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A drop detatching from a dripping faucet. Imag...

A drop detatching from a dripping faucet. Image taken by User:Dschwen on February 8th 2006. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Happy Happy Joy Joy it’s Thursday.  I hope you’re doing well and that your week is going OK.  Are you looking forward to the weekend?   I decided to tell you a little story about tackling the pluming project last Saturday.  Sorry the story is a little long.   Feel free to tell me anything about your week or if you not feeling chatty, maybe tell me what you had for breakfast or lunch.

Our cat sits in the bath tub looking at me, and looking at the faucet with a look like who broke my water dish?  His anytime drink of water was my drip drip of torment.   Saturday, I  finally announce TODAY is the DAY I’m going to fix the dripping bath tub faucet!  Armed with the crooked screwdriver asking myself what’s the worst that could happen?  The weekend before I stopped at the local hardware store in town asking for some advice.

I had already tried to fix the dripping faucet the weekend before, but ran into a snafu.  I couldn’t get the part out it was covered with putty or some bonding agent.  The man behind the counter said he didn’t know and gave me the number of a good local plumber.  That was a confidence builder.  When I got home I looked up the plumbers name  in the phone book and put and a piece of paper in between the pages.  I thought maybe I should give him a call him to make sure he’s home and maybe he can be on stand by just in case things goes horribly wrong.   After deciding to tear into the project anyway, Navar became curios kind of like the cat tilting his head.  Soon he was bringing me tools and we were taking turns  getting in and out of the tub.  At one point we both agreed maybe it was a good idea to just pull the putty out so that we could get at the part that we needed to replace.  Navar hands me some needle nose plies and I start pulling at the putty like a good tug of war game.  All of a sudden I realize maybe I am over my head, way over my head so I start saying loudly  “Google, Google, YouTube Video! ”  I jump out of the tub and turn on the computer.  Being a blogger I was surprised this idea did not come to me sooner.  Before I knew it I was watching a very nice man who was showing us how to fix the problem.  He calmly assured us that fixing the leak was possible and said we needed to go to the parts store first to pick up the part.  When you buy the part there is a  little piece that comes with the part that will help me break the seal so I can get the old part out.   Going home with the new part and some new confidence from our nice YouTube plumber friend.  We took the old part out, put the new part in, turned the water back on under the house. ( Thank you Navar for being willing to go under the house with all the  spiders and spider webs  and who knows what else is down there Yuck!)   And… presto magico the drip was gone!  Frankly, I was stunned.   I was exhilarated and very surprised actually I was in a state of disbelief.  I stared at the faucet a bit like the cat tilting my head.  I really couldn’t belive it we actually fixed the leak.  I was surprised at how well Navar and I worked together.   Brimming with confidence we tackled another plumbing issue, the toilet.  I was reading the directions and Navar was replacing the parts.  I loved one note on the bottom of the  dictions it said “There will be parts left.”   I looked on the counter and I  saw three parts left and announced ” YES were done!”  I high-fived Navar and said “Maybe we should try out for the amazing race show? ”   Having completed not one but two plumbing projects successfully.  I felt like a gorilla ready to pound her chest.   Strange but jumping into something I really had no knowledge of was really exciting and I didn’t even have to call the local plumber or the fire department.  Do you use YouTube videos for at home projects?


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  1. I am beyond impressed, Starla. There is no way I would ever attempt such a thing. Nor would my husband. But how good you two must feel knowing that you fixed it yourselves. What a good team you are! And think of all the money you could make if you go into plumbing. 😉

    • Thanks Donald! Good point if I would have done some on line research I may have just called the plumber. :+) It’s amazing how much is available to learn on line. I’m such a book person that I still have trouble shifting gears from books to tutorials.

  2. Well done Starla! You may be on your way to a DIY Network show!!! Yep … gotta check the Internet and YouTube for advice. Meanwhile, I have the knack of turning a 15-minute repair into an hour of frustration. Maybe, next time I just give you a call. 🙂

  3. I have a cousin who is in her late 60s. She put a toilet in her new house. Plumbed the entire thing. Just had her 75 year old husband help her drag in the toilet itself.
    ME on the other hand, can’t even get most lids off of jars. So, Congratulations! You’re a winner in my book. Plus…you reminded me I should really be looking at youtube videos for instructions more often!

    • Thanks Gina! :+) That is cool about your cousin amazing. It’s so funny what people can do if they put their mind to doing it. I feel pretty handy now looking around for what else around the house needs to be fixed. i won’t even tell you long it took for us to get around to this project! Sesh. My secret to opening jars it to take the jar and hit the floor or hard surface in a triangle 1 2 3. and presto magico it usually opens. :+)

  4. I’m fortunate to have a husband who deals with plumbing, so I don’t have to. I hate to think what I’d do without him, though. I think I’d be spending a lot of money on plumbers.

    I loved the part about the cat…

    • Thank You Carol Yes the cat was not as thrilled as I was with the success of my plumbing project. I think in the future I may be calling a plumber. iI was a funny feeling to tackle a project so far from my comfort zone. After it was all said and done it was pretty exciting. Thanks for commenting :+)

  5. Nothing like doing it yourself, no? It could have been a funny story if for some reason you hadn’t succeeded, but I am glad I was spared for such a story – and happy you did a good job! Maybe you should consider being a plumber in your next life?

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