Free Chat Thursday


English: sliced carrots עברית: גזר קצוץ לחלקים...

Do you ever have one of those days that no matter what you decide to write about there’s a part of you that wants to erase it?  Occasionally, I have days like that and unfortunately todays one of those days.  I have rewritten this post several times and now I’m just plain tired.  I should have stuck with the first post,  but  Nooooooo I blue lined it and into the ethers it went.  So…. I’ve pretty much got nothing for now.   Maybe I need to go walk around get some fresh air maybe some stronger coffee.  Maybe I’ve had too much coffee.  I’ll just turn this post over to you and maybe you can bail me out. Tell me Any thing!  How was your week?  Do you have anything fun coming up that you’re looking forward too?  Or perhaps maybe just a random fact about you like I don’t really like cooked carrots.  That would be my random fact.  I didn’t really have the thought I don’t like cooked carrots.  I just noticed that I was leaving cooked carrots piled on my plate.  I hope tomorrow I feel more wordy.  I guess I could call it Free Un Chatty Thursday.


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  1. I’ve had a few posts where after I’ve written them, I’m convinced they’re pointless and not worth anyone’s time. And lo and behold, those seem to get the most attention. Of course, maybe people are just being nice, but I guess my point is, I know from where you come. 🙂

    Oh, and I do like cooked carrots, but I can do without eggplant or asparagus. 🙂

  2. Ok. Here you go: I can not for the life of me make a good cookie. You can give me the most amazing recipe you have and I will ruin it. I use all the right ingredients and it just doesn’t matter. They puff up like cakes, get hard crusts, are pale and taste either underdone or just icky. I have no clue why. I just baked a batch that came out like biscuits, but not nearly as good as a biscuit. Seriously. But, I’m a glutton for punishment. I keep trying. I’m determined to figure it out.

    • Hi GIna I struggle with cooking cookies as well, especially the tradtional choclate chip or peanut butter. I have better luck with some of the different types. I wonder if having a good cookie sheet to cook on, just a thought. I know they have thick restaurant grade cookie sheets for slower cooking. If you like coconut I have a good cranberry coconut macaroon recipe it’s pretty good. also some yummy swedish thins made with cream cheese. Mmmmmm now I’m hungry. :+)

  3. Hi Starla. How did I miss this? Ok – so Thursday is two days later than normal. Kind of a second Thursday, 🙂 Raw carrots are a plus for me, and cooked carrots are fine too. But no to raw onions, and yes to cooked onions.

    Cincinnati is currently in a blast furnace of heat – about 15 degrees above normal! Hope you had a good fourth … and fifith. 🙂

  4. Sorry, Starla. Guess this one can be filed under “Sometimes you’re the bat, sometimes you’re the ball…”
    I got lucky today, found a tiny piece of data in a massive digital haystack.
    Was actually pretty impressed with myself since I thought the whole file had been deleted, and I was clever enough to figure out where it was actually hidden.

    And I enjoy your online company no matter how many words you use at any given time.

  5. Love cooked carrots but not too keen on them raw. Michelle is in England at the moment with her Dad visiting family so it’s just me & Dixie home alone, we don’t have Angus anymore as he & Dixie just didn’t really get along so he was re-homed. He bullied her a lot & she was always scared of him & would spend most of the day hiding from him under the bed or under a chair. She became really withdrawn & shy. She’s back to her playful outgoing self now. Anyway the carrots photo reminded my of the other night when I cooked an awesomely tender piece of scotch fillet steak with mushrooms, carrots, cauliflower & silver beet. It was beautiful.. .

    • I’m not surprised about Angus I know that can be really difficult rehoming a dog. I could tell in one of the photos of the two of them that Dixie was not amused by Angus. I’m glad that Dixie has the run of the house again sounds like way too much wild puppy energy for her. I bet she’s feeling better with Angus gone. I bet it was hard to let go of Angus he was pretty cute too. But sounds like you did the right thing for sweet Dixie.
      I bet Michelle is probably back from England by now. Hope she had a good trip. :+)

  6. Well Starla, it happens to all of us. You have a bunch of thoughts going on in your head. One of them is “Why am I here blogging when I have all of this s*** to do around the house!” At least, that was in my head! LOL That is one of the reasons I am taking my summer break. I am busy now eating with friends and getting ready for my trip to Texas. I can not wait. I know that things will be back to normal soon for you. Then, expect something else to happen! LOL Hi to Navar. 😎

    • Navar says “Hi Doraz”. :+) Hope you have a great trip and lots of fun in Texas.
      Yes your right it’s easy to get really busy with Summer activities and projects. Navar’s Mom’s has been visiting so we have been busy going places. We went to Glacier National Park the other day that was fun. I’m still trying to organise my house. Ugg.

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