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Bucket-headed dog

Bucket-headed dog (Photo credit: Paul Kidd)

Good News Tomorrows Friday!  The weekend is right around the corner!  Do you have any fun plans?  Looks like it will be in the high 80’s low 90’s here for the next few days.  One thing nice about Montana is that it can be warm to hot in the day and that it eventually cools down at night.  It also stays light later in the summer, that can be good or bad depending on how early you have to get up.  This time of the year it stays light untill  approximetly 10:30 at night.   I just ran into a good quote yesterday.   I know I’ve seen it before here goes  “Three grand essentials to happiness in this life are something to do, something to love,  and something to hope for.” quote by Joeseph Addison.   I’m thinking if I got a new dog that would cover all three.  Navar and have been taking turns on saying  “Hey, Lets get a dog.”  But, the other one usually chimes in and says ” No that’s probably not a good idea.”  It’s hard when you’ve had an almost perfect dog to even think about having another dog.  I guess we will probably wait for awhile.  I know I’m not walking as much as I use to.  How’s your week going?   Hear any good quotes lately?


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  1. Great quote, and very true. Take away love, hope, and busy hands, and the blahs will quickly set in.

    It gets darker quicker here in Ohio than it did in North Dakota. Now that you mention it, I realize I kind of miss that extra hour or so of light. Except on those nights I have to go to bed early. Which is most nights. So I guess I just ruined my point…

    • Good Morning Webdoc! That was a great link! What do you mean we are not the center of the Universe! :+) I often feel better about my life in general when contemplating the Universe it helps to put things in perspective. I will have to point this link out to Navar I’m sure he would enjoy it as well. Hope you have a great weekend! :+)

  2. My daughter keeps wanting us to get another dog. I keep saying no. Having pets makes it harder to find a place to rent, and to travel. And really, you just shovel food in one end and clean up what comes out the other end, so what’s the point? Then she tells me that she’ll wash the dishes and vacuum every day and I’m thinking, “hmmmm, that might work…”

    • I would say these are two huge point against getting another dog for now it is easeir to travel and it is a lot harder to find a place that excepts dogs also with Makwa we had huge Vet bills. :+/ I do miss the day to day having a dog. They really bring a lot of Love and Joy and my blood pressure seems to be lower. I walk more too having a dog oh and the unconditional love you can’t beat that. Anywa,y lots of pluses and minuses.

    • Hi Frank Happy Friday! I really enjoyed your links today the Happiness Link was fantastic words of gold “Happiness is a decision.” great article. I also enjoyed your links about the God particle I was hoping someone would have thoughts on what’s going on over at CERN. Hope you have a great weekend.

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