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How are you today?  Thank You for coming by can I get you a cup of tea or perhaps a cup of coffee?   Saying so long to summer here, skipping right into fall.  Summer use to be my least favorite season for so many years, I can hardly count.  I had a hard time understanding what the fuss was about.  As far as seasons go I thought it was over rated too hot, too busy, just too much.  Something happened this year.  Summer wasn’t bad I’m not sure I will give it two thumbs up but I can say I didn’t feel the usual seasonal torment.  Do you have a favorite season or maybe a least favorite season?

One cat is cuddle up on the top of the couch and the other is coiled up in his soft little bed by the wood stove.  It did not take them long to know that things have changed.  The weatherman was right Monday when he said a storm was blowing in from Canada and we would have our first snow.  He said it with such confidence that I made sure Tuesday to sit myself down under the tree allowing the sun to heat my back.  One of my favorite things to do this summer was to sit under this tree and read a good book.  Tuesday was one of those extraordinary fall days. The temperature was in the mid 70’s hard to imagine snow on the way. I couldn’t help but to keep looking up from my book closing my eyes and just feeling the perfect temperature around me, hoping this last bit of sunshine could possibly keep me warm through out the winter. I know now thinking about it of course that’s not possible.

I was watching Elk bugling videos this morning.  I was going to post one to show you one of the really cool things that happens in the fall in some areas of Idaho Montana, Wyoming and Colorado other states as well.  Maybe I will post it I still have Elk  bugling going on in my head right now. It’s such a unique sound you may want to turn the volume down or if you’re at work you might want to turn the volume up.  If you get in trouble don’t blame me.   I really should do a whole post on this, because it’s such a cool thing that happens here and other places in the fall.


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  1. Fall is my favorite season even though I prefer the warmth of summer. But I love the colorful leaves and the scent in the air of autumn. And now I must get back to my conference, but I wanted to stop in and say hi. 🙂

  2. Oooo…a nice cup of coffee sounds great!
    Still sunny and warm with temps in the 80sF here.
    Gonna take a walk on the beach in a bit.
    I love summer and warm weather but it will be nice when some expected cooler temps come in next week.

  3. Uh. My dog and cat did not enjoy the bugling elks. It sure intrigued me though. Why such a huge animal makes such a squeaky noise is beyond me. I walked around our yard a few nights ago and heard coyotes howling all around. I love it.

    Fall is completely my favorite season. It’s after the hot exhausting summer. I really don’t mind winter provided I can stay inside. Spring is lovely of course. I’m with you on summer though. Way TOO.

    Very good blog post. Thanks for the video. I always look forward to everything you write!

    • Thank You gina you warm my heart. I’m thinking of making some chilli today to warm my belly. :+)
      I’m not surprised that your cat and dog did not enjoy the bugling elks. My two cats have heard everything I think at this point that just looked bored. The coyotes howling that is such a great sound I love that too.

  4. I like fall … although I’m not a big fan of what it opens into. Nonetheless, the leaves are starting to fall, which means 6-8 weeks of removing leaves. … and this prediction is more reliable that the February groundhog.

    Meanwhile, the male elk is bellowing to mark his territory … and assume, attract more females. Gee … just another malcontent, chauvinist, greedy male. 😉

  5. There are two sounds that I remember my step dad obsessed with: “She’s real fine my 409, rrrrrrrrrruuuunnnnnn.” and The bugling of elk. The sounds came from his 2 favorite records: Beach Boys and Bugling Elk. I used to be able to mimic the sound with my voice, until post puberty.

    • That’s funny Navar as I met you post puberty I did not know you were able to mimic the sound of bugling Elk. :+) Also funny about “She’s real fine my 409 fffffuuuunnnnnnnnn. “

    • Hi bearman Yes the week has been flying by. Hold on it could be Monday before you know it. :+) I don’t know about the RSS I think sometimes things just don’t show up on the reader.

  6. Spring & Autumn are my favourite seasons. Not too hot, not too cold. Even here in Tasmania summer gets too hot for me at times. We’ve had nice warm weather the past week then yesterday turned cold & now we’ve got the fire going again.

    • The last few days we have had the wood stove going. It’s a switch from summer hauling in the wood cleaning out the ashes keeping water on the stove. The cold weather has set in and I’m afraid it’s here to stay.

      • While it gets cold here in winter it rarely gets below 0 degrees C. We only get snow in the highlands. Compared to a lot of Northern Hemisphere country’s winters we don’t really know what True Winter Coldness is here.

  7. Do you have any hot chocolate? I’ll have some and stay a while. 🙂 I love Elk videos… such fascinating animals. We had a mild winter in 2011 and I pray for another one this time too. I don’t mind some cold days but not the brutal snowy kind. How about you? 😉

    • I’m with you it wouldn’t hurt my feelings at all to have a mild winter. You guys did have a tough winter last year. I hope you get alittle break this year. :+) Hot chocolate on it’s way. :+) That does sound good.

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