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Yesterday we were standing in the middle of Navar’s cousins yard talking to his cousin.  Suddenly I could hear the familiar honking of geese as I looked up. I could see several geese circling around in a perfect V formation with the  percision of a small plane landing on top of an airport runway.  The geese looked beautiful against the towering mountains behind them with the sunset light on them.  Navar’s cousin said they have been coming to eat the grain at the neighbors wheat field.  To me it singles the possible closing of the warmer weather and soon the change to slightly cooler weather .  The first video is a short video of a bird’s-eye to flying.  A cam on a vulture to capture the flight down to the ground.   The second short video is of the beauty of geese flying.

Coming soon to a blog near year wait it’s this blog: Awards post and a post about Philipsburg Montana. Whats on your plate beside peas and carrots?  Do you know what your Blog coming attractions are do tell. How about a little blog tease?


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  1. I admire how you get pleasure from life and nature. We could all learn a thing or two from you. 🙂

    Save for my last few posts and some upcoming ones on my book, I often don’t know what I’ll post on next. Just when I start to get nervous, something pops up in my mind. Then again, I’m sure the world won’t end if I miss posting on my regular day. That dang Type A mindset…

    • I think observing things in general and observing nature helps me to cope with the other day to day stuff that life seems to throw at me. :+)
      I know I’m going to be singing Ompa Lompa all day long! :+) I think it should be one of those songs that gets put on the bad song that get stuck in your head list.
      When you don’t post on your regurlar days it throws my whole week off.

      Just kidding. :+) Thought I’d mess with you just a little bit. I’m looking forward to your book coming out, so exciting!

  2. I really enjoyed watching those geese fly. It felt like I was flying with them. They work hard don’t they! What a view.

  3. I’m also seeing signs of migration Starla. I haven’t seen any of my grosbeaks for about 3 weeks now and they don’t normally start south until the first of Sept. I’ve also seen huge groups or orioles stopping by to eat grape jam so I know it’s happening.

    Given that said, I feel so good when it’s cool like this and not so darn hot and humid. I’ve really been enjoying the weather. I’m in the process of power washing my deck and it’s starting to look like a new deck.

    I will really miss the color of my summer birds though. I still have a huge amount of hummingbirds and they’re really fun to have around.

    • Hi Joy it’s so nice you have so many birds to watch in your area. Lots of fun it’s nice to have the hummingbirds too. We usually put out a feeder for them but not this year. We’ve been traveling around a lot this year so I just didn’t feel like I could be very consistant. I’ve really enjoyed the summer colors too this year. It’s been a great summer as far as that’s concerned. I’m enjoying the cool down as well.

  4. So fun to watch. I am always amazed at the little creatures of this world. We are so lucky to get to witness them in action. I wish them all a long life that is full of many happy times. We need to appreciate the creatures of this planet more. Thank you Starla for making us all smile and a witness to these great videos. Hope you are planning a great week. I have posted some photos of me at the beach. I hope to be writing again now. I feel so poetic lately. I guess it is all the beauty of this world that inspires me. Love to Navar and you! 🙂

    • I’m excited to hear you feel like writing! I look forward to reading what you write. I agree it is a wonderful world with so many beautiful parts to it as well as great animals to watch and to learn about, I will come by and check out your photos of your visit to the beach. Love to you and your family! :+)

  5. Those videos were enjoyable. Nice find Starla. Now we must migrate to eastern Montana. It is hard to believe that summer is over and we must leave this Mountain sanctuary.

    • It does feel magical changing seasons. Sometimes as a new season comes in it’s as if I’ve never met that particular season. Which is strange to me becuase I’m old enought to have met many. :+) It’s still exciting to me when the season changes.

  6. Woohoo! Only two days late!
    Love the tone of your post – very relaxing to consider. And nice videos!

    I’ve got my bungee post up, next week I’m hoping to put up one on Portland OR.
    And of course, the Friday Foolishness…

    • I look forward to reading them all can’t wait! I’ve really been looking forward to hearing about bungee jumping. I must be vicairously be bungee jumping through you or somthing. Great Adventer you are :+) I’ll make some come cofee ready to read.

    • Feeding the Sea Creatures Very Cool! Sounds like fun. It is an amzing system isn’t it. When I think of how much goes on in the ocean it’s hard not to be amazed. I love the ocean! :+)

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