Chain Reaction Video Fun


Are you a coke  person or Pepsi person or maybe you would say ” Hey don’t ya know that stuffs bad for you?”  For the most part we try not to drink much soda but I swear when you are eating pizza I can hear that sound of a soda pop top opening.  Do you call soda soda or pop?  I would say if we get the chance to drink soda Navar would order a coke and I would probably order a Pepsi or a root beer.

If you are at work and you have the Monday blues maybe you might want to do something with all those Halloween pumpkins that are just lying around.

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  1. Wow! Awesome video. It gave me goosebumps it was so exciting!! I call it soda, just to feel southern! 😉 haha. I grew up calling it pop thought. I’ll drink either of them, but lean toward Pepsi. I don’t drink enough soda to merit a favorite.
    Thanks for sharing a fun video.

  2. I grew up saying ‘pop,’ but after moving to Ohio, it’s become ‘soda.’ Now every time I hear my husband say ‘pop’ I snicker. Of course, that’s just one of the many things he says that make me snicker. And that’s not necessarily a compliment… 😉

  3. lol What a team. Awesome job. I personally do not drink soda. I have not since around 25 years ago? 🙂 I have a family that loves Coke or Pepsi. lol Have a fun week Starla.

    • Hey Doraz I was over at your blog and I was trying to comment on your post I don’t know why but I tried several times and no luck! Any way I thought your post was very funny this morning. Thanks for making me smile and laugh this morning. :+) I’m not wure where my comments went floating around in the sphere somewhere I guess.

    • Hi Franks that’s fine I know you have a busy week. No problem I’m not sure what I’m going to say about the week. It seems like it’s been a long week. :+) If I don’t see you in a few days I”ll see you for Saturday cartoons. :+)

  4. Oh how I’d love a three day snow. I’d love to get snowed in for a day. I love days like that and we haven’t had a nice snow storm like that in years. Last year we hardly got any snow. Winter just isn’t the same without snow.

    That chicken soup in your picture looks so good. I made homemade chicken soup two weeks ago and it sure did hit the spot. That picture makes me want to have some again. I think the next time I make it I’ll use dumplings instead of noodles. I just love them. I also made that chicken pie recipes from Trisha Yearwood that was on our blog last week and it was super good.

    Have a good weekend Starla. Enjoy your snow 🙂

    • Hi Joy :+) I’ll have to check out your chicken pie recipe that sounds really good. Also the idea of making chicken soup that sounds really good right now. We just got home from a drive taking photos of the snow it was beautiful out everything looks different in the snow. It was also really cold 8* degrees I’m glad to be back home enjoying the warm house. I hope you get some snow soon your right it is nice if your going to have a cold winter to add a little snow to it. :+)

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