Free Chat Thursday


I have so many random thoughts in my head this morning it’s difficult to distil them into a few sentences.  First Thank You for coming by today and Thank You for commenting Monday that was so much fun!  The above photos are from last weekend a few things that caught my eye as we went to get wood again.  It was pretty in the forest a light dusting of snow. Soon we will be living in a winter wonderland.   It felt a little Christmassy with lots of nice forest smells.  The weather seems to be going from snow days to warm weather in the 70’s with that beautiful deep blue sky that you see only in the fall.   I couldn’t believe how blue the sky was yesterday.

Halloween seems to be right around the corner.   I was surprised at how many kids showed up last year.  It’s a small town  less than 200 people . Who knew most of them were kids.  Last year at the last-minute we decided to decorate.  We put an old chair out in the driveway made a slouching man with stuffed clothes, found an old ratty shirt, old work pants set the pants into boots topped it with a  hat and put a solar yard light for the head tipped down as if he was sleeping.  A few of the kids had to tip toe up to him, just to make sure it really wasn’t grandpa.  This year I have no idea what we will do. Maybe we should dress Navar up in the same outfit and put him in the same pose slouched over.  The poor kids would probably pee themselves.   Do you have any ideas?  Maybe turn off the lights and go to bed early.  Do you decorate?  I remember as a kid I always appreciated the decorated houses.  Boy did  I eat a lot of candy as a small child, the loot as we use to call it.  We have already eaten one bag of little snickers.   It’s just what we seem to do every year we usually buy one bag eat it and then closer to Halloween buy more official candy for the kids.  What are your favorite candies?  What was your favorite Halloween costume?  I think the costume that stands out in my mind is one year as a kid I dressed up as a southern belle.  My mom had a red cotton square dancing dress and she made this huge red paper mache hat I wore little  white gloves, but for some reason I really liked that outfit.  I look forward to seeing what the kids will come up with this year.  Well that’s my Thursday’s chat feel free to go off topic and tell me anything that’s on your mind or tell me something about Halloween.  If you like scary movies Gina from Moments of clarity did a wonderful Movie reviews on scary movies the other day.

Monday that feels like a Thursday

Toy Story (video game)

Toy Story (video game) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s so quiet this morning.  Looking out the window at the steel-gray sky.  A gentle rain it’s nice it’s been a long hot summer. Everything is so dry the poor trees.  I wasn’t sure what to post this morning.  I was going to post about the gentleman who’s trying to break the sky diving record but I had second thoughts.  It’s either  going to go off without a hitch Tuesday or heavens it could go horribly wrong.   ( The last few days I’ve been finding myself saying ” oopsy daisy” which I got from reading Carries blog it’s funny to say go ahead take it out for a spin” oopsy daisy”).  Looking at the photos it reminds me of Buzz light years from the movie Toy Story that was a cute movie.  Have you seen any good movies lately?  I’ve been so busy running around with my head cut off, boy that’s a  graphic visual well maybe not that busy.  I know it’s not Thursday, but I guess because of the rainy weather I feel a little bit chatty.  What are you looking forward to in the near future?  We are having company in the next few weeks Navar’s Mom and her husband.  I’m looking forward to their visit.  I enjoy their company.  I’m also looking forward to hopefully going out to listen to the Elk bugling soon.  After the first frost that is the best time to watch the Elk and hear them bugling back and forth. Looking at the dead potted impatience flower on the porch we had our first frost a few nights back.  If we go I will try to take photos of the elk although zoom on my camera isn’t very good.  Maybe I would be better off trying to do a video.  Anyway  just thinking out loud.  What’s on your plate these days?  What are you looking forward to in the near future? Do tell me a story on this rainy Monday that feels like a Thursday.  Now I think I will go build a fire in the wood stove and make a cup of tea.

