Falling into Fair Flowers and other Fair Photos 2012


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The slide show is a little slow so if you would like to just hit the arrow to the right to go faster through the photos it won’t hurt by feelings.   We almost missed the fair this year.  We had such a big TO DO list this Summer.   Driving by I said” Lets just stop for just a little bit so I can look at the Dahlias and the Gladiolus. ”  My favorite exhibit at least for the last few years is the flower competition.  I also enjoyed looking at the animals and the photography exhibits.  Fair Food What kind of fair food do you like?  Funnel cakes, cotton candy, corn dogs, deep-fried butter?  Have you ever had deep-fried butter?  I haven’t.  I know at the fair they try to fry anything and everything.  I enjoyed the flower most of all the different colors this year so many unique shades. Going around from flower to flower zooming in from color to color after a while it felt like I was falling into the flowers it was completely joyful.  Did you go to the fair this year?  What are your favorite things to do at the fair?  Do you eat fair food or do you have better sense?  Navar wanted to go on the breastfeeding ride.  I had to grab his shirt and pull him back saying “It’s not a ride!”  They were selling shirts that said Yay Boobies! So he said “How about a shirt ?”


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  1. You really have a knack for photographing flowers, Starla. Just beautiful!

    I haven’t been to a state fair in years. I used to love to go. And I’m pretty partial to funnel cakes. Oh, great. Now you’ve got me thinking fried dough. 🙂

    • Thanks Carrie :+) I use to take care of other peoples gardens for a few years. So it’s nice for me to see the flowers at the end of the process instead of being on the other side of with the weeding and watering end. Hope you enjoy your Holiday with your family. There’s always time for a little fried dough nom nom…

  2. Great pictures, Starla. I feel like I’ve been to the fair, and even had a corn dog! But deep fried butter? What a hoot! Where I come from in the Midwest, deep fried cheese curds was the thing.

    • I’m glad you felt like you had been to the fair. That was my hope as I was putting up the pictures together. I’ve never had deep fried butter. I hate to admit it but I would probably try it at least once. Deep fried cheese curds! I’ve never tried that, either but my guess is I would probably like it.

  3. Love the way you did this post. Very beautiful colors. I love fairs. I TRY to stay away from all of the good food. I do slip every so often. lol I love it all. 🙂

    • Thanks Doraz :+) It is alot of temptation in one area. I agree. It was fun putting the photos in a slide show a little different then just putting them in a gallery. That’s the nice thing about WordPress there are so many different options to play with.

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