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Candy Swap!

Wow what a week

its been.  It’s difficult to imagine that hurricane Sandy could be so destructive.  If you are living in one of the States that she has hit I hope you are safe.  I also hope they can fix the power soon.  Watching last night’s News hearing the hissing of the broken gas lines I found  to be practically horrifying, I honestly can’t imagine how stressful that must be or having to deal with all the flood waters.  Trending on Twitter the other day was: Are You Ok?  And I’m Ok it’s interesting how social media is used to connect in emergencies like this.  Have you been effected by hurricane Sandy or it’s aftermath?  I watched so much coverage of the News in the last few days that when I went outside and saw the blue sky it looked odd to me after seeing so much grey overcast on TV.  I do hope the rebuilding is fast and the power is restored soon!

If you missed having little trick or treaters at your place heres  are a few from our local /1/”>News TV Channel KRTV.  I’m glad Halloween is over having bags of chocolate sitting around the house taunting me is just not fun any more.  Next year I will wait untill the last-minute a day or two before Halloween to buy the candy.  I’m feeling I need a little sugar Detox at this point.  I thought the kids where funny as we offered the basket full of candy some would take one, some would take two, and then there were the claw kids.  There eyes would glaze over and their little hand would drop into the basket like a claw fishing for stuffed animals. One parent said to their kid “Stop let go of all that candy!” The kid held onto the candy refusing to let go.  The parent said in a very loud voice  “Only one you little varmint!” Then the claw slowly open and the candy fell back into the basket.  I don’t know why this amused me.  Did you go out for Halloween this year? Did you stay home to give out candy? If you have kids did they dress up?  How was your week?  I know it’s been a long and strange week for a lot of people.  I hope you are Safe. Thank You for stopping by and saying Hello or just checking in.

I also like the blog Dog Shaming dog’s dressed up in Halloween costumes made me laugh the other day.  I know there are people who dress their dogs up and others that say ” what?”

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  1. Well Starla, we did it. Another Halloween with EXTRA candy for us to eat! I even bought less this year! I hope my kids finish it all! Now we have to start thinking about Thanksgiving. More good food! lol I heard from my relatives in NYC about the storm. They said a lot of water and a lot of mess. They are all well, thank God. Some are still without electric. They said it will be a while for a lot of people. I also hope it all clears up soon. Well, gotta get more coffee and get into action for the day. Have fun today! 🙂

    • I’m so glad your family is safe Doraz! :+)
      Thanksgiving I think is my favorite holiday although Christmas is a close second.
      More coffee that does sound like a good idea. Enjoy the day! :+) Sounds like your getting geared up for a busy one.

      • Yes, I have an eye appointment today. Got to get new glasses! Getting old, I guess. lol After that I will go visit with my younger brother, the one on oxygen 24/7. I need to get the latest news. lol Have a fun day Starla. Hi to Navar.

        • Hey Doraz did you get some cute glasses? :+) I need to go get my eyes checked as well. I’m not very good at picking out glasses. I’m also not very good about wearing my glasses. :+)
          I hope your brothers doing OK and that you had a good visit. Navar says Hi back He’s been so busy the last few days getting grades together for the kids.

  2. It’s been a nice week here. No trick or treaters but the hubs and I ate some fun sized Snickers to honor the holiday!

    • Snikers fun sized a fine choice to celebrate the holiday with. I wonder if a poll has been taken to see what are the most popular Halloween candies? I would imagaine Snickers would be at the top of the list. :+) I also like the new almond snickers bar. Yum looks like I’m not quite ready for that sugar detox.

  3. The lack of trick or treating in my area was the only upside of the storm.
    Fortunately, compared to an awful lot of NYC, we rode out the storm pretty easily.
    And as a New Yorker, I am both amazed at how fast tehy are putting the subway back together, and appalled that it’s taking this long.

    • I’m so glad that you guys are safe. :+) I was worried about you. Seeing all the water in the subway it really is a strange sight. I would imagine that you are still working from home.

  4. I look forward to Free Chat Thursdays … but I was at the store, and then preparing the tonight’s crockpot meal.

    Our Halloween numbers were down – then again, it was an evening of light drizzle – and to be honest, we don’t have as many kids in the neighborhood as many years ago. Demographics do change over time. Meanwhile, in between doorbell rings I worked on my Election Night post, something I want to publish BEFORE all the news goes crazy on that night.

    Good shout-out to those affected by the storm.

    • Crockpot meal that sounds like a great idea. I may have to plug in the crockpot myself for tonights meal. :+)
      I notice that it some area’s the trick or treaters are going to the Malls or parties. I don’t think trick or treating is as popular as it once was like when I was a kid. But that being said for a small town we sure did get a fair amount of trick or treater this year and last year. This year was pretty warm so that helps when the kids don’t have to bunddle up like little michelin men.

      Look forward to your pre Election Night post. It is getting close before you know it it will all be said and done. I won’t miss all the political ads.

      • Interestingly, safety is more of a concern today than in years gone by. Heck, our church as a trunk-or-treat night for neighborhood families as they go from car to car.

        Demographics is important as our neighborhood is not as young as it was … but I still hope that vibrancy of the evening still lives on in small towns!

        Meanwhile, ever try crockpot lasagna?

