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Beargrass (Xerophyllum tenax) in Glacier Natio...

Beargrass (Xerophyllum tenax) in Glacier National Park, Montana, USA. Original caption: In addition to a host of various wildflowers, Beargrass, a lily native to Glacier, blooms in abundance along the Iceberg Lake trail. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Happy Thursday!  How are you?  What’s been going on in that world of yours?

We’ve had company recently Navar’s Mom and her husband.  Our worlds been pretty busy the last couple of weeks.  We had a nice visit.  Navar decided to do some video taping of his mother telling some family stories, some about grandparents and siblings.  It was really great being able to hear some of the stories some I was fimilar with and some of the stories and I had not heard before. It was very easy he just set the video camera on the counter and we listened.  It turned out to be a lot of fun and very bonding.  Summer has a way of ramping up to warp speed about this time of the year going from Mid July through August.

I found a cool video of sailing in storms, but I didn’t like the political ad playing at first. I’m not real thrilled about being hammered by political ads on TV these days, and now on YouTube videos. What do you think about that?  I decided to put up a wikipedia photo of Bear Grass instead.
I ran across a quote recently ” Advice is what we ask for when we already know the answer but wish we didn’t.” I like short quotes another thing I heard this week “Beware of Boredom.” Another Gem.  Have you heard any good short quotes lately?  How about Jokes?   I’m missing Mags who is on blog break she is always good for some good jokes on Fridays.  For the most part I think Blog breaks from time to time are a good thing.  I will be glad when she is back.  I may have to look into her Joke archive’s tomorrow, which is on the right side of the blog on the side bar half way down.  Funny I had a few things to tell you about and seem like I got side tracked talking about other things.  We went to Glacier National Park with Navar’s Mom and husband.  I took a few pictures hopefully I will post them over the weekend.  My favorite part was watching a father teaching his very young son to throw a rock into the lake.  The little boy would throw the rock up and cover his head his mother would yell, but after a while he started to get the hang of it such a simple moment.  I was glad I was taking a break from the heat sitting on a bench by the lake watching someones simple but special moment with their father.  Thank You for coming by!  I hope that all is well in your world.   Maybe next week I’ll try to have some snacks out.


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    • It was really a great thing it was probably one of my favorite parts of the visit I Highly recomend doing it. I wasn’t sure how she would feel about it first but she was really happy to get the chance to tell some stories. :+)

  1. The political ads get ridiculous, no matter which side of the fence one’s on. To put something out that’s obviously a manipulation of the facts and think that we are going to fall for it is really annoying. Never once has a political ad made me stop and think, “Oh, wow, I never thought about it that way before.” Oh well, that’s why I love DVR. Just fast forward all of those commercials. (And believe me, living in Ohio, we get tons of them!)

    • Maybe I need to get a DVR or some how think of how I can get around them beside muting them. The last one has been two canidates and it’s bashing each other about cancer of all things. The first canidate said the other canidate keeps poor people with cancer from getting any funds. The second canidate brought on his mother saying she’s a cancer survivor and her son has a good heart. It’s going to be a long political season it may be worth the price of DVR. I don’t mind politics if there is some thing worth honestly talking about, but bantering insults is just silly.

  2. Great idea to get some of the family history on record from someone who knows … and in time, you will appreciate it even more. Well done. Beargrass looks interesting, an something we don’t have in Ohio (well, at least as far as I know).

    Let’s see … handbells are back in my life with our summer picnic and I went one day to the National Handbell Musicians of America convention. Attend a wonderful concert by an audition choir from Indianapolis. Very well done! Meanwhile, have a good rest of the week up there!

    • Thanks Frank :+) Hope you have a good week as well. Glad your having fun getting some culture in. The handbells convention I bet that’s a lot of fun.

      The nice thing about the video is Navar’s Mom said she still had a few stories so we handed the video baton over to his sister so his sister can get a few stories on tape as well.

  3. I hate the idea of political ads on youtube. I learn all I need to know about politics over at Beartoons. I’m sure bearman’s political toons are more factual that the lies the politicians spin us. Love that Beargrass too. Such beautiful flowers.

    • The videotaping was a good idea. There was an ad on TV last night from a Geanealogy organisation encouraging people to talk to talk to their parents & grandparents about family history, their life etc as once they pass away a lot of the stories & information will die with them.

      • Thats so true. I think the passing of Navars father brought that home to us to realise how important it is to talk and to just take time and hang out with the people that you love. It’s so easy to think that people will be around for ever I think in a way thats natural. Navars father was a great story teller and had several stories I would have like to have taped. He may have somthing on tape some where.

    • I don’t like political ads and seeing one on my YouTube video that I was just about to post. I realized I had a choice and I could post somthing else uo, so Volia pretty Bear Grass. :+) I like Bearman’s political toons. I don’t mind politics it’s the slinging of lies that bothers me. I like the fact that he is very current and of course talented! I think I need to start wearing my glasses when I was re- reading my last sentence I thought it looked like tainted and that’s not what I wanted to say at all! I hate that my eyes are not like they use to be. :+(

  4. That video taping sure sounds like it was fun and what a terrific idea. I’m so glad you guys thought of doing that. I’d like to do it too but I’m not sure if either of my parents would do the “video” thing. Was it hard to get started? Did you ask her something and she just took off or what? I’d love nothing more than a video like that.

    I like small quotes too. I love “It takes one to know one.”

    I also hate political ads because none of them are accurate and far too many people take them as fact. I’ll be glad when all this election crap is over.

    • Hi Joy The video idea we had thought about wanting to do for years. I guess I wasn’t sure how it would go over and how his mom would feel about it. She was really thrilled and even said ” wait let me change my shirt” and put on a beautiful marron silk shirt she looked so pretty. We did the video sitting at the kitchen table and set the camera on the counter. I probably should have mentioned that becuase I think there is somthing very comforting talking around the kitchen table. It felt like we were just shooting the breeze. I would occasionally chime in with a small question. Asking about people I wanted to more about or stories that I wanted a little more info on, but for the most part it was just listening. I think she was thrilled because she was able to reminsce and tell stories that were important to her about her life. I think I would like to film a few other people in the family. There are other people in the family I wish I would have filmed. I love listening to the stories people tell. :+) I should film Navar as well, he’s a great story teller.
      I just remembered at first she told a story and I told a story that was simialr . I think that helped break the ice at first, after that she was on a roll.

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