Angel with mobile phone

Angel with mobile phone (Photo credit: Akbar Sim)

The new rubrics cube a cell phone prison but like the rubrics cube I’m sure there would be a quick way around this too like maybe a saw?  Do we need prisons for cell phones?  Every once in a while I stop and take note looking back at the past before cell phones before iPad’s before PC’s and MAC’S.  Yes, I’m that old!  Thinking of the first cell phones conjures up feelings like looking at a small black and white TV with no remote.  Why is it that we need so many remotes now to change the channel?  Since I’m asking questions: Why is that I have so much paper work in boxes?  I remember being promised that the new computer would free me from paper? Did I somehow miss the memo?    Who knew most people would be walking around with their own cell phones, small gadgets that look like phasers from the old TV show Star Trek.  What’s Next?  What’s on your list of techno wants?  I recently heard about a case for your  iPad’ that has a blue tooth key board built-in, now that’s pretty cool.  What’s on your list of techno loves?  I’m surprised at my dependence on a thing called  “The Internet.”  Now I have a HotSpot internet How cool is that?  I guess it’s a mixed bag.  On one hand I’m feeling   a little nostalgic for a simpler time, but on the other hand I’m wondering what can I look forward to in the future.  Don’t get me wrong I would be upset if someone put my phone into a cell phone prison or if I had to go back into the dark ages before there was an internet.  Do you jump right on the ban wagon of techno change or do you drag your feet in the dirt protesting loudly?


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  1. I try not to buy technology I don’t really need, unless it’s a flat out toy (like a playstation).
    But I have no need for bleeding edge new in any of it.

    Funny how we the original thoughts were how much easier technology would make our lives. Instead, it jsut seems to have created a whole new set of problems…

  2. A cell phone lock up–that’s good!

    I love the technology available to me and can’t imagine living without it. That being said, if a new product comes out and it will truly advance what I do or fit a need not already met, I’ll get it. If I don’t see any advantage to it, I’ll give it some time on the market and see what others have to say about it before deciding if it’s a good fit for me.

    • That’s a good idea wait to see how things unfold as far as rushing out to get the latest gaget. I would say I’m pretty slow to most tech offerings. It took me forever to get my own first computer in fact my brother gave me my first computer.:+)

  3. Oh I am on the fence with this one. On the one hand, I know I’d get more exercise and get more projects done if I didn’t have the internet and my laptop. I also shun cell phones except for needed contacts. I don’t chat on any kind of phone…ever. I hate talking on the phone. Texting I’m ok at, but I don’t love it. On the other hand, I know I wouldn’t have written and published my books and I wouldn’t have met you or so many of the great people I now know. It’s like all good things in life. All things in moderation. I think Thomas Aquinas said that. Or at least that’s what a priest told me once!

    • That’s true if not for technology we probably would have never met and that would have been a shame.
      All things in moderation always a good thing.
      I agree with you on the phone thing :+) I’m not a huge fan of talking on the phone. Although I am glad to talk to my father and brother and best friend as we live far from each other. When I met Navar I did not have a phone. I had a pager for important calls, but I did not miss the phone ringing. It’s funny people’s reactions when they found out I did not have a phone. It was as if I were breaking a law or rufsing to celebrate the holidays. :+)

  4. Well this is a good topic as all your blog posts Starla. I’m old fashioned. I like my laptop! > for calling, video chats, texting, blogging, emailing etc.. I have a phone I’m not sure why. I guess I keep with in my purse when I go out just in case, I dunno.. I get hit by a tuk tuk and need to call Rip (heaven forbid) luckily that hasn’t happened. If someone happens to ring, I don’t break my neck to get to it. I look at it this way: My cel phone is for MY convenience not yours. I don’t understand these people who are always fraking ut to get to their ringing phones and preoccupied with the next incoming FB msg. If I’m not within arms length of my machine then I’m out of the “zone”. 🙂

    • Hey Lynn :+) I didn’t even think about calling from my laptop. I may have to give that idea some thought. Funny how cell phones are the thing to have with you in case of an emergency like” if you get hit by a tuk tuk” that’s a scary thought or eatten or chased by a grizzly bear.

      Let me know when your ready to officially roll out your website and if you would like you can do a post over here and talk about what you guys are up to or we can do a Reblog just let me know when a time would be good for you.

      • You didn’t even think about calling from your machine? OMB! I can’t imagine NOT calling from my machine. In fact, Seems like I always have my Bluetooth nearby in case I need to Skype my friend down the street or a Team member back in the states. I think it’s like $12/mo for worldwide calling and it sounds like youre right next door. If someone calls me and I’m not around to answer, they can leave a msg and I’ll get a text and/or an email letting me know I missed a call in addition to an .mpg of the VM left.

        Hey definitely appreciate the support for my new site and NPO. May take you up on that one. I’ll let you know as we get settled into our new office and moved into the new condo. I haven’t unpacked in 18 months- so ready to be able t put things away for a couple of years..:-)

        • OMB (Oh MY Buddha?) That stopped my in my tracks :+) I’ve never seen that before that’s great.
          Glad to hear your landing in one place for a couple of years how wonderful. :+) I know you guys have been very busy and traveling all over the place.
          Just let me know when you want to do a post and I will turn it over to you, that’s probably the best way to do it so that you can talk about your NPO project.
          Thanks for the information on the calling I will be looking into it.

  5. Techno in my house is sure fire. I have my hubby and two boys who are always into something new. I just follow along. Some of the stuff they buy is pretty cool. Some is OK, I can pass on it. lol Stay well. 😎

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