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Thursdays short quote:  Dogs have owners. Cats have staff.”   Anonymous

It’s been a busy week.  A mixture of emotions, I have had a new compassion for just how difficult life is for people in general this week.  It seemed like most of the people who I ran into this week were really having a tough time of it, mostly due to losing someone very important to them.  Both people had unexpected losses.  I realize that we take turns with times of eminence and gut wrenching sadness in this life.  We also take turns at moments of peace and contentment and other moments of joy thrown in because life is certainly a mixed bag.  Like a deck of cards one stack being sadness, worry, and concern, and the other stack of cards maybe things like appreciation, joy, happiness those are my cards for the week.  My life lately feels like I’ve shuffled both sides and am feeling both stacks of cards shuffled together; taking turns feeling several feelings in a day.   I find with the loss of Navar’s Father to pancreatic cancer not that long ago and the worry for my own father lately that I can’t help the feelings of sadness and worry creeping into my day.  But I am grateful that there a lot of other feelings popping in from time to time as well, like enjoying all the brightly colored flowers this summer has helped.  Keeping busy has probably helped.  Also realizing that sadness from the losses in our lives is perfectly normal.  Navar just now informed me that my father is in the hospital.  That’s strange timing as I’m writing this post.  So I guess my week is a week of some concerns and random moments of joy.  Strange days indeed.  But, I realize that we are in this together as we do our best to live, love and to be kind to others when we can.   I hope your week is going well.  I am so grateful for you being there and for stopping in from time to time. I also really enjoy hearing what’s going on in your lives. Even random details like: what color socks are you wearing today?; do your socks match?;  or are your feet sockless?  I am sockless and will probably remain that way all day, unless of course the day  warrants differently.   I look forward to coming by your blogs this week to see what is on your mind and what your creative muses are this week.  My muse this week and probably most of the summer has been flowers and, perhaps oddly, buildings.  Can a building be a muse?  Or maybe a muse can only be a person. Theres so many things I don’t know.

A few things that caught my eye this week.  An old turn of the century building.  I’m not sure what that is sticking out of the bricks, but I thought it looked unusual.  The second photo is of a man unrolling a bale of hay I call it ” Roll ‘n the Hay”.  The third photo is of a few  holly hock flowers.  There was a bunch of holy hocks in front of a very small house lots of different colors.


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  1. Hoping everything goes well and your dad is out and about soon. (I guess I’ll throw in a hug too.)
    Glad that you have Navar to go through this with. Having someone else there really is a help.

    I’ve got boat shoes on. I don’t think I’ve worn socks in two or three months.
    I’m looking forward to taking my brain off the hook for a few days, but that’ll be next week.

    And a building can definitely be a muse. I thought that top pic was a tray with a bowl of something on it!

  2. Nice post, Starla. The quote about dogs and cats seemed to fit with your thoughts about loss. One of the benefits of having a pet is how they help teach us about love and the inevitablility of loss.
    Nice pictures! I especially like the man with the haybale — reminds me of when I was a kid.

    • Thanks Donald! Yes, your right animals really do teach us so many things. I am often amazed at how maboany things about life and love and loss that I have learned from my animals. I would say I’m probably a better person because of my dog. Funny as that sounds.
      Lots of haying going on tough in this heat. Glad the photo could remind you of being a kid. Navar teaches a lot of kids from farms and cattle ranches. Funny how some times they take a week off here and there to take care of chores like rounding up cattle from summer grazing.

  3. Hope your dad is not seriously ill !

    I quite often wear mismatched socks, though I doubt anyone ever notices. All my socks are an identical grey colour with a very narrow coloured ring at the end – days when I’m rushing out the door to work I’ve pulled on what I thought were a matching pair only to find when I’m removing them later that the colour rings do not match. In my defence, some of the colours are quite similar.and I do have poor eyesight 😳

    I only wear socks when I’m out. At home. or in the garden, I go bare feet always (old hippy habits die hard!) 😆

    • I clothes pin my socks together when I throw them in the hamper and wash and dry them with that on. When I’m folding my clothes, they always match and I never lose socks anymore.

      Sorry for butting in!

    • Thank You Duncan :+) My Dads in the hospital with pneumonia. He recently had surgery for melanoma, not too long ago. It’s been a tough on for my Dad. Hopfully my Dad will be OK. It’s difficult because he’s living far away from me.
      Ah……….Socks. Glad I’m not the only one who wears mismatching ones from time to time. :+)
      Bare feet such a nice feeling. I’ve been really loving the warmer weather. Hope you have Great weekend.

  4. The deck of cards analogy is a good one. Yet there is another factor – and that is perspective – in other words, how does one look at the cards. So keep your head up and be strong. 🙂

    • Thanks Frank! I like that you addes the perspective part on how does a person look at the cards they are delt them. Really Good Point! :+) Thanks for the note “Keep your head up and be strong.” :+) I will be saying that a lot in the coming months. Thank You.

