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NASA (Photo credit: Luke Bryant)

Thursdays short quote: from Robin Roberts from GMA.” Roberts shared a favorite quote with viewers”: “Life provides losses and heartbreak for all of us. But the greatest tragedy is to have the experience and miss the meaning.’ I am determined not to miss that meaning.”

Staring at the blank post reminds me of starting at my life thinking: Now What?  Occasionally, the pace slows and I have to take time out to come up with what’s next.  Did I mentioned we have  new neighbors and that they have a barking dog?  I’m glad I’m awake 5:24 am.  I think this is the challenge for me this week my mind keeps  gravitating torwards what’s wrong and not to the things that are right.  Resting my thoughts on things that bug me or situations that I’m worried about and a few things that I feel bad or sad about.  Funny when I break it down like that it does take some of the power away seems more amusing when I simply list it out like that.  Hopefully a simple shift and I will feel better this week.  I think it’s been a little hard moving back to this very small town not much going on here except for the excitement of picking up the mail and seeing the weekly circular for the one grocery store. We spent the summer in Northern Montana back home it was really great seeing friends and  familiar faces feeling very comfortable the simple feeling of being home.  Navar started school this week so now we are back to the schedule of homework and more homework.  When I was a kid I never thought about teachers having homework, boy do they.  What’s going on with you and your life this week?  Any new news, old news, barking dogs, new dreams, new challenges or maybe just the same ol same ol do tell me something while I sit here looking at the grocery’s new circular.

Several weeks back I remember watching our nephew from Navar’s side of the family, staring a few inches from an ant hill.  His ability to be lost in the moment and completely absorbed in watching the goings on with the ants was impressive it made me grateful for those things in life and the activities that are so consuming.  It reminded me of how I feel when I’m doing an art project or taking photos getting so lost and engrossed in something where all is well in the world and time seems to disappear.  Last night on the News I heard a quick blip about the Universe and finding new stars a quick jump to Nasa.  Thinking of the Universe that always cheers me up making my problems and worries seem pretty small and putting things into perspective.  An interesting article and a cool video starry night tango.


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  1. I loved that quote, Starla. Thanks for including it. I also love your take on life. You seem to have a knack for putting things in perspective. Maybe you should become a therapist–help others gain a new perspective in life. 😉 Or at the very least, keep blogging!

    • Thank You Carrie that sure is nice of you. When i was younger I use to have an inerest in being a therapist, but I was overwhelmed with the thought of the schooling that was involved. Sometimes I think it would be nice to see a good therapist. In fact I was thinking that yesterday.:+) But instead like you say blogging is good therapy. Talking about when life is difficult or when I am noticing a negitive feelings jam that’s when it’s difficult for me to write about. It’s a lot easier for me to write when things are going well and happily skiping down lifes roads enjoying the gentle breezes.

    • Regarding what Carrie said….Oh, oh!!! My hand just shot in the air. Be MY therapist! Me, me, me!!! I need counseling real real bad! 😉

      Seriously. Starla, I just like your posts. They’re so honest and real. I don’t know what you look like, but I have a visual that runs in my head when I read your posts. Your writing is really beginning to streamline.

      I come from a town of 2,500. We have TWO grocery store circulars!!

      And oh dear regarding the barking dog. We had a situation like that last year. I was fit to be tied. I even wrote an email to the neighbor. I mean…that’s just hard to sleep to! And they bark all night. Never during the day! It’s infuriating. I will certainly be thinking of you. I remember not being able to have my windows open at night. And in the country we get so used to silence, any noise is so alarming. The only thing I can suggest is ear plugs. I wear them every night anyway because of my husbands snoring. I will say though, it didn’t shut out the sound of that dog!

      • How frustrating (the dog thing, not the needing a therapist thing 😉 ). And I imagine the dogs don’t want to be barking all night either. How can their owners not tend to them?

      • Good Morning gina :+) I need to find out what the population in this small town is. I know that they sell a calander with everyones Birthday on the days so there can’t be too many people in this little itty bitty town.

        On thursdays I try to keep it real as far as talking about my week. Unfortunatly some times my week doesn’t go so well and it’s really the feelings that are prominent. Usually it’s not what I really want to talk about. It’s much easier for me to talk about life when I’m excited and feeling bubbly. In some ways I think it’s helped me keep in check. After writing Thursdays post I really did feel a lot better and just stopped thinking about some of the things that were pulling me down. Today I’m not sure what’s going to happen. I know I have to address some of the stuff that has me in a gray mood.

        Thank You for saying my writing is beginning to be more streamline. I seem to be learning about writing by shear persistance and just the refusual to give up. I supose I aproach many things in my life that way with a good dog paddle. Speaking of dogs good idea about the ear plugs I will have to give that a try.

