Montana backroads field trip


I hope you brought a  sack lunch and a thermos of hot coffee or hot tea.  Yesterday we went up one of the local back roads to get fire wood.  We had gone up to the first part of the road before, but never to the end where the mountain lake is.  With last years rains the bridge was washed out so this year there was a lot of construction going on to restore the road and bridge.  Why is it that some of the most beautiful places to visit are only one lane and that there always seems to be a very steep cliff on one side?  This was no exception.  It was impressive all the fall colors from beginning to end just gorgeous.   All the bright colors a gift to the eyes.  Especially after driving through one tone farm lands to get there.  Arriving to the end of road the Lake was the destination.  This year has been dry and hot with several wild fires filling the air with smoke. It was shocking when we arrived to the lake expecting to see a crystal clear lake now stood a dry and  cracked lake bed.  We set out to explore we were by ourselves at first the area was church quiet an eagle flies straight towards us I think we were being pretty quiet as well.  It eventually see us and circles around to sit at the top of a tall tree and just watches.  Shortly more people show up to see the lake or the absence of the lake.  After a nice lunch it’s back down the winding road  time to work.  Navar spots a few dead trees just off the road.  I was surprised at how much dead wood was available also shocking to think of it as a very large dry tender box.  With my soft gloves with a belly full of food I was ready to toss the logs into the back of the truck.  Between the two of us it didn’t really take too long.  Navar turns on the radio as we drive home down the mountain.  I’m looking at the narrow road just hoping we don’t meet any one coming up. Garrison Keillor comes on the radio and his first word were it’s official fall has arrived.  Looking at the yellows, greens, flaming reds and bright light filled orange colors, I couldn’t agree more .  It was perfect  listening to Garrison’s  unique deep voice telling us stories on the drive back.  Resting and tired listening,  bumping down the dusty road.  That was a fun added surprise.


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  1. Your blog posts always calm me. Beautiful pictures and you painted a great scene. I think you are living a life most can only dream of. What a great way to spend the day. Your description allowed me to feel like I was right there with you. Good job!

    • Thank You Gina :+) I’m glad you felt like you were along for the ride. I like to share the beauty of Montana. Years ago I lived in a mid size ciry. I subscribed to a It was always my dream as I looked at the beautiful country photos to some day be able to live in area that was rugged and a place that looked like one of the photos. Dreams do come true from time to time. I’m very greatful that this one has.

  2. More fantastic images. The one of the streaming waterfall is great. I’ve realized your Sundays are much more peaceful than mine. I need to turn off the computer more and get out and enjoy nature. But my husband and boys often go to a football game, and I end up working instead. Note to self: must take tips from Starla.

    • Oh Good I’m glad I can inspire more nature time. Last weekend I was in your boat we went to a school football game and a took money and sold tickets to the girls volleyball, Getting wood was a good insentive to get us out in nature some of my favorite ways to relax that’s for sure. :+)

    • Thanks! :+) It was really interesting seeing what was on the lake bottom. The drift wood and little snail shells and small bits of seawood. When I’m boating in a lake I’m always wondering what it looks like under the water.

      • I recognise the closing it’s a good saying! We use to listen to his show on Saturday nights back home. We couldn’t find theshow on the radio here. We realiazed as we were driving home from getting wood that the show is on Sundays here instead of Saturdays. :+)

    • I was really surprised to see the fall colors so soon here. Sounds like the colors should be in your neck of the woods soon. It fun to see what the lake bottom looked like seeling little bits of seaweed and little snail shells. Thanks for the link :+)

  3. You came back from that field trip with some gorgeous pictures. I am not sure if I can pick a favourite, they are all great. And I like the variety both in colours, perspective and composition. Great work!

  4. These are some really beautiful photos. Isn’t that sad about the cracked lake bottom? Did you know Garrison Keillor writes about Minnesota? A lot of people just love him.

    Great photos once again Starla. Are you feeling better now? Able to breathe easier?

    • Yes Thank You Joy I stayed home for a few days when it was really smokey and the grain bins were being filled. That did help. Also when they are filling the truch with the grain I just close the windows and turn on the air conditioner. Thanks about the photos I had a lot of fun I had never been to this lake so it was exciting to see new things to take photos of lots of fun. I asked some locals who were there walking and they said it was very unusual for the lake bed to be dry. They often stock the lake with fish it was hard for me to imagine water or fish there.

      Yes I know Garrison Keillor writes about Minnesota. If I lived there I’m not sure how I would feel about some of his stories,, but the nature of what he talkes about reminds me a little bit like Montana. When I use to work too much I would occasionally like to take a break and just rest and listen to his unique slow story telling style. I found it relaxing when vacations were far and few between. :+) Here to three cheers for Fall Joy!

  5. These are really gorgeous photos. I’ve been thinking about them since I saw them the first time. The colors and patterns you observed and captured are brilliant.

    • Thank You So Much I really appreciate the compliment! That’s really nice that some of the images came to you later. It’s a really beautiflul place we are lucky it’s right down the road. I felt really joyful when I was taking these photos. Enjoying the cool air of fall. I felt like a kid exploring a new place. :+)

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