Free Chat Thursday


How are you today?  Thank You for coming by can I get you a cup of tea or perhaps a cup of coffee?   Saying so long to summer here, skipping right into fall.  Summer use to be my least favorite season for so many years, I can hardly count.  I had a hard time understanding what the fuss was about.  As far as seasons go I thought it was over rated too hot, too busy, just too much.  Something happened this year.  Summer wasn’t bad I’m not sure I will give it two thumbs up but I can say I didn’t feel the usual seasonal torment.  Do you have a favorite season or maybe a least favorite season?

One cat is cuddle up on the top of the couch and the other is coiled up in his soft little bed by the wood stove.  It did not take them long to know that things have changed.  The weatherman was right Monday when he said a storm was blowing in from Canada and we would have our first snow.  He said it with such confidence that I made sure Tuesday to sit myself down under the tree allowing the sun to heat my back.  One of my favorite things to do this summer was to sit under this tree and read a good book.  Tuesday was one of those extraordinary fall days. The temperature was in the mid 70’s hard to imagine snow on the way. I couldn’t help but to keep looking up from my book closing my eyes and just feeling the perfect temperature around me, hoping this last bit of sunshine could possibly keep me warm through out the winter. I know now thinking about it of course that’s not possible.

I was watching Elk bugling videos this morning.  I was going to post one to show you one of the really cool things that happens in the fall in some areas of Idaho Montana, Wyoming and Colorado other states as well.  Maybe I will post it I still have Elk  bugling going on in my head right now. It’s such a unique sound you may want to turn the volume down or if you’re at work you might want to turn the volume up.  If you get in trouble don’t blame me.   I really should do a whole post on this, because it’s such a cool thing that happens here and other places in the fall.



Both Videos are short the first video is one way to get rid of a bear and the second video is of an Elk calf having a good time splashing around in a puddle pretty cute. Hope you had a nice weekend.  I feel a little tired this morning  a lot of busyness over the weekend.  We watched the  homecoming football game and volleyball games.  We also gathered a little more wood trying to get it together before the weather gets ugly.  The weatherman just said we may be getting snow here soon could be as soon as Wednesday.  Hard to imagine snow at this point.  How was your weekend busy or nice and relaxing or a little of both?

Free Chat Thursday

A drop detatching from a dripping faucet. Imag...

A drop detatching from a dripping faucet. Image taken by User:Dschwen on February 8th 2006. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Happy Happy Joy Joy it’s Thursday.  I hope you’re doing well and that your week is going OK.  Are you looking forward to the weekend?   I decided to tell you a little story about tackling the pluming project last Saturday.  Sorry the story is a little long.   Feel free to tell me anything about your week or if you not feeling chatty, maybe tell me what you had for breakfast or lunch.

Our cat sits in the bath tub looking at me, and looking at the faucet with a look like who broke my water dish?  His anytime drink of water was my drip drip of torment.   Saturday, I  finally announce TODAY is the DAY I’m going to fix the dripping bath tub faucet!  Armed with the crooked screwdriver asking myself what’s the worst that could happen?  The weekend before I stopped at the local hardware store in town asking for some advice.

