Free Chat Friday!


Today I have a stack of TODO’s but I will take a breath and relax for the moment.  Yesterday I had editing problems.  It reminded me of gardening in Northern Montana.  It took me awhile to realise that if you have a garden in Montana you also need to build  a very tall fence to keep the deer out. Why is it that the deer will wait until the veggetables are just about ripe and then they mow it down?  Why not come by when I just plant a week or so into it fresh little seedlings, but nope they come by a day or two before harvest. Sometimes I look at Blog editing that way.  I’m just about ready to hit the publish button (yesterday) then I realize my links are gone.  I go back into the post with precision and for some reason I think it’s a good idea to do more editing.  I move a few sentences here and a few more there and before I know it I have a huge mess and I’m beside myself.  Why not screw it up on the first or second draft?  Why wait until the last edit?  Kind of like the deer in the yard.

It’s a new day and a fresh cup of coffee and I feel good. I’m ready for the weekend.  I’m hoping to get some projects done like tackle the leak in the bath tub. I may end up calling the plumber, wish me luck. Have you ever attempted a household project that went horribly wrong or maybe things went right a home improvement success.  How was your week? Are you looking forward to the weekend? Any plans or will you just go with the flow. Bad plumbing joke. I’m losing my confidence where is that plumbers number?  I just hit the publish button and this is the short quote they gave me. “Every writer I know has trouble writing.” Joseph Heller


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  1. Missing my friends- missing free chat- wish I had more itme but right now sadly, I don’t. Will return when all settles down. Our office is opening in Chiang Mai soon. The Christopher Rrobert Project blog due to (finally) go up -hopefully in this lifetime. Stop in at facebook and give us a yell sometime. Hope you and the rest are well Starla.

    • Hey Lynn! Good to see you. :+) Sounds like the Christopher Robert Project is coming along. It always seems like things really worth doing take time. I look forward to when the Blog is up and running. For the most part I’m doing well keeping busy helps. I’ll have to pop over to see if you have a new post or maybe your posting mainly on facebook.

  2. Ha ha–that quote was well-timed, wasn’t it! I’m at a conference reading this on my phone, so I can’t watch the video. I’ll have to check it later. 🙂

  3. I had a weird week. Didn’t feel good most of the week. We aren’t doing anything interesting at all this weekend, but we were very busy all last weekend so a little break will be fine.

  4. A busy week is about to close. As for as the weekend, a smattering of this and that – some of which are weather dependent – yes, we are expecting some rain. (And we need some!) Cute video! Meanwhile, off to the store.

    • I have felt like that the last couple of weekends so busy that I was actaully greatful for Monday to come around. That down time is so important too I sure can feel it when I just need to slow down and re-charge.

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