The osprey in the top 3 pictures are from near our area on the drive in to town. The other close up photos are from the osprey cam.  Yes they are blurry from the glare of the computer. The camera on the cam moved in for a close up. I think to get a better picture of the eggs.  I got my camera and out and was just having some fun.  Part of taking photos for me is to just that having fun.  There are times when I like to take pictures and to just enjoy the process of being creative.   I turned the mute on the Live Osprey Web Camera so I didn’t have to listen to the chirping birds and also maximised the screen.  I think the eggs should be hatching soon.  I put a link of the cam up on the top of the blog in the cam section.  Its been raining here almost non stop for the last two weeks. Typically the weather here is really nice in July and August.  The weather calls for snow above 7000 feet. We have been going back and forth from Central Montana to Northern Montana. I will try to remember when I put photos up to say which is which the Osprey pictures are from Northern Montana from the Flathead Valley. We are back in Bear country our neighbor sent me a text last night that a bear crossed the road just up the way.  What kind of animals have you seen in the wild? I think seeing animals in the wild, oddly is one of my greatest pleasures in life.  No spring break in Florida doesn’t count.


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  1. I think most of us enjoy seeing larger wildlife, even it is local. But seeing it in the wild when on vacation is always a treat. I love sitting on a friends deck outside of Denver because of the view and the wildlife I can see.

    • Colorado has some great wildlife as well. I use to live in Northeren Colorado one of my favorite things to do was go to Rocky Mountain National Park in the Fall and listening to the Elk bugling.

  2. Hi,
    Great photos, I do love the close ups. 🙂
    I live only a few miles from a major city, but we still have wildlife around us, as there are plenty of trees around everyone’s yard.
    Early morning I hear the kookaburras, although I can not see them, we see possums at night, and there are a whole lot of different birds during the day. 😀

    • Oh Kookaburras that would be so cool! That’s really neat. Also lots of birds very cool :+) I think we have some possums around I recently saw a passum playing dead pretty funny when I was wondering is that possum really dead he popped up.

  3. Hi there! I couldn’t find where to leave this message so I decided on this….This is from my Mother in regards to the Birthday card that you sent her…”Thank you so much for the really lovely thing you did by sending me a birthday card. I really enjoyed the beautiful picture of your “home”.
    It helped everything add up to making this occasion special. LaDonna ”

    Thanks again! 🙂

    • Thanks Tony! It fun seeing them nesting right now. I didn’t realise looking at the cam how the birds look around so much being aware to what’s going on around them kind of a birds eye view with the cam.

  4. Saw a hawk sitting on a tree branch in a wooded park while geocaching. That was cool.
    When I learned to scuba dive, a dolphin came up to hang out with us for a bit. That was really really cool.

    Nice pics. It’s a beautiful bird.

    • Thanks :+) It’s fun to watch them with the cam eating fish somtimes, also when they turn the eggs kind of interesting. Swimming with the dolphins that does really cool! They are amazing animals.

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