Jewel Basin


These two photos are from our trip yesterday to Jewel Basin.  I’ve been wanting to take you to Jewel Basin for years.  Finally the spur of watching the Olympics was just the kick in the pants I needed.  Something about watching other people exercising from my easy chair kicked back eating a bag of chips.  Watching  athletes digging deep striving for their Olympic best  riding the rapids, swimming,  gymnastics, bicycling in the rain pretty impressive stuff.   It’s hard not to feel a bit like a Sloth with the easy chair reclined back chirping” hand me that a bag of chips will you?”   Saturday Navar said to me ” Hey let’s go for a hike sometime?”  Sunday I thought today’s a good day so I said to him  ” Let’s go for a hike  in Jewel Basin!”  It was nice to get out and about and away from the TV.  My backs been a little  off probably from sitting in the easy chair.  I was surprised at how long the winding road was to get there.  The slow walk up the gentle incline seeing folks of all ages coming down the hill.  Some young girls probably in their early twenties with giant back packs literally running down the hill.  We asked them how long they had been camping?  Two days and they were on their way to have a nice breakfast at Echo Lake restaurant.  I know the feeling of having a heavy pack on your back after camping for a few days being close to the parking  lot and the joy welling up inside with the anticipation of seeing the car.  I was grateful that we were hiking just for the day.  It was a slow meandering hike as I kept stopping to look at wild flowers setting my lens on macro.  I’m grateful that we got out and about now I can relax and watch more of the Olympics. ” Can you please pass the chips?”  One last thought since we are on the topic of the Olympics.  The opening ceremony I would have loved it if the Queen would have really jumped out of the helicopter with Bond can you imagine?  I would have gone crazy watching the Queen floating down with her parachute open hitting her mark.  Have you been watching the Olympics?  If so what Olympic events do you like to watching the best?  Or is it what the Olympics are still on?


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    • Yes your are right Donaold Indian Paintbrush is the flower. I took a few photo’s of them this was my favorite. It’s surprising to me that there are wild flowers still. We even saw a few patches of snow.

  1. Seems like a good weekend jaunt. I’m tune in to watch whatever Olympics are on at the time, although I hate the tape delay games NBC plays. … and you are saying that wasn’t QE jumping out of the plane? Ah come on … say it ain’t so.

    • Jewel Basin was really nice I enjoyed all the smells of the forest. It was fun to still wildflowers in abundance. The weather has actually been pleasant I would say in the 80’s and cool in the evenings 45/50’s/ I haven’i been swimming in the lake or river so not too hot for me yet. August may have some warm temps.

  2. What a great trip and I’m simply in love with that flower. Man, it’s gorgeous.

    We love the Olympics and watch every night. I think our favorite things are swimming, diving and gymnastics. I love a lot of other things too like the volleyball and basketball. We have a terrific woman’s team. I don’t mind NBC showing things at night but I hate the spoilers everywhere. In my opinion, if they’re going to put them on in prime time, I don’t feel they should be allowed to broadcast who wins without a SPOILER ALERT! It drives me batty.

    • I agree I think a spoiler alert would really be a good thing. I was listening to the radio and they spoiled it for me. Watching later that night I knew that yes ideed Micheal Philips would come in fourth. I’m watching tonight gymnastics fun to watch so much talent. The flower is pretty I think it was my favortie photo of the day. :+) For some reason I have been enjoying flowers this year must of been too much snow and cold last winter!

  3. Hi Starla. Beautiful flower. I love all of your photos. I am glad you guys got out and walked around in nature. I love walking. It is free and easy to do. lol I am not watching the games yet. I did not have a TV in Texas. I will try to catch up on them. I am impressed with all of the sports. Amazing. Oh, the queen jumping? lol She would be rather disturbed. lol I hope you have a great week. I plan on catching up. Take care. Hi to Navar.

    • Navar just smiled and say Hi Doraz :+) Look forward to reading your post. I hope you had a wonder and fun trip. No TV in Texas that must have been a nice break.
      I’m thinking of maybe going on another Hike maybe it was pretty fun. I like when exercise is fun and doesn’t seem like work and grueling.

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