Hand feeding Hummingbirds.


I thought this was a cool video it’s a little long, but it does show people hand feeling humming birds not too long into the video.  Looks like you would have to be very still and probably not too ticklish.   Hope you all doing well.  I’m a little slow to coming around to blogs this week as I am organizing and cleaning.  I would much rather look at blogs.  Maybe I will treat myself soon in the next couple of days, and come by for a cup tea and take a look at your blog.


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  1. I’m pretty much out of blog commission this week, too as I’m at a hotel with no WiFi. Am relying on my iPhone. Have fun getting stuff done. 🙂

  2. Hi,
    A beautiful video, what a magical experience that must of been for that family. The hummingbird is so tiny and delicate, really a beautiful bird. 🙂

    • Hi Tony I have heard of people feeding hummingbirds by hand. It was neat to be able to find a video to see this. Youtube is amazing for that any question or anything you can think of someone has probably done a youtube video about it. Interesting times we are living in. :+)

  3. This is beautiful. I’ve been very slow myself with lots of things on my plate. I hope you have a moment to relax.

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