Monday that feels like a Thursday

Toy Story (video game)

Toy Story (video game) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s so quiet this morning.  Looking out the window at the steel-gray sky.  A gentle rain it’s nice it’s been a long hot summer. Everything is so dry the poor trees.  I wasn’t sure what to post this morning.  I was going to post about the gentleman who’s trying to break the sky diving record but I had second thoughts.  It’s either  going to go off without a hitch Tuesday or heavens it could go horribly wrong.   ( The last few days I’ve been finding myself saying ” oopsy daisy” which I got from reading Carries blog it’s funny to say go ahead take it out for a spin” oopsy daisy”).  Looking at the photos it reminds me of Buzz light years from the movie Toy Story that was a cute movie.  Have you seen any good movies lately?  I’ve been so busy running around with my head cut off, boy that’s a  graphic visual well maybe not that busy.  I know it’s not Thursday, but I guess because of the rainy weather I feel a little bit chatty.  What are you looking forward to in the near future?  We are having company in the next few weeks Navar’s Mom and her husband.  I’m looking forward to their visit.  I enjoy their company.  I’m also looking forward to hopefully going out to listen to the Elk bugling soon.  After the first frost that is the best time to watch the Elk and hear them bugling back and forth. Looking at the dead potted impatience flower on the porch we had our first frost a few nights back.  If we go I will try to take photos of the elk although zoom on my camera isn’t very good.  Maybe I would be better off trying to do a video.  Anyway  just thinking out loud.  What’s on your plate these days?  What are you looking forward to in the near future? Do tell me a story on this rainy Monday that feels like a Thursday.  Now I think I will go build a fire in the wood stove and make a cup of tea.


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  1. I’m very interested to see how the skydiver makes out tomorrow.
    I read one story that outlined several things that could certainly go wrong with this attempt, and read another that indicated he could indeed accomplish this feat. Yikes!
    I believe he will make it. Hope he does anyway.

    • I hope he accomplish his task too. It is a bold move. I hope things go OK for him. I always appreciate people who think outside the box and are willing to try somthing that hasn’t never been done before.

  2. Thanks so much for the mention, Starla! You already perked up my Monday. Which is a good thing, because we had a little frost on the ground this morning. It’s suddenly cold out. But I hear some warmth will return, so I won’t get too discouraged yet. Besides, I’m on an autumn high after driving around Northeast Ohio yesterday and enjoying the incredible fall foliage. Really beautiful.

    • It is nice to see all the beautiful autumn foliage all the different colors. I’m glad you were able to get out and about to enjoy it.
      Yesterday, I was finding myself saying “oopsy daisy” and thought of you. I guess it spilled over to this morning. :+) It’s one of those catchy frazes kind of like a good bad song that get stuck in your head.

  3. I know it’s not Free Chat, but you said it felt like Thursday, so here’s my contribution:

    I heard this on KUFM the other night.

    Neil Young, light a candle for others instead of fearing and worrying

  4. I wish it were Thursday. I’m hoping (finally) for a quiet, uneventful weekend, complete with for-the-week cooking on Sunday.

    Really hope nothing happens to change that…

    • I hope that your weekend is quiet and restful and completely uneventful. Those really are some of the best kind of weekends. I don’t know what I would do without them. That’s cook that you guys do your cooking for the week on Sundays. I like to cook several things as once I figure might as well when the ovens hot. Sorry to get ya thinking about the weekend and it’s only Monday Oops

  5. I’m JUST getting around to reading Monday’s blog posts. I haven’t even thought about writing one of my own. I spent the weekend at a writers conference and today I’m kind of worn out. I have to run to get groceries and do some cleaning and baking, so I’d better get to it.

  6. Your head cut off??? AAAIIIEEEE!!!!!!!
    Was a nice day here today, spent the arvo weeding my parents veggie garden for them as Dad can’t manage real well now with it. Started raining about 6pm. What’s on my plate? I cooked diner tonight. We had lambchops, peas corn carrots & mashed potato. I overcooked the chops a bit so they were a bit tough & chewy. I’m not good with cooking steak & chops. Sausages or burgers I can handle

  7. I like your description of the gray sky. I kind of like skies like that sometimes. We haven’t had any rain though for months and need it badly. I’d love a few days with a nice light rain.

    I can’t even tell you the last movie I saw. A new movie that is. We watched Grumpy Old Men a few weeks ago and got a lot of laughs over that again. What a great movie. On Golden Pond is also a favorite.

    I hope you have your head back on. LOL!!!!!

    • Thanks Joy Yes I think my head is back on at least feel like it. :+) Grumpy Old Men I remember that movie I could defently see that one again. That was a really funny movie. I’m looking forward to things slowing down a little and having more time to read and watch movies and cook as well. I guess I’m ready for the winter nesting. :+) I hope you guys get some rain soon. I know it’s been really dry in a lot of places.

  8. I’m in mom role as my kids came home for Fall break and will return soon… the comings and goings are getting easier now that they are in 2nd year… but they will always be our kids. 😉

    • Wonderful a full house! Enjoy the hugs the talks and the food. :+) I always enjoy hearing when Bloggers kids come home. I’m glad it is easier now that they are in their second year. Enjoy!

  9. Hi Starla….I am sure you are rockin and rollin in Montana. lol I LOVE all the energy on your blog and your posts. Your blogging friends are all very nice and leave such nice comments. I have been busy with getting ready for a visitor. My house is such a mess! Hope you stay happy and healthy! 🙂

    • Hey Doraz! Nothing like having company to get the house whipped into shape. I have a couple of piles of papers that I’ve been avoiding cleaning up but I know shortly that the table and this desk will soon look a lot better shortly with our company also arriving soon. :+)
      I’m very greatful to have such wonderful blogging friends. It really does warm my heart!

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