I had already tried to fix the dripping faucet the weekend before, but ran into a snafu.  I couldn’t get the part out it was covered with putty or some bonding agent.  The man behind the counter said he didn’t know and gave me the number of a good local plumber.  That was a confidence builder.  When I got home I looked up the plumbers name  in the phone book and put and a piece of paper in between the pages.  I thought maybe I should give him a call him to make sure he’s home and maybe he can be on stand by just in case things goes horribly wrong.   After deciding to tear into the project anyway, Navar became curios kind of like the cat tilting his head.  Soon he was bringing me tools and we were taking turns  getting in and out of the tub.  At one point we both agreed maybe it was a good idea to just pull the putty out so that we could get at the part that we needed to replace.  Navar hands me some needle nose plies and I start pulling at the putty like a good tug of war game.  All of a sudden I realize maybe I am over my head, way over my head so I start saying loudly  “Google, Google, YouTube Video! ”  I jump out of the tub and turn on the computer.  Being a blogger I was surprised this idea did not come to me sooner.  Before I knew it I was watching a very nice man who was showing us how to fix the problem.  He calmly assured us that fixing the leak was possible and said we needed to go to the parts store first to pick up the part.  When you buy the part there is a  little piece that comes with the part that will help me break the seal so I can get the old part out.   Going home with the new part and some new confidence from our nice YouTube plumber friend.  We took the old part out, put the new part in, turned the water back on under the house. ( Thank you Navar for being willing to go under the house with all the  spiders and spider webs  and who knows what else is down there Yuck!)   And… presto magico the drip was gone!  Frankly, I was stunned.   I was exhilarated and very surprised actually I was in a state of disbelief.  I stared at the faucet a bit like the cat tilting my head.  I really couldn’t belive it we actually fixed the leak.  I was surprised at how well Navar and I worked together.   Brimming with confidence we tackled another plumbing issue, the toilet.  I was reading the directions and Navar was replacing the parts.  I loved one note on the bottom of the  dictions it said “There will be parts left.”   I looked on the counter and I  saw three parts left and announced ” YES were done!”  I high-fived Navar and said “Maybe we should try out for the amazing race show? ”   Having completed not one but two plumbing projects successfully.  I felt like a gorilla ready to pound her chest.   Strange but jumping into something I really had no knowledge of was really exciting and I didn’t even have to call the local plumber or the fire department.  Do you use YouTube videos for at home projects?

Montana backroads field trip


I hope you brought a  sack lunch and a thermos of hot coffee or hot tea.  Yesterday we went up one of the local back roads to get fire wood.  We had gone up to the first part of the road before, but never to the end where the mountain lake is.  With last years rains the bridge was washed out so this year there was a lot of construction going on to restore the road and bridge.  Why is it that some of the most beautiful places to visit are only one lane and that there always seems to be a very steep cliff on one side?  This was no exception.  It was impressive all the fall colors from beginning to end just gorgeous.   All the bright colors a gift to the eyes.  Especially after driving through one tone farm lands to get there.  Arriving to the end of road the Lake was the destination.  This year has been dry and hot with several wild fires filling the air with smoke. It was shocking when we arrived to the lake expecting to see a crystal clear lake now stood a dry and  cracked lake bed.  We set out to explore we were by ourselves at first the area was church quiet an eagle flies straight towards us I think we were being pretty quiet as well.  It eventually see us and circles around to sit at the top of a tall tree and just watches.  Shortly more people show up to see the lake or the absence of the lake.  After a nice lunch it’s back down the winding road  time to work.  Navar spots a few dead trees just off the road.  I was surprised at how much dead wood was available also shocking to think of it as a very large dry tender box.  With my soft gloves with a belly full of food I was ready to toss the logs into the back of the truck.  Between the two of us it didn’t really take too long.  Navar turns on the radio as we drive home down the mountain.  I’m looking at the narrow road just hoping we don’t meet any one coming up. Garrison Keillor comes on the radio and his first word were it’s official fall has arrived.  Looking at the yellows, greens, flaming reds and bright light filled orange colors, I couldn’t agree more .  It was perfect  listening to Garrison’s  unique deep voice telling us stories on the drive back.  Resting and tired listening,  bumping down the dusty road.  That was a fun added surprise.

Free Chat Friday!


Today I have a stack of TODO’s but I will take a breath and relax for the moment.  Yesterday I had editing problems.  It reminded me of gardening in Northern Montana.  It took me awhile to realise that if you have a garden in Montana you also need to build  a very tall fence to keep the deer out. Why is it that the deer will wait until the veggetables are just about ripe and then they mow it down?  Why not come by when I just plant a week or so into it fresh little seedlings, but nope they come by a day or two before harvest. Sometimes I look at Blog editing that way.  I’m just about ready to hit the publish button (yesterday) then I realize my links are gone.  I go back into the post with precision and for some reason I think it’s a good idea to do more editing.  I move a few sentences here and a few more there and before I know it I have a huge mess and I’m beside myself.  Why not screw it up on the first or second draft?  Why wait until the last edit?  Kind of like the deer in the yard.

