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hope you feel better ... 136365

Jammer bus at the St. Mary Lake Visitor Center...

How was your week ? Please tell me something funny or sad or just something on your mind these days. My thoughts about the week are challenging even my last post was a challenge as it was out of my comfort zone twice as many words yhan usual, making it out of my comfort zone.  More words more grammar issues and general writing concerns. But bravely I go lately again and again even in my nighttime dreams venturing out of my comfort zone. I think I can see at last the no pain no gain offering. Trying new things going new places venturing into the wild west and into maybe a newer version of myself well wouldn’t that be a perk. I’m doing my best to go with the changes in my life as that seems to be the ongoing theme these days.  Trying to not let the stress over take me. Thinking how is it that I deal with stress? Trying to remember the words to It’s a new day I’m Feeling Good, maybe go for a walk.  That reminds me I think I want to take you to Glacier National Park soon. I want to let you know a few of my favorite places in Montana at least you will know some of my favorite places here.  Next week I will be going through boxes sorting out stuff, oh I can’t wait.  Maybe that book I read last year on organising can finally be put to  some use. What’s the News that’s fit to print in your life?  Are you singing Summers Joyful song or are you just holding on? I would say I’m holding on but maybe by next week  or maybe later on today I hope to be singing summers joyful songs.


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  1. Well, no one can say you’re not tackling life head on. Good for you! We should always welcome new experiences, even when they make us uncomfortable. At least that’s what I tell myself when I’m scared like a baby to do something. 🙂 I’ll look forward to images from Glacier National Park. I’m sure it’s gorgeous.

  2. I just nocticed that my blog roll has moved to this page my comment page if you scroll down you will see it. Hmmm I don’t even know what to think about this or even what to do about it. :+/ If I ignore it will it fix itself? Probably not hmmmm does anyone have any sugestions as to what has happened to my blog roll with a mind of it’s own or what I should do about it.

  3. I actually have no idea where my week went. I’ve been distracted by things in general and just realized i have to write up my friday survey post.
    Looking forward to your trip to Glacier Park though…

    • Don’t forget you will need to bring a sac lunch. I need to update my post to mention that I did go to the sip and dip and it was a bust. They were closed somthing about repairing the pool. Not a mermaid in sight! I shouldn’t be bugging you as you are needing to get to work on Fridays survery post! :+)

  4. I am excited to see your photographs… This week was very active for me, there was a big traffic at home, my son came and went again to his work in another city. He miss especially my cooking so I cooked what he loves… There were so many things to wash and to iron 🙂 and I had to make them ready before his leaving… How passed the time I didn’t understand this week… But as you can see I was at home… and there wasn’t time to sing a summer song… 🙂 I was planning to go out side of the city this weekend but I learned that there is a cherry festival this weekend near to my city so maybe we will go there… I am excited for this because it will be first time… I hope we can go… Thank you dear Starla, it is so nice to read you, Have a nice day and weekend, love, nia

    • Thank You Nia :+) I love to read about mothers cooking for their children it always makes me smile. It such a sweet thing. The cherry festival sounds like fun I hope you get the chance to go. I look forward to seeing the photos that you take and what is inspiring your creativity! Hope you have a good week well.

  5. Hi,
    I have had a busy week this week as well. We have the painters here at the moment, not right at this moment it is just on 6 am here, but they will be ready to start again about 7, so it is all about keeping the dog away and letting them get on with it. 😀
    So everything is off the verandas, porch, back deck and shoved into the house, so much fun. 🙂
    We are into our Winter here so I haven’t been down to the beach for awhile, but it will be good to get back into a bit of a normal routine when the painters are finished.

    • How nice a freshly painted house! :+) That is a wonderful thing and nice to enjoy for nesting in the winter months. I hope is done and you are putting back the furniture and admiring how nice you new house looks. I love winter time soups, reading, tea cups full of tea and little cookies on a plate looking out the window watching the weather roll in.

  6. I’m thinking about screenwriting this week. I know. Odd. But, I may learn something new that will help me with my fiction writing.

    • You know what’s odd? I actually took a sceenwriting class last year. Why? I’m not sure I guess because I thought it was interesting and actually the prossess did make me interested in writing fiction for a moment. I can see how they would go hand in hand. :+)

    • Thank You I’ve been avoiding exercise for awhile now seems like if I get out of the habit of it than I avoid it all together. I use to think that watching exercise infomercials counted as exercise but once I found out that it did not I stopped watching them all together. Thanks for coming by. :+)

  7. A good Friday morning to you. I’ve been working on a presentation that I have to lead soon – thus I haven’t been out and around the blogs as much as I like. Weather was so good yesterday, I said the heck with it and off to the golf course I went. (Well, I didn’t get to play my typical round earlier in the week.) Count me in on looking forward to your pics from Glacier NP. Hope all is well with you.

    • I think it is a must see when your are in Montana I’m glad you had a chance to go to the park it really is beautiful. Flathead Valley is a great place to visit in the Summer. Sitting by the lake enjoying perfect weather. :+) I’m glad you had the chance to visit the area.

  8. Sorry I’ve not been around, I’ve been finalizing settlements with my son’s wrongful death case after a long agonizing 4 year battle with an evil insurance company that has since refused to take responsibility for their client’s negligence. Since you asked and since it’s free chat day— my battle has now come to an end. I signed settlement papers reluctantly yesterday. I am free to go on with my life now after a grueling situation and an agonizing end to a beautiful life of my only child. It feels weird to move forward but baby steps… and as another blogger put it– I am alive! It is indeed a New Day Starla. Thank you for giving me a venue in which to scream it to the world! I am alive!

    • Oh Lynn That makes me cry. I am so glad you my Dear are alive and are taking baby steps. Funny the tears are running down my face. I know some of your journey and in my heart I know you will be OK and are healing, because I saw in your face several weeks back surounded by children, I could see some of the healing at that moment. Its a good song and it is a New Day even in the face of some really difficult and painful memories. Baby Steps I’m glad your screaming it is a celebration that your are alive and it is a New Day and a New Life!

  9. Well….my driving challenge is getting better. I am still freaked out I will get hit again, but I have to go out sometime! I have a lot of friends who like to run errands, so I hitch a ride with them. Things in life do get hectic. I guess we can only do what we can do, right? I love when you pop in and visit. Thanks! I will TRY to get back to blogging soon. Until then…stay well and happy. Have fun with your company. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Thank You Doraz will do. It’s always good to see your smiling face enjoy your time off from blogging rest and get lots done. Enjoy your family.
      I understand about being freeked out about driving. I’ve been really edgy riding in cars lately and it doesn’t really make sense because I haven’t been in a car accident for years. But for some reason driving in general just seems a whole lot more dangerous. It’s like you really have to keep an eye on everything and in every direction. I guess we have a had a fair amount of near misses. Look forward to when you get back. 😆 😆 😆

  10. Once you’re out of school, you may breathe a sigh of relief, telling yourself, “Now I’ll never have to be frightened or overwhelmed by learning new things again.” Of course, an unchallenged, unchallenging life isn’t worth living! In the past few weeks, I’ve tried to break out of my comfort zone by picking up a new skill – learning the guitar. I’ve never played a stringed instrument before, so I’m a complete beginner, but I’ve found it exhilarating to be a newcomer to this skill, learning different rules and techniques. I’m learning slowly but steadily, so keep checking in on me, readers, to make sure I keep at it.

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