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Clustered Lady's-slipper - Cypripedium fasciculatum

Clustered Lady’s-slipper – Cypripedium fasciculatum

Clustered Lady’s-slipper – Cypripedium fasciculatum grows wild in Montana, but very rare. See the map on the link.

It’s been an interesting week here in Montana in my world of different shades of greens. The delightful and the difficult first the delightful foremost on my mind is the random act of good that was unexpected. The photo of the red flower a few posts down North Dakota dairy farm.  I was talking to the caretaker of the plant. I told her that I had taken photos of the flowers of the plant, and that in the process I had fallen in love with how beautiful and amazing this flowering plant was.  It just so happened that, that  day the keeper of the plant, had taken cuttings from the plant and put the cuttings into a bucket.   The lady doesn’t know me very well, she barely knows my name asked me if I would  like a couple of cuttings?  Surprised and delighted I asked what kind of flower it was? She told me it’s an orchid.  Funny, how something so random could be so meaningful.  The second delight was last night Navar points to the livingroom window and says “Wow look at that a really small fawn, go grab your camera. Quick grab your camera!”  Looking out of the window it was the smallest fawn I had ever seen not much bigger than a chawawa.  How could the fawn  be so small maybe it had just been born in the last day or two.  I noticed that the mother was very small.  We watched as the fawn followed her walking behind playfully hoping around. I did not get much of a photo.  I didn’t want to open the door and scare them.  I wanted them to feel safe in our yard and to come back again sometime.  What’s been delighting you this week?  Have you had difficulties that you have had to address this week? It’s been strange to be back home it’s nice to see some familiar faces and spending time at the lake has been fun.  Has it been hot where you live? How are you staying cool this summer? I know some places you are experiencing the opposite the dance of seasons.  If you would like to please leave a link to one of your favorite posts from your blog.  I would like to read it something that stands out to you as being one of your favorites. One of my favorites posts from by blog is about Grizzly Bears.  It was from one of my favorite days. I’ll go and see if I can find it. Found it! It’s titled You won’t believe what I saw.  Don’t forget to leave me a link to one of your favorite posts I will keep an eye on the spam monster.


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  1. In the 90s around where I live. And my youngest and I are going to Las Vegas soon, where it’s in the 100s. Yikes! Not sure what I was thinking with that one. I think the hubby and the oldest son left at home are the true winners. 🙂

  2. Vegas can be hot this time of year, but maybe a little pool time could cool you guys off and airconditoned buildings that might help. I hope you guys have a good time maybe you can catch a good show. :+) If not a good time there’s alway blog material potenitial.

    • I’m sure Vegas can provide ample blog fodder; you’re right. We’re going to a few magic shows, because my son is a really good card magician. And I’m not talking little kid tricks. He blows my mind.

        • Yeah, my 12 year old buys the professionals’ DVDs and then studies and practices them for hours. He’s got impressive drive, so I’m certainly not about to poo paw his ambition, even if very few become David Copperfields. 🙂

          • You never know David Copperfield was once an inspiring kid who had a dream. :+) Dreams are a good thing when we do what makes us happy it leads to a happier life. Now thats profound huh?

            • Very. 🙂

              Actually, we saw David Copperfield live. He was really entertaining. And he tells the story of how his father told him he’d never amount to anything with his silly little magic habit. Now he’s the wealthiest magician around (which, believe me, he was sure to point out.) 🙂

    • Hi Flower Pot :+) It really was a nice gesture it really warmed my heart. It had been a particularly rough week so the thought and flower really ment a lot. Thank You for coming by today.

  3. Hi,
    How lovely it was that the lady offered you some cuttings, I think that is just wonderful. 🙂
    I just couldn’t imagine what it would of been like to see the baby fawn in your yard, what a very special moment, and also shows that the Mum thinks it is a very safe place. 🙂

    • I’m hoping the fawn and the mom will come back I’m keeping my eye out for them. It was in the evening time around dusk. :+) I’m excited about planting the flower and hoping it will flower. It sure is a beautiful plant.

  4. AC is keeping me cool. Only in the 80s here, but we have a lot of humidity.
    I’ve been antiquing in Iowa with friends for the last 2 days. I had a nice time, although there is no place like home for this gal.

    • Antiquing sounds like a lot of fun. I also know what you mean about there is no place like home. I’m the same way I like to get out and about and look around and see whats going on but I am definitley a homebody. :+) I’m just about done reading the book. It’s always sad to come to the last part of a good book.

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