Free Chat Thursday


Checking in from a new location this Thursday morning.  Navar starts school on Monday so we are back east of the Montana Rocky Mountains.  We spent the summer in Northwestern Montana amidst the large tall trees. It was wonderful to be back home.  It’s a different world over here. I haven’t really shifted gears yet. What’s going on with you? I’ve been packing boxes and driving the last few days.  I look forward to making a cup of tea and reading your Blogs.  Reading your blogs will be my treat as I have some boxes to un-pack. I’m so glad I can take you with me where ever I go.  I feel like life for me is pushing forward ever so slowly.  What was one of the highlights from your week? Mine probably was taking flower photos at the Fair. I will post a few of my favorites down the road. I probably will call the post, “Falling into flowers at the Fair.”, because that’s what it felt like to me as I zoomed in on the blooms. The unique colors of the dahlias were amazing and healing in some ways. Speaking of healing, laughter often heals life’s hurts.  I found a video on our local TV News about a blog , funny video if you have the time for a video. I remember blogging about our dog Makwa eating cat poop, I did feel bad about blogging about her getting up in the middle of the night to eat cat treats, I guess not bad enough not to blog about it.


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  1. Your pictures are always a treat. What kind of camera do you use?
    My excitement this week was publishing my second book, Recipes For Revenge. Tomorrow I’m going to go to the Nebraska State Fair. Looking forward to it.

  2. Good luck to Navar with those lovely children. lol I am sure he will have many stories to tell. Life is never boring as a teacher, huh? I love your images. I will look for those flowers soon. Until then, take your time with packing. We will be here for you! I am just busy with busy stuff. I do not know where the day goes! Keep smiling and stay well. 🙂

  3. Nice photos there Starla –
    Very often I find it difficult to get your page .Sometimes the wordpress itself doesnt open immediately-

    • Thanks Joy! these flowers are every where right now. The other day we were driving up a dirt road and the road was lined with these beauties all along the way. I’ll have to go back and take a photo. :+)

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