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1270-Amsterdam (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The sun is out and the sky is blue and I feel like singing unfortunately my back been a little out of whack.  I finally went to the chiropractor.  Not my favorite thing to do, but walking well is important and not being in pain is important.   My moods not bad I think I was a little cranky a few days ago bouncing from negative thought to negative thought and then I realized that’s not really a fun a game.  Probably my back hurting didn’t help. :+) I may be slow getting around to your blogs it may be a few days I do look forward to seeing what you have posted. .  Feel free to leave me a comment or if you like or a silly and cute pet trick video or not.  Fill me in on the News in your world?  Hows is your week going?  What has caught your eye and made you sqeel or inspired you are just made you  guffaw is that word guffaw?

I was actually very inspired this week by Munchow creative photo blog.   Otto is offering bloggers a critique of a photo of theirs which is very generous. He is a great photographer and teacher. He also has wonderful posts on the subject of creativity in general which I find very inspiring.  I haven’t had the opportunity to take him up on this idea I may have to wait for round two, but I did find myself thinking about photos in general and thinking  that I’d like to try to take more photos of people.  I don’t take many people photos.  When I was looking through my photos I noticed I had several of the back of people’s heads.  I’d much rather take a photo of a wild animal or a landscape or maybe an abstract photo that is my comfort zone.  But just the thought of learning something outside of my comfort zone is really exciting so I will be working on that in the near future.  So those are my Thursday thoughts what’s on your plate on this fine Thursday?

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  1. Happy Thursday Starla! Not sure if I will be the first to comment, but I was the first to like. 🙂

    Bummer that your back is still bothering you. Rest, rest, rest. Unfortunately, just we use our back at just about everything we do.

    Otto is a great photographer and has a way to use photography to challenge the mind.

    My wife has been full, and today is a good day to complete some errands … and of course make time for a routine Thursday visit to your corner. Both my Bearcats and Falcons have big conference games on Saturday, so I will be tense on two fronts. Who are your Grizzlies playing this weekend?

    • Hi Frank Happy Monday! sounds like you have been busy. Buzy’s a good thing. :+) Our Montana Grizzlies played the Montana Bobcats huge rivials. It was evenly matched game. I had to listen to it on the radio because we did not get the TV station. It’s just not the same on the radio. I hope your teams did OK. Hope you have a good Thanksgiving holiday.

  2. I’m starting to plot and plan for Thanksgiving. Bought my turkey today. I have a little outside work to do this afternoon. The weather is great here.

    • Hi Gina I wish I was at your house for Thanksgiving. I just know it will be wonderful. I would even help cook like peel the pototoes or even do some dishes. :+) I’m glad you are getting some good weather that’s always nice. We have had blues sky’s here it’s been a nice change from the snow.

      • Yes, the weather is pretty nice here, too! I’d always let someone else do dishes!!!

        Bet that big sky is beautiful. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Starla. I’m cleaning and making lists and all that stuff. A fun but tiring week!

  3. Sorry to hear about your back. That’s a bummer. My week’s been good but stressful, what with book signings and such. But this weekend, my family is going to take a day of fun–see the new Bond movie; eat at the Cheesecake Factory; play The Big Bang Theory trivia game. These are the simple things that bring me pleasure. 🙂

    • Hi carrie I probably should have put together a set up like you have standing and doing the computer work. I’m sure that would be alot easier on the ol back.
      I took a peek at your blog Congratualtions on your Awards! :+) I will come by and read a few post this weekend hopefully. Hope you have nice Thanksgiving with your family! :+)
      By the way Navar called me Sheldon the other day I thought of you. :+)
      I had no idea that Big Bang Theory had a trivia game we will have to look for the game sounds like fun.

  4. hope your back get better soon and the specialist can help…
    don’t even know what the weather is like in my neck of the wood today as I have a stinking cold and have been feeling miserable for myself all day 😦 lots of silly programmes on telly… tomorrow will be a better day 🙂

  5. Definitely go out of your comfort zone!
    I enjoy your pictures, and would love to see where they go if you try something new.

    Hope the back pain clears up. My only thought this Thursday is “Is it over yet?”.

  6. I hope the back is better and you are getting filled with positive thoughts again. My Thursday was busy, I was mostly writing a travel story for a Norwegian magazine about Cuba which I visited a little more than a month ago. Thanks for the nice words, by the way.

    • Hi Otto, Yes my back is feeling a little better. Sounds like you have been busy. I’ll have to stop by to see if you put up new photos from your last visit to Cuba.
      Your Welcome for the nice words. I really do appreciate your blog it is one of my favorite stops. :+) Hope you have a good Thansgiving.

  7. Hope your back improves. I went to a chiro once for neck pain. I thought he was going to break my neck the way he cracked it around. It worked wonders though & the migraines I’d been having for about 10 years went away & never returned. Have a great weekend
    OK here’s a fascinating Pet tricks video

  8. Hi Starla. Great news. I think you are awesome with the photos you take. The photography lessons will only maker things better. Good Luck. 🙂 I hope you are planning a nice Thanksgiving. I am having some family and maybe some friends. lol 🙂 Should be lots of fun and laughter. Stay cool. Have a great week. 🙂

    • Hey Doraz :+) Thank You Hope your doing well and that you have a nice Thanksgving with your family. I bet Thanksgiving at your place is wonderful I wish I was there. :+)
      Stay warm I know Cali can get a litle cold at times in the winter. :+)

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