A few things that caught my attention last week.


On a very busy road we noticed a gentleman/cowboy riding a horse with two pack horses trailing behind him.   Cars would give him a wide space as they would speed on by.  I thought the site was unique and decided, maybe I could get a photo.  As he rode his small horse train down a slight  sloping side of the road coming to a stop.  Navar and I walked up to him and I asked if I could take his picture.  He said  “Sure!”  He was kind enough to humor me and to tell us a little bit about his life. I’m always  intrigued when I come across  a person daring to think outside the box a little bit and having the courage to do something that they really want to do in this life.  I can imagine the naysayers saying  “You want to ride your horse around America on the busy roads?” It makes me laugh just thinking about how that conversation went.  I can imagine also all the adventures he’s had along the way.  Navar asked him if his horses needed some water and a rest, but he had just started his journey so he was excited to get on his way.

The next day I was  looking at the Sunday newspaper paper   and I noticed his photo and an article.  I was glad that he caught someone else attention and they wrote an article about his adventures.

Here’s something else that caught my eye last week.  Looks like somebody made their own bumper sticker.   I’ve always wondered why people would put a small  ” Don’t tale gate”  bumper sticker on their car.  The sticker would be so small that cars would  have to get close to them to read it.  Things that make you go, Huh?

The other things that caught my eye last week: bee’s rolling around in brightly colored flower’s.  They are funny to watch as they spin around with pollen on their feet rolling around in the flower.  I found myself watching bee’s a few times this summer.

Another eye-catching moment was a sunset I went to grab my camera and Navar pointed out the giant dandelion, great idea Navar so I took a picture of both.  The last photo is of a barn with a small patch of canola in front of it I thought it looked cool with the yellow stripe.  For several weeks we’ve been driving by giant  yellow patches of canola to me it smell a little bit like broccoli as you drive by.  That’s my week in a nut shell.  Hope you’re doing well.


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  1. Great photos. I like the Back Off message. I’ve never understood why people tailgate. Having someone ride my bumper is a sure way to get me to SLOW DOWN, not speed up. 🙂

  2. I had to google canola – had never heard the word before. Seems it’s a type of rapeseed. Now that I do know about. Huge areas of farmland in the UK have been turned over to the growth of rapeseed. The yellow dominates the landscape in some areas.

    I bet that old cowboy you met had a story or two to tell !

    Back in the ’80s, when I lived in Canada, my 1st wife and I decided to take a few months out and hitch down the west coast of the USA and into Mexico. We met lots of interesting people on the way but two who stood out we met when travelling though oregon. A couple of young girls picked us up and invited us to spend the night with them. They shared a house in a small town, walking distance from the beach, with a couple of elderly relatives. And when I say elderly, I mean ‘real old’. But though their physical strength was impaired, there was nothing wrong with their minds.

    They had fell in love in their teens, but he was a cowboy and her parents disapproved so she ran away from home. He was a cook, and drove the chuck wagon on the cattle trails. The stories they told that night of the adventures and hardships they had shared over the years, the good and the bad times they had gone through together kept us enthralled all evening.. They were a lovely couple and so obviously still in love

    We all have stories to tell but so often we miss the hearing of these because we look at the outside of a person and dismiss them, thinking they have little of worth to share with us. We are the poorer for doing so. Sometimes just a friendly greeting can unlock a host of memories, tales, and wisdom to broaden our knowledge and experience, from someone we least expect

    • I couldn’t agree more Duncan people walk around with so much history and often lots of interesting stories. Navars Mom was recently visiting. After losing his father so quickly to pacreatic cancer. Navar decided on this visit with his Mom, he wanted to video tape her telling stories. We weren’t sure how she would feel about this turns out she was very excited and even dressed up putting one of her favorite outfits on. I had heard a few of the stories from Navar, but some I hadn’t it was also really interesting to hear her take on things that I hadn’t heard from him. It was a fun night listening to stories. She still had more to tell when they left the next day so we decided to ask his sister who lives near by her to continue the filming. It turnrd to be a very meaningful and bonding experince just listening.
      Sounds like you had a great adventure traveling and meeting people. The couple sound interesting and sweet story staying together with such odds.
      I use to hitchhike in Hawaii, because I had left my car on the mainland. It was an interesting way to meet people and talk story. I found for the most part people were very friendly and kind. I’m not sure now I would be so fearless.

  3. Cool that you saw and talked to the rider, and then saw him in the paper. Which also means you will be wondering about this journey in the days the come. Nice pics … not sure which is my fav, but I do appreciate seeing a field of canola. I know it as an oil that comes from the seeds, but I haven’t seen it in a field like this before. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Hi Frank :+) Yes it was really cool seeing the cowboy rider and sitting down at breakfast the next day reading the paper and seeing someone else had thought him to be interesting enough to put in the paper. I would be interested to know how his travels go from where we had seen him last.

    Lots of feilds of canola maybe I will put up a couple of other photos down the road. It makes driving to town nice to see the large patches of yellow, it’s kind of cheerful.

  5. You have a good eye for both details and broader pictures. And you know how to translate what you see into interesting pictures. They are all very nice, but the one I like the best is the first of the dandelions, the colours and light is just so beautiful. The mini-series about the cowboy is excellent, too.

    • Thank You So much! It’s funny I’m much more relaxed and comfortable around dandelions. I need to learn to relax when taking photos of people I have a tendency to rush. I guess I worry that I’m impssing on the person.

    • I was wondering the same thing about the horses. I think maybe if he takes turns riding them so that he can give each one a break so that he can cover more area. That was my thought . One horse carry’s his pack of things. I thouht he said he was going to Washington.

    • Thanks Joy! It was really fun to see the guy on the horse just troting along. In Central Montana you see a lot more people dressed in Western wear, more cowboys and cowgirls farmers and ranchers.
      I have no idea what people are thinking when they are tail gating. Seems like people are driving faster and with less patience these days.

  6. Great photos of the cowboy. He must’ve been an interesting character to talk to. What a great way to get around. Tail gaters peeve me too. They can’t go any faste than the car in front of them anyway so why risk an accident. Only takes the car in front to need to slow down quickly & bang.

    • Thanks Tony! Yes he was a very interesting guy to talk to. He was also very friendly and relaxed which was nice. Some times I find it difficult to take pictures of strangers but I know he’s probably had his photo taken a fair amount.
      Are you and Michelle enjoying your new home?

      • Yes & loving the quietness & the sound of nothing except birds. I have one more veggie garden bed to create & looks like this weekend is going to be fine. The past 3 weekends have rained all weekend & I’ve made no progress. Today I will be busily digging

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