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Unusual Thursday

Unusual Thursday (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Good Morning Happy Thursday. I will be a little late this morning so please tell me a little something about your  Week.  I will catch up with you this afternoon.  How has your week been so far?  Any plans for the weekend?  Or  It was a dark and stormy night even the dog was afraid to howl….

The day turned out well no howling dogs or dark stormy sky actually a beautiful blue sky gorgeous day.  I enjoyed the sunrise and the sunset today took pictures of both.   I heard on the news today that we are in for some meteor showers this weekend, the Orionid  Meteor showers typical viewing in October.  I will hopefully be star-gazing the next few nights.  I’m taking a Picasa class in a few days.  I hope I don’t end up more confused could happen.

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  1. Happy thursday to you, Starla. Hope all is well in your corner of the world.
    I’ve been enjoying a ridiculously relaxed week, with hopes of surfing and looking for a new (used) car this weekend.
    Looking forward to your updates later on.

  2. I’m just basking in the loveliness that is Ohio fall foliage right now. Driving home after dropping by kids off at school today was a visual feast. Makes winter almost worth it. 🙂

    • The fall is really beautiful. I was noticing several bright red trees this morning in my drive also the soft oranges really pretty colors I’m soaking it all in before the snow flies.:+)

      • I just got home from a meeting at the hospital. During the drive I was overwhelmed by the beautiful colors around me. And then my gaze fell on a yard so packed with political signs that you could barely see the grass. Kind of ruined my splendor. 🙂

  3. We have 40 mph winds today, and yesterday….and the day before. We are all on the verge of insanity from it. Outdoor furniture is blowing off of decks and porches. Corn stalks are all over the yard. Big sticks and branches are everywhere. We have to brace ourselves when we walk out the door. Hoping things calm down soon.

    • I think you must of gotten our high winds from yesterday. It has been crazy windy here as well. Funny I was exhausted yesterday we went to town and we found ourselves walking sideways. I had to laugh reading that about bracing yourself when you walk out the door. Crazy weather.:+)

  4. I like that unusual picture. I’ve finished all my veggie garden planting. My peas & cucumbers are just joking their little seedling heads up out of the soil. The corn is still hiding under the ground. Looking forward to yummy home grown tomatoes. I am home alone for the weekend as Michelle has flown to Melbourne on the Big North Island(Australia) for her son Jason & Jennifer’s wedding, luckily we’d already paid for her airfares before I lost my job. Jason & her other son Daniel both had babies earlier in the year, well they didn’t, their partners did, so she gets to see her 2 grandsons for the 1st time too.

  5. Happy Friday Morning Starla! Love the photo … and I get to include a prostate exam in my Friday activities! Meanwhile, I know we’ll have our usual full weekend, but I’ll report on it in Sunday night’s Monday post. 😉 Thanks for the meteor shower reminder, which should be great with your dark skies!

    • Hi Frank Happy Friday! :+) Glad to hear about your exam today. I hope you pass with flying colors! I was so inspired reading Le clowns post on your blog and on Carries Blog it gives me such great hope for the future in general that such good can come about from social media. :+)
      I’m looking forward to a little star gazing this weekend your right not that much light pollution in these parts.

    • Thanks Last night was my first class it really wasn’t bad I was surprised learning some things on computer my eyes seem to just glaze over. One more class tonight I think it was helpful.

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