Free Chat Thursday


I feel tired but content.  It was a very busy week.  An impromptu road trip to see family. A nice break from the routine of life.  Driving to see a new bouncing baby boy well not too bouncy yet but very cute.  We also spent time fishing  with Navar’s nephew getting up at 5 am before sunrise.  Standing at the edge of a stocked fish pond being surrounded by the first rays of the morning sun .  Watching  Navar’s step father teaching  Navar’s nephew how to fish.  His nephew caught two big mouth bass.  The wide-eyed expression reminded me of learning to fish with my father.   I remember my fathers patience as I would catch the shiny gold and silver lures in rocks and in trees over and over.

This morning thinking back on the trip a couple of things stand out in my mind Navar and I singing loudly in the car to songs like  ‘Look on the Bright side of Life.’  Out of key and missing words but really fun as we were rolling down the back roads of Montana.  The other sweet memory beside fishing at sunrise with the guys was talking to Navar’s nephew about recently losing his dog.  He asked me about our dog and I quietly said “She passed away.”  I told him I really would like another dog, but it’s probably not going to happen for awhile.  Of course I understand the logic, but sometimes I feel a bit like Suri with the sad face wanting the puppy at the pet shop.  He told me he wanted a new dog too, but he has to wait as well.   He told me his mom had bought him a praying  mantis from  mail order.  I said ” cool a praying  mantis”  and he said “I will send you one”  “Really?”   I was impressed by his thoughtfulness.

One last memory we camped out one night tired from driving.   Late at night looking up at the night sky so many stars.  I thought why don’t I look up at the stars more often. We saw several shooting stars that was a nice way to drift off to sleep.  Maybe Monday I will put a couple of photo’s up of the area we visited Philipsburg and Bozeman Montana.

This weeks short quote from an interview I saw on’ CBS This morning’  from an old interview with Charlie Rose and  Steve Martin.  Steve Martin said when people ask him what is the secret to being successful in show business this is what he says: ” Be so good they can’t ignore you.” I thought that was really good advice that could really be used in many of life’s endeavors.  What’s the News from your part of the world?  Any fun plans for the near future?  Do you have any fishing stories.?  One of my favorite sayings about fishing is “It’s not how many fish you catch, but how many times you get to go.”


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  1. I love the image of you and your husband singing loudly while you drive. You guys really know how to live.
    I grew up fishing. Haven’t done it in years. I remember catching fish and cooking them on a stick over a campfire with my dad. I thought that was the most delicious fish I’d ever eaten!

  2. Looking on the bright side defeats many of the obstacles one faces daily!

    Meanwhile, here, like many places, we could use rain – but life is good. An FYI for you – I’m going to take a break for a while – Mags approach – just stay away for a bit – so make sure you stop by tomorrow.

    Keep smiling!

    • I will stop by tomorrow do you know how long you will be taking a break or will you just play it by ear? For the most part I think Blogging breaks are a good thing. Blogging can be time consuming. You certainly deserve a break I sure have enjoyed reading your blog and will be happy when you decided to come back to it. Make sure you stop by when you get back to let me know your up and running again. I hope you enjoy the extra time and rest. :+)

        • When I first starting blogging I use to post every day for a long time then my friend Joy said weekend usually people are doing weekend things so I went to 5 days a week. I took a year off at one point. I really wasn’t sure I would come back. But after a long rest somthing caught my eye and attention and I just had to blog about and after that one post I was off and ruinning. I went down to two posts a week Mondays and Thursdays which actually turned out to be a nice amount as it gives me time to get out and about and take photos and to take my time a little bit putting together posts but still keeps me with a deadline.

            • I’m glad that I did the daily blogging for awhile because I learned that I can have a deadline and even if I didn’t have a post that because I had a deadline somthing would come togther. Blogging can be time consuming. I also would say I enjoyed the break I felt rejuvinated and refreshed and had a sense of what I wanted to focus on when I came back. I wanted to learn more about writing and photography. Going to blogs that I thought had a talent for writing yours being one and also going to photo blogs that inspired me. I also enjoy the global aspect of blogging it is a thrill to learn about other places beside the area that I live in. I find that really interesting people are people no matter where they live .

  3. The story with your little nephew and learning to fish and actually catching one themselves is just priceless. I can just see him getting that hit on his line. Bass are also really fun to catch. They fly through the air. My grandson is getting into fishing now and loves to catch them. It’s so cute.

    I miss camping. We used to have a really nice camper and it kind of spoiled us. Besides that, this ol’ body is never sleeping on the ground again!!!! I’m not sure the morning would be pretty!!! LOL!!!

    I like the way you describe things Starla.

    • Thanks Joy I appreciate the compliment. :+) I had a good laugh ewhen you said “this ol’body is never sleeping on the ground again!!!!! I usually don’t sleep very well camping either I’m cold or the grounds to hard or all the sounds. Oh I forgot to mention waking up to coyotes howling. At first far away and then close up I swear I could smell them very stinky like wet dog.
      I would love to have a camper one day that is the way to travel Home away from home. Maybe some day. :+)

  4. “ cool a praying mantis”

    Did you get it yet?
    What will you name it?

    I am always happy when I hear about happy times together. The BEST gift in the world. Always unique!
    I just got home from an RV trip. A blast! Will attempt to post. lol
    Stay well. Hi to Navar! I want to come to Montana again!

    • Hey Doraz Glad you guys had such a good time. I think it would be a lot of fun to have an RV you have basically your home away from home.
      We have been going back and forth from Northern Montana to Central Montana both places are fun to visit. I would probably say Northern Montana is my favorite because of Glacier National Park and Flathead Lake the Lake is the largest fresh water lake this of the Mississippi. :+) Glad you Back!

    • I will let you know is he sends a praying mantis. Yes I would Name it not sure what I have know idea how to take care of one I would probably learn.I would have to get it a litte house and bugs to eat. Maybe I should just get a dog :+)

  5. I like the fishing quote… I remember back in the old country, anytime the girls had boyfriend problems, an elder would say, “but there are many fishes in the sea.” I couldn’t stand it after a while. 😆

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