A few things that caught my eye this week.


These are a few things that caught my eye this week.  I was waving and talking to the train conductor as he had the train stopped and he was waiting to move on.  I asked to take his picture, but I think he became a little shy it’s too bad.   We have several Amish families living close by so this is a common site also the sound of the horse hooves hitting the pavement as they go by.  It must be so cold riding in the winter on roads of snow there is often high winds as well.

We also explored a small abandoned house this weekend.  We went on  a bike ride it was interesting because I’m used to riding my bike in a thick forest of trees, yesterday we rode our bikes down a dusty road a large field to the left of us and a large field to the right it was so expansive the feeling reminded me of driving my car in Arizona it felt as if your soul could stretch out in every direction. Riding bikes was fun Sunday.  I could hear myself say ” This feels great I’m going to exercise and ride my bike every day!”  I think it must have been the endorphins talking.  I guess even if I go bike riding a few more times before the snow fly’s I’d say that’s a good thing.  Just a little off the  road I saw a small abandon house.  I know I’ve taken a picture of it before, but riding my bike close by I wanted to stop and take a closer look. Navar was game so we set our bikes down like kids in the drive way and slowly walked up to the broken window, Navar first. As he was looking through the window we both heard a large clunk and then a womans scream, OK the high pitch scream was from me.  Navar said I screamed like a girl I said ” So what do you expect.”  We have no idea what made the clucking sound animal ghost or person.  I took a quick peek into the window I saw an old couch a wood stove and a beautiful large dark wood kitchen hutch there was a small plate sitting in the dirt I could tell it was old and a small simple clear stained glass window up on top of the old broken window a place that had been loved and lived in before. It made me curious it’s interesting taking a photo from the road as a posed to walking up and looking through the window.  Do you like to explore places or visit old ghost towns?

Did you have a good weekend? I also had a lot of fun at A Frank Angles Blog party  celebrating his 1000th post hope you had a chance to stop by I watched all the music videos and danced.  It was nice to see he had such a good turn out.  Blog party’s are fun and the clean up is such a snap.


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  1. And with all the time you spent at the party, you found time to ride your bike! I’m impressed. 🙂 Meanwhile, so much thanks for your help during the event – and I’m still worn out! Besides, I’ve been on the move this morning being the transportation for my father-in-law’s eye surgery – thus I have a lot of comments to reply! 😉 … but that’s ok.

    I didn’t realize Amish were in Montana … but the grasshopper pic is my fav. Thanks for the blog and have a good week !

    • Yes we have several families of Amish and also Huttterite famlies.
      I was also surprised that you could host such a busy party all weekend and that you guys also had time to get out and about and have a fun weekend. I bet your tired. Some times Mondays are a good thing. :+) Hope your father-in-law heals quickly.

      • We return to the Dr. tomorrow; meanwhile, my father-in-law must sit with his head down looking at the floor for 55 mins out of an hour … and sleep on his side, and rotating every two hours. Thanks for the thoughts.

  2. I love exploring homes–both old and new. And don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone you screamed. 😉

    I don’t ride my bike nearly as much as I should, which is strange, because whenever I do, I think it’s the greatest thing ever. The wind in my hair, the swish of the cars passing by–love it!

    • Thank You Gina!! :+) I really appreciate the compement. I really like getting out and about and doing different things I think it helps keep me in check so that I don’t get too squirrelly. :+)

  3. The grasshopper is an awesome pic, it shows up big in the reader. Very cool and unique. Great story of the old house, it is as though I was there. Oh wait, I was. Yea, I want to get more rides in before the snow flies.
    Have a great day!

    • Thanks Navar That’s funny line ” It is as though I was there. Oh wait I was” :+) Sometimes I wonder when we are out and about and then I blog about it how that is for you. I wonder if it’s strange sometimes. :+) I guess reading about some of the details that I might not talk about out loud. Hope you have a great day as well!

        • It does feel like a Monday that’s for sure. Thanks for stopping by I know you have a very busy day. Glad you liked the soul part I almost left that part out but it did seem like an interesting to me part of the bike ride. :+) Especially when it’s so different over here, we have spent so much time riding bikes surrounded by such tall green trees. It’s a different feeling over here in this part of Montana so much farm land.

