kids to pick up on things don’t they? It’s interesting when you get to be old enough where the music that you grew up with and loved become oldies ouch.

      • That’s why I mostly listen to current music, particularly alternative rock. That way I can appear cool and with the times–even though I’m not. 😉

        • Thats funny I like some alternative rock. I’m at the school right now Navar is taking a math class. I’m walking around with my computer in it’s origianal box how Un-cool. A guy stopped me and asked “Did you get a new toy?” It was too hard to explain that I’m so uncool and cheep that I haven’t bought myself a computer bag I just walk around carrying it in the box. It’s a couple of years old. Usually I’m at home blogging but lately I’ve been out and about more than usual. :+) Thanks for the comment

  3. I love MahNaMahNa. Fortunately, I don;t know the Pants song.
    And I won’t be checking back on the comments because I hate getting earworms for songs I hate.

    Oh, and before I go – Toni Basil: Mickey.
    You’re welcome.

    • Thank You for your pick. I’m not sure I love Manamana it does make me happy when I sing it so maybe it is a good thing even if it does play in my head uninvited.
      What would you say are a couple of stand out concerts that were mememorable that you have been too? I know that you have seen a lot of live music in your time here on earth. :+)

      • Hootie and the Blowfish at Irving Plaza – they just looked like they were having a great time onstage.
        Les Paul at the Iridium. I mean, c’mon! He’s Les Paul!
        Girl In A Coma recently at The Studio at Webster Hall
        Dwight Yoakam at Coachella. (though that’s more the circumstance than the performer)

        One of the several Jimmy Buffet shows I’ve seen – he did his encores, but the crowd wouldn’t let him go. Finally, he comes out in a driving rain (outdoor theater), just him and an acoustic guitar. He does Changing Channels solo, tells us he has to go because he’s exhausted, thanks us, and the crowd leaves. Great finish.

        First time I saw Stanley Jordan. Branford Marsalis at the Village Gate (I was sitting with Deadheads. that was a strange conversation…)

        I’ll stop now, but just want to throw in Buddy Guy, every time I’ve seen him. the man does not disappoint!

        • I knew you would have several memerable concert moments. Hootie and the Blowfish I bet that was great it is nice too see people on stage having fun some people I think get so burnt out they look kind of bored. Great list I also saw Stanely Clark in Monterey California that was also really good. I did see a couple of Greatful Dead shows but for me it was just so so I guess I’m not a died in the wool dead head. I think it really is individual thing what stick in your brain as a great memory. Thanks for the list that was cool.

  4. First – YOU SAW STEVIE RAY VAUGHAN!!!!! ???? Oh my. I adore his music. Just love it. I loving nick named my husband Stevie Ray, years ago. I am beyond jealous. You were fortunate to see him.

    Second – my daughter and I were driving around St. Lou and a guy crossed the street in front of us. He had to swoop his legs way out when he walked to keep up his pants. We both, at the same time, burst into Pants On The Ground.

    I really do love the manamanam song. Don’t Worry, Be Happy, might be one that stuck in my head, but I’d like that too.

    • Yeah can you believe it I just happen to be at the right place at the right time with the right friend and he just happen to say” Hey ya wanna go to a consert?” I’m so glad I said Yes It really was amazing I think to date it was an all time fovorite for me. Aww sorry your a little jealous it was a little braggy of me. :+) It’s just one of those things I had to share I’m so glad you can appreciate how cool it was Thank You for that. :+)
      I guess I realize that manamana song is a happy song and when I am sing it it’s hard not to be happy. Funny about your daughter and the pants on the ground song. It is amazing how virial that video went. Thanks for the comment.

  5. I love manamana!!

    I have a great concert moment with my son. We were leaving and Adam Lambert concert, and were waiting in line (in our car) and moving slowly as you do sometimes when leaving an event. A kid walked by us with his “pants on the ground.” We both split a stitch laughing, and started singing the song.

    The guy would get ahead of us, and then the traffic would move and we would catch up and start all over again. We did this three or four times until we got off the road.

    It was a hysterical end to an awesome night that my son and I will never forget.

    • Hi Jennifer :+) That is a great story with your son. It’s so nice to have fun memories like with family. SO funny too that you guys kept sing the pant on the ground song. It’s really great how some really fun day stay in a special file in the memory bank. Thanks for the comment :+)

  6. Woo hoo!!! Not only did I get the song stuck in your head, I sparked a post! (FYI: I’m playing it in the background as I comment here.)

    Sometimes, handbell tunes get stuck in my head …. especially the ones that we practice a lot … such as this year’s crazy one.

    Memorable concerts: Hmmm … Duh …. getting a high 5 from Shania Twain is why I have a prosthetic left hand.

    And yes …. thanks for the referring to my humble little place. 🙂

    • Hi Frank Yes a two for one special. I’ve been wanting to give your blog a shout out for awhile and today it seemed like a good day to do that it’s my plesure. Wow did you say you got a high 5 from Shania Twain? Wow I’d like to hear that story. That definetly goes under memorable moments! One last thing manamana mmm de de da. mmmmmm :+) Thanks for commenting.

  7. Hi,
    I was reading your post, thinking which songs seem to stick with you for awhile, and then I started reading the comments and I come upon Frank’s Mickey, well that was the end of that, of course I had to listen to it, and yep I know what will be with me now on and off for the rest of the day. 😆

  8. I fear reading the comments for fear of getting new songs in my head. At the moment I have wake me up before you go go. Someone get it out, please.

  9. Thanks for possting this Starla! I LOVE this song! When Chris was little it was one of our favorites! Thanks for the reminder but darn it I can’t gt it out of my head now. Here’s another “one of those bad songs you’ll be singing all day” a cute little modern remake of a 70s song. Warning! Habit forming.

    • Hi Lynn Glad to spur on a happy memory. It’s funny how some songs just get stuck. Making my coffee this morning after watching and listening to Heaven on the 7th floor and I was dancing and singing. I can see already I should have heeded the warning I will be singing this one ALL day! Thanks for commenting.

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