Signs of Summer


Signs of summer are all around with so much rain the mad hum of riding mowers are moving about all around the valley.  I’ve been taking pictures the last couple of days and will try to take some more just to show you just how green it is here.  The last few days I’ve noticed lots of roses and penese in full bloom. The other day I was taking close up photos of the different flowers.  It’s hard not to marvel and delight at all the bright colors after a long Montana winter.  Sitting by the Lake the other day the first sunny day in a while.  Watching the constant traffic of people putting their boats in and out of the lake.  It makes for good people watching with people piling in and out of their boats with full arms.   I like to sit under the tree and read a book it will probably be another month or so before the temperature of the lake is warm enough for me to consider it to be a good idea to go in.  How was your weekend?  Whats going on in your neck of the woods?


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  1. It’s hotter than the normal here … plus you may have heard about the storm that rolled through the region on the news creating many power outages from Indiana to the Atlantic coast. Good news is that we didn’t lose any trees. But cheers for our large generator! Hope you had a good weekend Starla. Sure doesn’t seem that long ago you still had snow.

  2. Those are wonderful pictures. Keep taking pictures. You have a wonderful eye for it. This was dessert for the mind and I really enjoyed it.

  3. Wow, it is green there. Here in Ohio, the grass is on the brown side. The pics are lovely. And while I prefer the ocean to the lake, nothing much beats a quiet read with a great book out by the lake, does it? At least until those mosquitos take over…

  4. Hi,
    Lovely photos. It is cold here, but the rain has stopped for awhile at least, and if you can get out of the cold wind the sun is wonderful. We only have winter for a short time here in the tropics so I am enjoying the cooler weather. 🙂

  5. I LOVE the pictures of those two red out buildings. My barn is that color. It’s been very hot and humid here. We broke a record yesterday with 98 and it was set in 1911. That was the year my grandpa was born. Isn’t that a long time? I’m not enjoying it very much. It’s just too much.

  6. Those photos look so warm & sunny. Here it’s cold & damp. We’ve had morning frosts for the last week & a half wit temperatures around 0 degrees celcius. Need warmth!!!

  7. Lovely, lovely…I can just picture the lake…My son lives in Missoula…and he took me fishing once at the most beautiful serene lake…paradise 🙂

    • Paradise lake says it all it must be paradise. I haven’t been there but with a name like paradise maybe I should check it out. :+) I think Missoula would be a fun town to live in.

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