Both Videos are short the first video is one way to get rid of a bear and the second video is of an Elk calf having a good time splashing around in a puddle pretty cute. Hope you had a nice weekend.  I feel a little tired this morning  a lot of busyness over the weekend.  We watched the  homecoming football game and volleyball games.  We also gathered a little more wood trying to get it together before the weather gets ugly.  The weatherman just said we may be getting snow here soon could be as soon as Wednesday.  Hard to imagine snow at this point.  How was your weekend busy or nice and relaxing or a little of both?


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  1. And the moral of the video: Don’t piss off Nishanto.
    Wow, I wasn’t even thinking about snow this early, though it’s gotten a lot cooler the last few days in NYC.

    • That made me laugh :+) I agree that is the moral of the video “Don’t piss off Nishanto!”
      It’s a little early for snow here as far as I’m concerned I’m still wearing my sandals.

  2. Two great videos for your Monday morning coffee …. well, it’s almost my lunch time.

    What a football weekend here. On Saturday, the UC Bearcats played Virginia Tech in DC … and wow! Va Tech went ahead with a bit less than 2 minutes to go … and the Bearcats score with 13 seconds to win! …. Then Sunday, the Bengals continue a surprising run. I assume your Grizzlies won.

  3. I wonder what sort of reception the local Jehovah’s Witnesses get from Nishanto??? I’m glad she doesn’t live in our area or we’d probably get a good tongue lashing.
    The Elk was so cute. In the words of Cyndi Lauper: “Elk’s just wanna have fu-uun, yeah elk’s just wanna have fun, elks, wanna have fun, elks, wanna have fun. That’s all they really wa-aa-aant. Some fu-uu-uu-uun. When an elk’s working day is done, yeah elks just wanna have fun..

  4. I liked that bear video -I goes back just like a dig –You will enjoy the videos about the most fearless animal The Honey Badger –
    BTW thanks for your encouragement in Dorazs blog –Kind of you –I pick up most of these from internet and books and recall some from memory —

  5. BTW Starla have you seen any of those videos “Hitler Gets Angry” in you tube -Real laugh riot -You will like them —

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