It’s a new day and a fresh cup of coffee and I feel good. I’m ready for the weekend.  I’m hoping to get some projects done like tackle the leak in the bath tub. I may end up calling the plumber, wish me luck. Have you ever attempted a household project that went horribly wrong or maybe things went right a home improvement success.  How was your week? Are you looking forward to the weekend? Any plans or will you just go with the flow. Bad plumbing joke. I’m losing my confidence where is that plumbers number?  I just hit the publish button and this is the short quote they gave me. “Every writer I know has trouble writing.” Joseph Heller

A few things that caught my eye this week.


These are a few things that caught my eye this week.  I was waving and talking to the train conductor as he had the train stopped and he was waiting to move on.  I asked to take his picture, but I think he became a little shy it’s too bad.   We have several Amish families living close by so this is a common site also the sound of the horse hooves hitting the pavement as they go by.  It must be so cold riding in the winter on roads of snow there is often high winds as well.

We also explored a small abandoned house this weekend.  We went on  a bike ride it was interesting because I’m used to riding my bike in a thick forest of trees, yesterday we rode our bikes down a dusty road a large field to the left of us and a large field to the right it was so expansive the feeling reminded me of driving my car in Arizona it felt as if your soul could stretch out in every direction. Riding bikes was fun Sunday.  I could hear myself say ” This feels great I’m going to exercise and ride my bike every day!”  I think it must have been the endorphins talking.  I guess even if I go bike riding a few more times before the snow fly’s I’d say that’s a good thing.  Just a little off the  road I saw a small abandon house.  I know I’ve taken a picture of it before, but riding my bike close by I wanted to stop and take a closer look. Navar was game so we set our bikes down like kids in the drive way and slowly walked up to the broken window, Navar first. As he was looking through the window we both heard a large clunk and then a womans scream, OK the high pitch scream was from me.  Navar said I screamed like a girl I said ” So what do you expect.”  We have no idea what made the clucking sound animal ghost or person.  I took a quick peek into the window I saw an old couch a wood stove and a beautiful large dark wood kitchen hutch there was a small plate sitting in the dirt I could tell it was old and a small simple clear stained glass window up on top of the old broken window a place that had been loved and lived in before. It made me curious it’s interesting taking a photo from the road as a posed to walking up and looking through the window.  Do you like to explore places or visit old ghost towns?

Did you have a good weekend? I also had a lot of fun at A Frank Angles Blog party  celebrating his 1000th post hope you had a chance to stop by I watched all the music videos and danced.  It was nice to see he had such a good turn out.  Blog party’s are fun and the clean up is such a snap.

Party @ Franks Blog This Saturday Morning 8-9 AM (Eastern US) 9/15

Deviled Eggs shot during the Inaugural Portabl...

Deviled Eggs shot during the Inaugural Portable Potluck Project on March 23, 2008. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Frank is celebrating his 1000 post this Saturday at 8-9 AM ( Eastern US)  Party will be at this address Franks Party come on by!  Frank asked me to tell my friends you are my friends so you are cordially invited.  Don’t worry about bringing anything I asked if should I bring deviled eggs and a side salad? He said” Nope the party’s being catered!” Sounds like Fun to me.  I’m so in the mood for a blog party it’s been a long week. :+)  Don’t worry about not knowing anyone you know me and I’ll be standing by the wall like a wall flower so feel free to say Hi.  I’m actually a little shy at party’s I know what a shocker. :+)   I hear El Guapola will be the DJ (Great choice on DJ) and while I was over at El Guapola blog I was learning some new dance moves at the bottom of his post.  I’ll be practising so if I’m inspired to dance I will be ready with a few new trendy moves.  Hope to see you there!