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English: Look at Downtown Billings, Montana, USA

English: Look at Downtown Billings, Montana, USA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What’s shaken how has your week been? Sorry about the bad song post yesterday.  I had to laugh instead of counting sheep to sleep I had a round of bad songs taking turns in my head:  Mickey, Hey Hey the Monkey’s, Mananmana, pants on the ground, don’t wake me up before you go-go and I tossed in row row your boat because that’s always good in a round. This week for us has been really busy we drove to Billings Montana to do a little work and then drove to North Dakota to see Navar’s Brother and sister-in-law and their three kids they have a small dairy farm.  We got to milk some cows poor Navar was pee’d on, pooped on, and had his hand stepped on . It was a full initiation. I had a small misstep with a large steaming cow pie that involved my shoe ewww. I will work on pictures this weekend and hopefully it will be up on Monday. Please do fill me in on what’s going on with you in your world!


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    • Yes I thought of you when we were there. We visited Central North Dakota. Central North Dakota actually reminded me of Montana lots of long roads and very green. I was surprised at how beautiful the area was also lots of water another surprise.

      • It actually is a very pretty state, particularly the western end. And you’re right about the long roads. I like to joke that you can drive from one end of the state to the other without ever needing to touch the steering wheel, so straight the roads seem.

        • It does make me want to explore the state more. I am curious of what the rest of the state looks like. We had so much fun visiting Navar’s brother that we may go again and stay for a week always cows to mile. What a funny adventure it’s hard for me to imagine that they have cows to milk twice a day every day weather they feel like it or not.

  1. I’ve been to Montana once, but Missoula … a few years ago … for about 15 hours – so I didn’t get to see much.

    My week? Oh – great weather!!!! Getting ready to take advantage of the nice day, thus mow the lawn! Otherwise, I’ve got to install a scanner … so hopefully no glitches. i did get to visit Costco this week! Woo hoo! …. make sure Navar sees this post …

    Meanwhile, this song won’t get stuck in your head.

  2. I will point the video out to Navar Thank You Frank. I didnt get to watch the video above me yet because I am at the school I don’t want to get shhhhh’ed. I will watch it as soon as we get back home. I’m glad your having steller weather.

    • Off topic – Joy happened to stroll over from your post about songs in your head. (Thanks for the visitor). She also asked me to tell you to check your Spam folder for her comments. (That has happened to me before – what a hassle) … and I found her first comment in my Spam folder … so please check …. and ….. Manamana.

      • Oh Good I’m glad Joy stopped by your blog. She has been having a rough time with getting her comments stuck in the spam box. I’m not sure if she’s had it fixed, but I know you had that problem too and I know it sure can be frustrating.

  3. It sounds like such a fun trip. I hope you will finally get this comment. I’d sure like to be out of the spam folder! I just don’t know how else to try and get a hold of you.

  4. I’m having a lovely week. I plan to have a wonderful weekend, too! I just got back from Lincoln. Spent some time with my son who is going to be a senior at the University. I took him grocery shopping. Funny how life changes. One year, they’re begging for legos and video games and then you blink, and all they want is some ramen noodles and mac n’ cheese!

    My husband and I want to visit Montana some day. Maybe see Glacier Natl Park. Any ideas or thoughts about cool things to see, do or places to stay?

    • I was just thinking about doing a post about cool places in Montana. If you do decide to come let me know and we could get together for a cup of tea or coffee or lunch or somthing. Anyway I think in the near future I will do a post on cool places in Montana. We have been to several places in the state. I still need to go to yellowstone hard to believe I haven’t been there yet. I need to put that on my list to do soon. Glacier Natl Park really is beautiful and I would say worth a visit. The flathead Valley area is beautiful and is where I have spent most of my time although now Navar is teaching in Central Montana.

      Funny with Kids they sure do grow up quick not having kids I see how one day they are itty bitty and the next they are teenagers like you said” wanting ramen noodles and mac n’ chaeese!” :+)

        • Yes Whitefish is a fun little town with a nice lake Whitefish lake. Also woodsbay is beautiful by the Flathead lake lots of cherry orchards. The nice thing about the Flathead Valley is that there are lots of cute little towns Bigfork is nice too with cute shops. There a big beautiful Mountains surrounding the Flathead Valley. Missoula is nice too a bigger town that’s about 100 miles from the valley. :+)

  5. Hi,
    A busy couple of weeks for me, I have the painters here at the moment, they will be around for a couple of weeks, in-between I have the usual everyday things that have to be done. 😀

    • Hi Mags I hope you have a great weekend. Sounds like you will be busy. Funny how long the todo lists can get. We have lots to do as well in the next couple of months. Unfortunatly I will be having to go through a storage unit and having a garage sale soon not my fortay organising.

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