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  1. Oh no …. the reminder of what the next few months ahead will bring. I won’t show my wife these pictures because she hates winter. Meanwhile, gotta love the red sky in any season. Stay warm!

    • Aww it is sparce with all that white and tans. It was only 8 degrees when I took most of those photos.
      Maybe you can plan a tropical break for you and your wife in the middle of the season that she hates. :+) She’s in good company a lot of people don’t like winter. My least favorite part is driving on the slush and ice.

      • 8 degrees? It’s too early in the season for me to think about that!

        We used to join her parents on the northern gulf coast for a week in February for that reason! Because they didn’t go last year, my wife and her sister did a Caribbean cruise (leaving me home) … and they are going again this year … and without me again!

        • Aww that is tough well maybe some how you can plan somthing fun together. It’s always nice to have somthing to look forward to besides the toil of work. :+)
          It’s a cold snap I’m sure it will warm back up soon. In fact 23 degrees right now that’s better that’s livable. I really did enjoy the summer this year with the nice warm weather reading a book under the tree. Just a memory now. :+) Hope you got all those leaves bagged up. :+)

          • Yep – the cold snaps work us into the season, so at least it is warmer now. Today we are getting rain and dropping temps.

            During their cruise time, I don’t mind the time alone … then again, maybe I should go somewhere! 🙂

  2. Oh my goodness, Starla, I recognize those images all too well! Good luck getting through another Montana winter, though I know there is much beauty in it, too, as evidenced by your lovely photos.

    • Thanks Carrie I know you know the ends and the outs of the season. :+) I try to look for the beauty some times it just seems like a lot of white and a not of tan. One thing I could capture with my camera and that is when the sun came out and the light hits the snow how it looks like rainbow sparkly diamonds. Also the light blue under the cornas of the snow as it hangs. I’m not sure what make the color. I guess I’ll have to look that up.
      I’ll have to come by to see how your book signing went.

    • Thank You Phil I appreciate that. :+) It’s strange to take photo’s when I know the light is very low no sun and hardly any color. I wish my camera would pick up the rainbow sparkly snow when the sun does come out.
      I like that trailor too. I thought it looked cool and old fashioned. All these old buildings around here bring out the kid in me wanting to explore.

  3. Starla, I had a photography studio for 9 years. I did portraits, weddings, etc. I have to tell you, your eye for photography is absolutely outstanding. Please keep shooting and posting these amazing images. I love the way you find dabs of color and your composition is spot on! Thanks for sharing.

    • Wow Gina Yes you will have to tell me about having a studio! Weddings and portraits that is a lot of hard work. I know Navar did a little of that stressful at times too.
      Thanks for the compliment :+) I mainly photograph out of love and because it brings me such joy. I seem to get lost in the moment when I’m looking at somthing that catches my eye. It helps to make the other life stresses easier some how. I also really enjoy sharing with you and other bloggers what Montana looks like.
      I’ve never taken a photo class so some times I feel bad about my lack of knowledge, but I guess my theory is jump in and learn a long the way.

        • Thank You Gina! Your kind words go right to my heart I do appreciate it. The last few day’s I’ve been running a list in my head of all my failures it’s a fun past time. :+) I realize I just need to keep learning and keep trying things and work on my self confidence some.

            • Thank You Gina! :+) I already had a good talk with myself including shaking my own shoulders and saying snap out of it girl! :+) Your right it is very unproductive. I’ve been job hunting and it is a little discouraging. I think my negitive thinking was starting to get the best of me.
              I like your new picture on your avatar.:+)

      • Hi Webdoc! You agree on the stressful part of photograpy the weddings and sittings and such? :+) I should really give Navar credit I’m sure I have learned some about photography from Navar as we go out together a fair amount and he is such a great photographer! We had so much fun on Saturday when we were out driving around he was taking photos of the snow shadows which he loves to do. It was cold 8 degrees as you know it gets pretty cold over here.

  4. Oh my goodness. These are so good they look like professionals. I love that trailer near the top. It’s got such a happy, deserted, happy memories inside kind of place. You’ve really captured some wonderful shots here.

    • Thank You Joy! It’s funny it was so cold and grey out. I do like this trailer too. Some times I look at these old places and wonder what stories they could tell. I remember one large barn and house I was taking photos of I was walking around the place it was up for sale. I ran into a very elaborate tree fort it made me wonder what it was like when it was happily lived in not abandoned the only sound was lots of birds flying in and out of the barn.

  5. Great photos Starla but it makes me feel cold just looking at them. Glad it’s Spring here. Sun is shining, birds are singing & I’m in shorts & t-shirt. Blue sky abounds here today.

    • That sounds like a happy spring song tony! Enjoy your beautiful weather. I sure did enjoy this last spring while it was here. It was everything you said blue sky sunshine shorts and t shirts flip flops and birds singing. :+)

    • Thank You! Yes your right it is reminder of the winter weather we are up for but the good news about stark snowy winters is that when spring comes it’s even that much more fantastic! :+)

  6. Starla, hope you have comfy gloves. lol I always love the insight you share with your photos. I can always imagine standing there with you and looking into the distance. You have a great eye for the beauty and uniqueness of this great place you live….Montana! 🙂 Have a warm week. Hi to Navar.

    • Hi Doraz Navar says Hi as well! :+) Glad you enjoyed the photos. We sure had a lot of fun getting out and about. Living here you have to watch for cabin fever. I’m glad you can come along on our adventures it makes it that much more fun! :+)

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