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Montana gets a boy toy

I see my first post Yellow Plum Pie received 4 views this week. It must be yellow plum season and people are wondering what to do with their plums. Glad I can be of some help with my rocking yellow plum pie recipe. The recipe is in the comment section. Strange to re-read my first post December 2008. Looking back at the economy a lots changed for us since then as I’m sure it has for many people. Boy, looking back I can say it’s been a rough ride for so many.

Funny I could have gone the direction of a food blog. The interesting thing about blogging is that your joy is soon found while you pound out posts.  If you blog what you love, I think your more inspired to keep blogging.  It’s a beautiful blue sky day here in Northern Montana the temps will be pleasantly warm as forecasted.  I’m enjoying a small break from my cleaning and organising project. It’s hard not to be overwhelmed and to just keep crossing things off of my TO DO list.  I wish going through boxes and organising and piling into give away, to sell, and to keep piles was my strong suit it is not. So I’m doing my best to continue to push myself through wanting to kick and scream sounds a bit like birth. Maybe I’m birthing a new leaner life. The not so much stuff life. It’s hard for me not to ponder the why’s of stuff collecting. That ponder is probably worthy of a post in its own right.  Are you a collector type person or are you an organised only keep the really good stuff sort of person? How has your week been ? Whats the latest News you can report? Don’t leave me hanging talking to myself.  What was your first post ever about? Was it pie,  politics, cartoons, photos ,dear diary stuff, humor random philosophy? If you feel like it feel free to leave a link, up to you.


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  1. I think my first blog post might have been about a dream I’d had.
    I’ve never made a plum pie. That sounds interesting. Do you do a lot of cooking? How ’bout making jam? I could use a good recipe for jam.

    • I’m not much of a jam maker I did make a really good strawberry jam and an appricot jam as a kid. But, who knows where that recipe is now. I do like to cook. I’ve started to make a cook book with healthy recipes that I’ve collected over the last year. Trying to eat more fruits and veggies and less of the good stuff. I’ve found I can adjust recipes to still taste good but to be healhier.

      Dreams…. last night I had a dream about a blogger who is on vacation. I thought Carrie was the only one who had dreams about other bloggers. :+)

  2. I’m wilting here in Las Vegas but having a great time. So nice to spend one-on-one time with my son, and as a budding magician, he’s eating up these magic shows. 🙂

  3. Hi,
    My very first post was in July 2010 and it was about prehistoric bones found here in Oz. 😀

    The weather here is not good, it has been raining for 4 days now, only light, but the yard is mush,being winter it is not drying out well, so the dog runs around outside and you can imagine what happens when she comes tearing back inside, I caught her just in time yesterday and got the mud off before she entered the house. 🙂

    • I can just imagine what a mess that mud would be. We’ve been getting a lot of rain her too it’s nice to see the blue sky and sunshine today. :+)

      I like that your first post was on prehistoric bones. I’m not surprised that sounds like a cool post!

      • I just relized yesterday your comment about not enjoying cooked fruit wasn’t that random. I forgot that I was talking about plum pie which is cooked fruit. Oh well I feel a little silly Manamana……….

        • On you Avatar I just clicked and it took me to your old address. I wonder if you need to update your address on your Avatar? Or maybe it’s something on my end I’m not sure. Just thought I would mention it.

  4. I know I hold on to too much stuff … but do go through the occasion purge.

    My week has been a bit hectic. Sunday I traveled to Iowa, returned Tuesday. Wednesday was a catch-up day, and today errands. It’s very hot, so I will stay in tomorrow too – thus working on an online presentation/webinar.

    My first posts … I had to look. My first introduced me … the next two about politics, and the fourth about baseball (Cincinnati Reds). So my eclectic nature regarding topics started early.

    • Do you have a link to your first post I would like to read it :+) The official intro to aFrankAngle. Hope your prsentation/webinar goes well. I’m not surprised that your blog was eclectic right out of the gate. Hope your having a good weekend.

  5. The older I get the more organised I become so lately I have been using the good things and tossing the old. I love it.

    • That is my dream to some day get to the point of keeping the good things and tossing the old stuff. I guess little by slow maybe I will learn. Going through a bunch of old stuff isn’t much fun. Hope your having a good weekend.

  6. Hi Starla…Well, I looked. Here is my first post.

    I guess I try to inspire people to believe in themselves, huh? lol

    I am so happy we met up. Your blog is always interesting. You are always busy doing something fun.

    I am still trying to “clean” out stuff in boxes. They have been in their for many years! Do I really need them? Of course I do! lol If I say that, I do not have to “clean.” LOL

    I will be going to Texas soon. I will be so happy to see my son. He is actually happy to be seeing me. lol

    I will be stopping in from time to time. Until we meet again…Stay well and Happy. 😎

    • Great first post Doraz! I’m not surprised you would start with a deep question “Who are you?” I’m still ponder that question over the years. :+) I’ve always really appreciated your blog name ” Believe in Yourself.” It is such wise advice. Over the years your blog has really helped my with your upbeat style and your humor. And alway the idea to just” believe in yourself”. I think that is huge. To believe and to take risks and to jump into life. I think I still stuggle at times with confidence so I think there is a certain amount of faith involved that jumping into things that everything will work out alright.

      I’m glad your getting ready to go to Texas soon to see your son. Sounds like fun. :+)
      Nice to see you and Until we meet again back at you ” Stay well and Happy.” Great advice my friend.

  7. Wow. So many questions!! LOL!! I love the photo of the dogs. They get deep in our hearts don’t they?

    Cooking. I don’t eat sweets so I don’t bake but I do love to cook. My first post was March 30, 2008. It’s called Jumping In. Here is the link.
    I love blogging but have needed a short break recently. It gets to be a lot.

    I’ve collected a lot of things over the years. Thimbles, clocks, lighthouses, roosters. Those things I usually pack up and keep but I’ve gotten a lot better than in the past about getting rid of clothes we no longer wear. The epilepsy foundation comes every 3 months for a donation and they also take used household appliances. It’s an easy way to get rid of things because you’re getting rid of them to people who can use them.

    • Thanks for adding the link! Such a cute story. One of my favorites so sweet. I guess I did ask a lot of questions. I figure if I ask a bunch of question maybe there will be at least one question people will be able to be inspired to answer.

      Im so glad you started to blog oh so long ago. You were the first blog that I looked forward to reading long post. I enjoyed your writting so much that I looked forward to reading what you had to say. Now Im able to read long post easily and I enjoy reading blogs that are from people that are good writters. Also of course I have enjoyed your friendship over the years. You probably have no idea how much your frienship has ment to me. Also a funny tidbit: You inspired me to wash my hands as soon as I come home from an outing in town because I remember one of your post or comments on the topics and it just made good sense to me. :+) Also to work harder on my grammar, which is still a mess but, I’m working on that. Thanks. I’m glad you decided to start that first post.

  8. Ha! That was a stroll down memory lane. I had to go look up my first wordpress post. It’s actually in the same tone of voice I use. Although the topics range a bit further.
    One of the things I’ve noticed about my blog is it doesn’t really have a focus. There is an awful lot of swing between the topics. Probably costs me readers. Ah well, what can you do?

    ( and hoping I got this in before todays free chat!)

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