        • No crockpot lasagna sounds really good! Do you have recipe?
          Living in a small town in Montana one of the best things is that it feels like living back in a more inocent time. I really appreciate that about this area that sense of innocence and community involvement reminding me of a time almost forgotten.

          • Easy,
            Regular ingredients as lasagna, sauce, mozzerella cheese, ricotta/cottage cheese, and whatever spices you use.

            (Personally, I mix the Parm and ricotta) … small tub and a 1/2 c parm

            FYI: May be easier in a long crockpot than the upward style … but it would be ok too.

            Soak the noodles for 30 minutes in tray of warm water. (I make a sauce during this time) … this makes the noodles pliable

            In the crockpot, after some sauce in the bottom, layer as you normally would lasagna.

            Cook on high for 4 hours … done!

            BTW … search online b/c I was going off the top of my head. 🙂

        • Lasagna was a big hit! Thanks for the recipe. :+) I thought it worked really well in the the crockpot also it kept the noodles nice and soft and made the house smell good. It tasted great. :+)

  5. The destruction left by Hurricane Sandy is horrifying. Some of the images defy the mind’s ability to even think such damage is possible. In Ohio, we had mostly bad winds and rain–some power outages but not in my own community. School was closed for a day, however, and trick or treating is postponed until tomorrow night. My heart goes out to those who suffered so much loss.

    • I agree it is shocking seeing the images and heart breaking as well. Seeing large boats tossed around on land like little toy boats and seeing the sand sucked up onto the streets. Its difficult to even wrap my mind around it.
      I hope your weather is warm tonight for the kidos to go trick or treating its a lot nicer when the weather is not too cold. :+)

  6. It is quite strange to think about the fact that people on the East Coast have been struggling for life, when where I have been it’s only been business as usual. I actually flew over Sandy yesterday, as I was going from Norway to Seattle, and it was double strange to think about what was happening right under me.

    • I would imagine that it would be very strange to fly over the East Coast right now like you said just knowing that people are stuggling for life right now. The whole situation is so stressful and difficult. The weather turning cold as well I’m sure just adds to the difficulties. I hope the power will be turned on soon. The News just said some areas will have to wait 7 to 10 days or longer for power. It’s heartbreaking to think how difficult this situation is for so many.

  7. Your ‘claw’ story made me laugh. I was getting nervous at one point that I’d run out of candy if I kept giving out several pieces to each kid, so one group I only put 1 piece in their buckets…except for the last kid. He had an empty pumpkin, so I felt bad and gave him 2. The other boys immediately hollered and demanded that they get 2 as well. I said, “Well, he just started, so I gave him more.” And then they told me he had already emptied his bucket and was starting again. Grrrr! I gave them all 2, but will never be hoodwinked again by innocent little dragons with empty pumpkins.

    • Funny the ol switch a roo trading in the full pumpkin to the nobody loves me empty pumpkin bucket. :+(

      I’m not use to not getting many trick or treater’s usually just a small hand full. This year I found my self worrying for a week. Trying to gage just how much candy I will need. adding and subtracting and going back to the store for more. It turned out the day after there were only a few pieces left so it worked out. I was afraid to have too much candy left over as I had already snuck into two bags like a little mouse making a hole big enough to sneak the little fun sized cadies out! :+)

    • Too scary for the little kids to venture into the woods! :+) We actually had one group of kids bring their little chaiwawa to the door with them the leash was a long scarf. I usually call this dog the mayor of the town because she barks at everyoned like she’s in charge. She was pretty quiet halloween night.

  8. Fascinating what trends on Twitter these days… hmmm. Halloween was a wash; but that’s okay as we are happy to be alive. … Thank you for checking in during the Hurricane… your kind wishes were appreciated!

  9. Ummm… If you don’t want all that chocolate & other stuff just send it to Tasmania via Fedex. The hurricane was a terrible thing & my heart goes out to people every time something like this happens.
    Not much happens here for Halloween. The commercial world is trying to promote it as an extra money spinner. People have been having Halloween parties but the trick or treating hasn’t caught on, at least not in our area. Thank goodness, other people’s kids tend to annoy me for some reason…
    Also I couldn’t bear to buy all that chocolate & stuff then give it away to spotty faced kids. It’s mine, mine, mine, all mine!!!

    • Thinking back about 18-20 years ago I had a bunch of little kids in halloween costumes knock on my door. They said “Trick or treat”. I asked them what this was all about & our next door neighbour’s little girl who was one of them replied “You have to give us a treat or play a trick on us, but don’t let that dog out”. I had a bull terrier at the time. I said “How about I chuck a bucket of cold water over you all for a good trick?” they told me that a treat would be better. I had nothing except chocolate biscuits which seemed to appease them. That’s the only time I’ve ever had trick or treat kids come to my house.

      • Wow that’s amazing I wonder if the word got out :+) That’s funny I guess it’s just not a big holiday over there. I thought it was if you don’t give the kids a treat then they would play a trick on the people at the house. Like putting toilet paper in their trees. No tricks here luckily. That was a funny story! :+)

    • It is a strange thing buying all that candy and then giving it all away. If you buy the candy too early that can be a problem as well. I guess the holiday is a pretty big money maker over here. People buy things to decorate their houses and even adults buy costumes to go to parties.
      I appreciated your shout out on your blog to the people who have been affected by the storm. That was very nice.:+)

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