  2. Great quote.
    I’m having a week that I would like to finish about three days ago.
    So instead of commenting, I’m just going to click the notify button, and enjoy the rest of the comments…

  3. Here’s my contribution to the conversation today:

    Cambridge Declaration on Consciousness, witnessed by Stephen Hawking, a prominent group of scientists has declared that humans are not unique in ways that matter. Says the panel, “Non-human animals, including all mammals and birds, and many other creatures, including octopuses, also possess these [same] neurological substrates [as human beings].”

    So one of the things they are saying is that our consciousness is not different from that of other animals. They understand cause-and-effect, they feel grief, they solve problems, they use tools, and show empathy.


    P.S. so does this mean I have to stop eating meat?

    • A very good article it does give food for thought. Boy I’m not surprised with the findings of the reseach a Declaration on Consciousness. Just abserving animals you can tell there’s a lot more going on than just a dog being a dog or an elephant being good for just a circus act. I think as a society we under estemate animals. Your right after reading this is does beg the question “. So does this mean I have to stop eating meat?.”

  4. Also, that is a great quote.

    And yeah, people think teachers have it easy. “Man, I’d like to have three months off every summer”
    But what they don’t realize is that unless you teach gym, music, or art, you more than make up for the three months off with 60 hour work weeks during the school year. And here in Montana the teachers get paid so little that they have to work during the summer. And it’s more like two months off anyhow cause you have clean up the classroom in the spring and go back early in the fall to get it ready again. My girlfriend is a teacher and I’ve had lots of teacher friends and it’s a hard life, not an easy one. I hear them talk about how they completely missed their children’s childhoods because they had to work such long hours.

    • Boy isn’t that the truth it really is a hard job. I don’t think I really had much appreciaiton for how many hours went into teaching and how much hard work really goes into it. My eyes have been open it is a tough job. There is a lot of overtime that goes into being a good teacher.

    • I bet working on cartoons on the computer is a wonderful way to get lost in creativity. That’s interesting that you were very creative as a kid. I think some people have maybe a natural bent towards being creative. Not that anyone can’t be, but I wonder if some people it’s just what they are ment to do in life. Just thoughts.

  5. Starla, you are too cool to stay down for long. I know that you are already getting in the groove, right? Dance…remember? Sing….remember? Smile… beats the opposite, right?

    You need to start some activities in the small town you live in now. I bet you can host many events. Just get together with some key players, and you will be amazed what happens. I am thinking maybe a photo contest? A chili bake off? A town bake sale?

    Use your creative side of the brain. lol 😎

    • Hey who did I learn that from :+) Dust yourself off and sing a little tune and to a little jigg in the kitchen. I try not to get too down for too long. Dancing is always a good idea. Also trying to get more involved in the comunity is probably some good advice. I have done a few things like the Winter Carnival that was fun being a part of the cooking contest outside I did enjoy that. We may try that again that was fun.

  6. It’s very hard to live in a teeny tiny town and want to do something but just don’t know what that is. Is there anywhere you could volunteer? I guess if Navar is working at the school, you wouldn’t want to. What grade does he teach? Is there an elementary and high school or do all the kids go to one school? A hospital or nursing home maybe? It would do you good to get out. I know I have an aunt who just started volunteering at a nursing home reading to an older woman and she just loves it. She goes twice a week. It’s given her a purpose and really makes that older woman happy.

    You really aren’t glad to be woken up at 5 AM are you? I’d be steaming. I still sleep for 3 hours from then.

    I do like focusing on what’s good and not what’s wrong. It’s a very good thing to keep in mind.

    • Hi Joy! It is a small school from K-12 He teaches the older ones. I guess I would like to work and volunteer both but probably not at the school. Navar is so engrossed with his work at the school it would be nice to be involved in somthing else. :+)

      I agree volunteering is a really good idea. After reading your comment somthing I thought about is taking photos with kids. I really enjoy encouraging creativity and kids can be so fearless and orginal with taking pictures. I hurt my back and ribs years ago I was flat on my back a lady would bring me books from the library she did that for a lot of folks. I was so greatful maybe somthing along those lines. Anyway thanks for the ideas very helpful. :+)

      I was awake at 5:23 not sure why I was sitting at the computer ready to start my day and listening the dog barking. I usually get up pretty early these days especially now that schools start it’s just easier to get up when Navar does. To be on a similar schedual helps. I use to work nights for years waitressing it’s nice to be a morning person for a change. Also I agree about nipping negitive thinking in the bud. Just a few days of it and I could tell I was starting to really feel yucky. Life’s too short to feel yucky for too long. :+)

  7. I love dogs but nothing is more annoying than early morning barking dogs that belong to other people… I hope you find a way to alert them … I believe they can do something about it… 😦

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