  5. I find this to be an excellent post, Starla. I especially like the shuffling of the decks and the thought that rough feelings are normal. Often one can be down about feeling down. Society seems to say, “Be happy and if your not drink this or take that.” Not that that is necessarily a bad thing. There have been times in the last months where that has sounded pretty good. However I have been trying other things like: feeling through the pains (Sometimes feeling the pains in small doses.); trying to exercise or do something fun; I spent a month doing some hard yard projects for some people that live on a steep sloop. That was really helpful and has allowed me say, “Look I can tighten my belt up an inch and a half.” Usually just before getting to their place, a 45 minute drive, sadness from recent loss and uncertainty of the future would start to overcome me. Then I would arrive and start working. Life for me has been a lot like Starla’s shuffled deck.

    • Thank You Navar! We sure have been getting hammered a lot over the last few months. A little overwhelming at times. But I keep reminding myself The tough feelings It’s quicker through them than around them. Getting lots of opprotunity to practice that idea. Thanks for your comment. :+) I agree it is easy to feel down about feeling down. Good job on all the hard work. You did loose notches on your belt. I bet it’s nice in a way to get outside and exercise instead of being in a class room all day. Kind of a nice balance. Before you know it it will be Back to School time! :+)

  6. Nice post. As always, I enjoy your photos. Holly Hocks are one of the coolest farm flowers. I’m pretty much barefoot in the summer. Sandals when I go out. I’m writing today. Rewriting. Fixing edits. It’s still very hot and dry here in Nebraska, although we had an electrical storm last night we were really hoping would produce some rain. None, though. My yard is dead…AND under construction. It looks horrible. So, I try not to look at it!

    • Hollly hocks to me seem like an old fashion flower. Maybe because I’ve seen pastel paintings and photos of them it reminds my of a time forgotten. I like how they look up against a building or a window. I’ve never grown them I know they require lots of sunshine.

      Hope your getting lots done. :+) I had to laugh after talking with you I tore into a project that I didn’t want to do. I was kicking and screaming quietly and I could hear myself say “Now eat your vegetables! I had to laugh it’s easier telling someone else to eat their vegetables. :+) I still have lots of organising and cleaning to do before any thoughts of a dessert. There’s a new restuarant that opened just down the street with home made pie. It looks really good. I can be so literal times. Oh well. Hope your having a great weekend.

  7. Well I sure do hope everything with your dad works out okay Starla. Please keep us informed. To lose people around us that we love is one of the hardest things in life to deal with.

    I love your pink hollyhock. I have that shade and the dark maroon ones around my house. They’re one of my favorite flowers. They’re so strong and tall and like a willow tree. They can bend in the wind yet not break.

    I’m probably in the small percent that wishes fall were here. I’ve had a bad summer with my lungs. It’s been the hottest and most humid summer since 1936! ISH!! I haven’t been able to spend hardly anytime outdoors and it gets to you after a while. I’m hoping I feel good enough tomorrow to be able to go to our county fair. Two of my grandchildren have things displayed for 4-H and I’d love to go see it. We’ll play it by ear and hope for the best.

    Hugs to you and I’ll be praying for your dad.

    • Thank You Joy! I will keep you posted about my Dad. :+) I’ve had a knot in my stomach for the last two days. He’s really had a tough time of it.
      Sounds like you have a had a warm summer. I’m sorry to hear about the humidity I know that can be rough if you have breathing problems. Being confined to the house can be rough. I know all about cabin fever. I hope the weather allowed for you to go the the fair to see the 4-H exhibits. That sounds fun! Thank You Joy for the Hugs and prayers for my Dad. We are greatful and Thankful. :+)

  8. I’m sorry to read about the losses and read same on another blog. All these transitions can put us on edge or teach us to cherish the time we have ourselves. Love and hugs to you and condolences to the people you mentioned.

    • Thank You for you warm words of condolences to the people I had talked about in my last post. It has been a busy time for me learning about life and love with so many difficult things going on in our path. I keep reminding myself to breath and that it is OK to feel even when the feelings are difficult ones.

    • Thank You Tony! My Dads still having a rough time of it I’m hoping he will be OK. I guess I’m not really sure he’s been in the hospital with pneumonia and some other concerns.

  9. I am always amazed at the strange things you seem to notice in this crazy world of ours. It is great that you actually take the time to look at life and enjoy it. I do believe that we all have our moods. It does help to get some brain rest also. lol I had fun in the mountains. Company was great. We plan on doing what we have to do this week to survive. lol Hope you have a fun week full of many wonderful surprises. 😎

    • Hey Doraz Glad you back and getting back into your grove. Life is Good. :+) Glad you get to go to your mountain house nice to enjoy a rest. Hope you have a great week as well!

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