Party @ Franks Blog This Saturday Morning 8-9 AM (Eastern US) 9/15

Deviled Eggs shot during the Inaugural Portabl...

Deviled Eggs shot during the Inaugural Portable Potluck Project on March 23, 2008. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Frank is celebrating his 1000 post this Saturday at 8-9 AM ( Eastern US)  Party will be at this address Franks Party come on by!  Frank asked me to tell my friends you are my friends so you are cordially invited.  Don’t worry about bringing anything I asked if should I bring deviled eggs and a side salad? He said” Nope the party’s being catered!” Sounds like Fun to me.  I’m so in the mood for a blog party it’s been a long week. :+)  Don’t worry about not knowing anyone you know me and I’ll be standing by the wall like a wall flower so feel free to say Hi.  I’m actually a little shy at party’s I know what a shocker. :+)   I hear El Guapola will be the DJ (Great choice on DJ) and while I was over at El Guapola blog I was learning some new dance moves at the bottom of his post.  I’ll be practising so if I’m inspired to dance I will be ready with a few new trendy moves.  Hope to see you there!


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    • I’m sure you could show up late that would be fine. Sorry I made it confussing Basically it’s probably a long blog post that is set up like a party. Just hit the link some time Saturday morning. :+) I’ve done a blog party post before myself, but it’s been a really long time. I guess I’m not really sure what to expect either but I sure like it when people try new things and think outside of the box.

        • Oh Good it’s kind of a hard thing to explain you just have to pop on over and I’m sure it will make more sense tomorrow. :+) I’ve atually done a blog party a couple of times a few years ago. It was really fun putting it together. I wanted to promote his party, because I know how it feels going out on a limb. Probably a little bit like writing a book you have to have the faith that it will all work out and be great. kind of like jumping off a cliff. Cliff diving that’s what I call that when I moved to Montana by myself that’s what it felt like jumping off a cliff and who knew that years later I would have a blog talking about Montana funny how things seem to work out. :+)

    • Hey Carrie … that’s the start time … and who knows when it will end. After all, the start time will be Saturday night for the Aussies, so they will be ready. They awake Sunday morning, we’re still going strong. In other words, any time is fine …. so sleep in. 🙂

  1. Woo hoo! Many thanks Starla for the plug and support! In order to give Guapo time to get up and set up, there is some music to start the event. Plus, I’m getting entertainment rumors on who may show during the course of the event (via comments).

  2. Great that you are attending the party. I have passed by myself. Party is always fun. I hope you bring those Deviled Eggs. They look so good – and I love Deviled Eggs…

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