Free Chat Thursday


Welcome to Free Chat Thursday.  The Thursdays do seem to roll around pretty quickly.  I saw this commercial the other day and it got me thinking about flying and wondering if you have any flying stories.  Stories of trying to fly as a kid or even as an adult.  I actually have two right off the top of my head first let me say feel free to tell me about your week the good the bad  and of course the ugly. I actually had a very rough week, but I got through it and I’m here to raise my hand and say ” I’m here.”  so that’s a good thing.  Thursdays short quote, I found an old fortune cookie fortune.  I usually keep my fortunes and stick them in a box somewhere and voila they seem to pop up from time to time with great wisdom. Todays fortune cookie says: Time heals all wounds. Keep your chin up. That seems like good advice, I’ll take it. My Dad is out of the hospital boy was that a rough week for all involved.  I was so stressed with worry there were times that I could hardly breathe.  It’s interesting when a parent is not doing well how it can cut you to the quick or is it to the core any way one of those.

Let’s see my flying stories. First one when I was in the eighth grade and my brother decided to make a hang glider out of wood and clear plastic. The hang glider was quite large, there may have been some duck tape involved too.  My parents had him wear a motorcycle helmet.  I remember we found the steepest hill around and he began to run down the hill as fast as he could. I do believe he did get off the ground.  I’ll have to ask him to tell me the story how he remembers it.  My second story is from when we lived next to the beach.  It was a windy and stormy day the clouds were dark.  My younger and only brother decided to put large black garbage bags together for flying we also had large umbrellas.  We would jump off of very high sand dunes and catch huge gusts of wind.  I think that was probably the closest I’ve ever come to the feeling of really flying it was so exciting and fun I can still remember it. I felt like Mary Poppins. Do you have any flying stories. I occasionally fly in my dreams, but that would be a whole nother  post.  Do tell me a story or even tell me about your week. I’m all ears.


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  1. I liked how you said, I can put my hand up and say, “Here.” Very nice. I really liked that.
    I fly in my dreams. I also remember taking garbage bags and reeling the winds resistance.

  2. So sorry to hear about your father. Glad he’s out of the hospital.

    Believe it or not, I have no flying stories. I was cautious as a kid, and I’m cautious now. But your tales of garbage bags and umbrellas and jumping off high dunes makes the pediatric provider in me cringe. Hopefully no broken bones occurred. 🙂

  3. At 1st I thought the ad was a movie trailer & was thinking it would be good to see. I can remember jumping off the verandah railing with an umbrella as a little kid but it never worked. I don’t like jumping off high things, it’s not the height that bothers me, not afraid of heights, I just can’t stand that falling through the air feeling. Even jumping off rocks, bridges etc at swimming spots freaks me out.

    • My brother use to like heights as a kid I remember we would walk on the top of fenses. I’ve had a fear of heights as an adult for the most part. About fifteen years ago I went rock climbing once up very steep rocks. It was so terrifyng my legs shook. But the funny thing about that is my fear of heights disapeared for fifteen years. It’s come back the last couple of years. I thought that was amazing though that it completly disapeared for that long.

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