Free Chat Thursday


I have so many random thoughts in my head this morning it’s difficult to distil them into a few sentences.  First Thank You for coming by today and Thank You for commenting Monday that was so much fun!  The above photos are from last weekend a few things that caught my eye as we went to get wood again.  It was pretty in the forest a light dusting of snow. Soon we will be living in a winter wonderland.   It felt a little Christmassy with lots of nice forest smells.  The weather seems to be going from snow days to warm weather in the 70’s with that beautiful deep blue sky that you see only in the fall.   I couldn’t believe how blue the sky was yesterday.

Halloween seems to be right around the corner.   I was surprised at how many kids showed up last year.  It’s a small town  less than 200 people . Who knew most of them were kids.  Last year at the last-minute we decided to decorate.  We put an old chair out in the driveway made a slouching man with stuffed clothes, found an old ratty shirt, old work pants set the pants into boots topped it with a  hat and put a solar yard light for the head tipped down as if he was sleeping.  A few of the kids had to tip toe up to him, just to make sure it really wasn’t grandpa.  This year I have no idea what we will do. Maybe we should dress Navar up in the same outfit and put him in the same pose slouched over.  The poor kids would probably pee themselves.   Do you have any ideas?  Maybe turn off the lights and go to bed early.  Do you decorate?  I remember as a kid I always appreciated the decorated houses.  Boy did  I eat a lot of candy as a small child, the loot as we use to call it.  We have already eaten one bag of little snickers.   It’s just what we seem to do every year we usually buy one bag eat it and then closer to Halloween buy more official candy for the kids.  What are your favorite candies?  What was your favorite Halloween costume?  I think the costume that stands out in my mind is one year as a kid I dressed up as a southern belle.  My mom had a red cotton square dancing dress and she made this huge red paper mache hat I wore little  white gloves, but for some reason I really liked that outfit.  I look forward to seeing what the kids will come up with this year.  Well that’s my Thursday’s chat feel free to go off topic and tell me anything that’s on your mind or tell me something about Halloween.  If you like scary movies Gina from Moments of clarity did a wonderful Movie reviews on scary movies the other day.


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  1. You can have the scary movies … and the snow … on the other hand, I’m right there for the candy … especially the chocolate!

    Yes —- absolutely yes to Navar on the bench!

    Meanwhile, I down today. I love baseball, I’m a life-long Reds fan. The deciding playoff game is today, and tickets are easy to get … but my fear of the season about to end is keeping me from going.

    • Go Reds! Life-long Reds fan that’s a long time. they should give you a free seat. I’m looking forward to seeing your river boat photos that sure looks like a lot of fun a perfect thing to do in the Fall.

  2. Your life sounds absolutely idyllic. It’s because you enjoy it and love life. It’s always great reading your posts and I really look forward to them.

    I have no memory at all of what I would have worn for trick or treat, but I do have a picture of me in some kind of princess outfit with a mask. As for candy, snickers are the best and usually go first at our house.

    Being out in the country, we don’t get any trick or treaters. (but we still buy candy, JUST IN CASE!)

    I think the solar yard light as a head was a very clever idea!!

    • For years and years we had no tricker treaters or just a couple. We would always buy candy. Like you said JUST IN CASE! It’s kind of strange to know there will be lots of little hands reaching out.
      I love living in Montana. I think there are several things about living in Montana that seem to suit me. I would also like to live in a city some day say New York or an interesting city like New York just to experince life in that way. Going to musuems and Delis and being able to have food deleivered. Living in the country I’m sure you know how no one delivers food from restaurants in the country not even Pizza.

      • Nope. No one delivers food out here. This is probably why farm women tend to know how to cook! 😉

        It’s a pretty nice day here in Nebraska. The whole weekend should be decent. I hope I can get out and enjoy it.

        • I’m greatful I know how to cook. Some times I think about putting recipes up. Funny how my first post was about pie. :+)
          I’m glad you will have some nice weather for the weekend. Sounds fun getting out about. :+)

    • That’s sounds like a fun costume. I can just imagine the bright red blood! I haven’t dressed up for halloween for a few years. I may have to think of somthing for this year. Hmm??

  3. I loved the photos, but I could not get past the fact that you already have snow on the ground. That is the greatest reason I don’t miss North Dakota–snow in October and May.

    • Funny I remember Colorado to be that way to snow on the 4th of July crazy weather. Usually Northern Montana I would expect to see snow around Halloween. This does seem a little early. I can see how snow could get old the driving on snow and ice is what gets to me that and scraping my car windshield. Just giving you more reasons to feel greatful today. :+)

    • Enjoy that fine weather before you know it it could turn. I think it was early for snow I’m use to seeing snow more around halloween. Glad you enjoyed the photos and commentary today. :+)

    • The 1st to the 1st I like that I guess we are again waiting until the last minute here. I guess we both are consistent. :+)

  4. Now that Halloween is long gone again, I can admit I don’t have any relation to the day, but then I come from a country where Halloween is not a traditional holiday. and only has become so in later years because local businesses have been pushing it into being here, too. On the other hand I can say I really like those three pictures of the late autumn.

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