A couple of things that caught my eye this week sunny flowers and a bumper sticker that made me wonder what thoughts are believable and which of my thoughts could be up for a deeper consideration. I’ve decided to give this some thought later. I’m surprised at how many people still put bumper stickers on their cars. Do you have a bumper sticker. I guess we have one we got at the Dog toy shop. It says “Wag More Bark Less.” I guess that is our shout out to the world as they drive by. My thoughts on this Monday are gratitude for the things that shift me out of difficult moods. Watching last nights Olympic closing ceremonies was fun, especially all the old music, it was a fun blast from the past. I really enjoyed that, it felt festive and fun. A couple of times we jumped up and danced around the living room trying to raise the roof. What kinds of things shift you from difficult moods? Books, creativity, blogging, cookies, pets, a gentle wind, a raise at work, chocolate, or maybe reading a post from a new blog who is a friend  (Deborah Hutti)  of a friend over at Munchow Creative Photo Blog who recently nominated me for a Beautiful Blogger Award Thank You Otto.  I will soon be answering some questions and doing a post about this Award. I hope your Monday is a good starting point for a great week.

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  1. I have a dive flag sticker from a shop I use, and a Van Halen “I Can Barely See The Road” sticker put there by a drunk friend at a concert a few years ago.

    Really like the sticker you photo’d above.
    And glad you got bumped out of a bad mood. Have a great week!

  2. No bumper sticks for me, but i do love this saying: Time flies like an arrow, Fruit flies like a banana. Gotta love the video though …. it could e subtitled, get a perspective on life Happy Monday Starla!

  3. Whoa! Those flowers are impressive. Petunias? I’ve never seen such pretty starbursts in the centers like that. What a wonderful picture. Hmmm. Kind words will usually lift me from foul moods. I like that you and your husband danced during the closing ceremonies! How adorable.

  4. I think people are too worried about keeping their expensive cars looking beautiful… so not many bumper stickers here. But when we lived in the islands! Lots of bumper sitckers. Some people had dozens. Fun!

  5. Did you take those flower photos? They’re gorgeous. There are some little things that make me very grateful. Chocolate, as you suggested. Ice cream. The start of a movie in a darkened theater when the movie’s production company plays their music with their logo–gets me excited every time. Going for a walk with my son (the youngest as my oldest won’t walk with me anymore). Driving my oldest home from school, because this is when he’ll talk the most and share his day with me. And many other things. Thanks, Starla, for helping me remember them. 🙂

  6. No, I don’t have bumper stickers. I’ve never been fond of them. I can’t understand the thought process of paying thousands and thousands of dollars for something and then putting a .99 sticker on it that will never come off. I just don’t get that. I did used to, from time to time, put one in my lower rear view window using two way tape. Just fun ones like The Joker or something like that. But I could take them off when I wanted to.

    That flower up top is so lovely. Would you mind if I tried that for my blog header? It may be too big but boy, do I LOVE that purple.

    We watched the closing ceremonies the other night too. I always get a little emotional from stuff like that. We just loved the Olympics. We watched them almost every night. I can say now though, I’m glad to watch other things now. Two weeks of 4 hours every night of the same thing gets a little old after two weeks. But I love hearing the countries anthems playing and seeing all those young people. How I envy what they can get their bodies to do.

    Have a good week Starla.

    • We watched a lot of the Olympics as well and like you I was glad to get my nights back. I sure enjoyed watching this year.
      As far as the flower if it fits that would be great I think it would be a pretty header. :+) I was amazed when I spotted it in a flower box down town. Such pretty flowers this year. I’ve really been enjoying all the colors.

      That’s a good idea about the bumper stickers double stick tape now that makes sense!

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