  4. This is really good. I love your road trip and exploring stories. I love the grasshopper too. It looks so detailed. I also love the horse and buggy. I guess didn’t realize you had Amish people in Montana either but I have no idea why I thought that. Why wouldn’t they live there? The Huttterite’s really surprised me though. They’re not as common. Do they all live together on the same land there? They have some in Canada where I grew up and they’re quite interesting people. They pretty much live off their own makings but they live all together in a compound like place. Do you know if it’s like that there?

    The ghost story is just too funny. Don’t think of that when it’s past midnight and you can’t sleep!!!! LOL!!

    I also wanted to tell you Starla that we’re taking a little break from our blog finally. In almost 5 years I’ve never just stopped and I felt I needed a little time off. It feels very good. But I did want to let you know. I’m still here I’m just not planning to post anything for a while but I’ll still be stopping by here.

    Have a great week.

    • Awww a blogging break Thank You for telling me Joy. Your break is so well deserved you’ve been such a trooper like the energiser bunny. I know how it is I think breaks are really important. I would hate to loose touch with you there is such a comfort to me knowing that you have always been there. When you come back make sure you stop by and let me know. Hopefully I wont be on a break.

      It was really fun exploring the old house I really felt like a kid. I couldn’t believe when I heard the loud clunck. I’m so glad I went forward and peeked in the window anyway. :+) Not for too long though.Part of me would like to go back and take another look around.
      I can here the amish go by right now the sound of the horses hooves on the payvement. On the National Geographic.com website there is a collection of really interesting short videos I think it was also on TV about the Hutterites in Montana I found it to be really interesting to watch this coloniy is considered a bit of renegades you would probably be surprised at some of the trouble that they get themselves into. National Geographic also has a page on the Amish which I thought was interesing too.
      I’m missing you already. ;+( but I understand. Make sure you come right by when you get back and of course Enjoy your well deserved break!!!

  5. Well Starla, you are the best! I really love all of the activity and all of the living! I hope your friend has a speedy recovery. I wish you all the best. I will be taking a little break from blogging. I seem to do it this time of the year. Maybe my birthday has something to do with it? lol I know I can always come visit. I always smile. You and Navar have a lot of fun…whatever you do…where ever you travel! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Hey Birthday Girl! So your going to take a break as well? Who am I going to blog with? I know I’m always saying breaks are a good thing. But it still makes me a little sad who’s going to tell me jokes.? Well….Enjoy you well deserved break as too. Come back soon ya hear. :+)

  6. Love that grasshopper. Great “point of view” shot. Also the story about the old house.

    I could never have taken those pictures anywhere around where I live. (Well, maybe I could have found an insect of some kind. They’re pretty much everywhere.) Riding bikes here is taking your life in your hands (traffic!) No Amish. We will have commuter trains in another year when they finish the latest Metrolink extension.

  7. Nothing like a clunk to make you scream. The grasshopper photo is great. I’ve always liked the Amish way of life. In reality it is probably a really hard life but I just like the living simple idea. No computers would suck though.

    • Yea I would like to teach the Amish how to Blog :+) Call the Blog Blogging Amish Oh my….My sense of humor I blame it on my father.
      I’m glad Navar didn’t sceam if he did I didn’t hear him. He had every right to scream he was standing by the window when we heard the clunck. I was standing back several feet away. :+)

  8. I love visiting unusual places and especially like to go to small towns and villages and finding where the locals eat. There is usually fruit pie!

    I used to live in a haunted house. I wasn’t scared (for some unknown reason) but I do not seek out haunted places.

    Most of my weekends are spent doing stuff around the home since I’m gone all week. Our idea of a fun weekend is visiting the Grands.

    • Visiting the Grands that sweet sound like fun. I sure had fun visiting Navar’s nieces and nephews this summer so cute!
      Wow you lived in haunted house every time I move I hope the place isn’t haunted. It’s good that you weren’t affraid. I think that would be terriable

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