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Rounding up Cattle in Montana


I hope you had a good weekend.  I wonder what the week will bring?

Here are a few photos I took over the weekend.  The photos with people I took on our drive Saturday to Slippery Ann Elk viewing area to listen to the Elk Bugle.   We had a great time watching the elk so close up and listening to the bugling it did not disappoint.  I will put up a few photos in the near future of that trip.   Anyway the cowboy and cowgirl photos I took from our moving car as we were flying down the highway on the trip there.  Navar driving, pointing and saying  “Look they are rounding up cattle.”   Rolling down the window and pointing the camera out the window ( carefully holding the camera more inside  the window than outside the window).  Not wanting to lose the camera to the road.  I’ve been wanting to tell you about a fun creative project for a while, hopefully I can explain it Ok.  You may have already tried this way of taking pictures before, but if not I will do my best to explain it.   Also if you have not tried  this before using a small camera is best.   I call it drive by photography.   As I rolled the window down I could hear the sharp short whistle from the working cowgirls and cowboys as we were driving by it was very exciting.  I  immediately felt like I was on the range.  Usually when I try taking photos from a moving car it’s more of a blur.  I think of it as a fun creative project instead of an official photo shoot.  If you’ve never tried this before I can tell you it’s really fun and it can also be very rewarding.  I know it sounds simple so the benefits could be easily overlooked.   I think in one way that it has changed my photography by making me more relaxed and more open to the idea of seeing other possibilities when I’m taking a photo.  Instead of just seeing what I think  might be a good photograph.  As you are flying down the highway of course sitting in the passenger seat not the drivers side now that really would be distracted driving.  Seeing interesting old or new  buildings or different shapes and colors and just snapping photos and having fun. The big part is just having fun, chances are you will be deleting most of these images.  Seeing things burr by and clicking as fast you can almost like watching  moving paintings going by.  It’s not ment to capture sharp photos, but to loosen up the ways of seeing.  As I click I may take a photo in a very different way then I would normally and some times when I look back at these images there are surprises, buildings or telephone poles that I would not normally think to put in a picture but some how it works.  It’s a fun creative project when you are bored going from point A to point B.  The two photos without people I took yesterday while waiting for Navar as he was talking on his cel phone.  This time I got out of the car and took more time with the photos.  It was nice to watch the light change as the clouds rolled by changing the colors of the field from tan to the bright yellow.

A few things that caught my attention last week.


On a very busy road we noticed a gentleman/cowboy riding a horse with two pack horses trailing behind him.   Cars would give him a wide space as they would speed on by.  I thought the site was unique and decided, maybe I could get a photo.  As he rode his small horse train down a slight  sloping side of the road coming to a stop.  Navar and I walked up to him and I asked if I could take his picture.  He said  “Sure!”  He was kind enough to humor me and to tell us a little bit about his life. I’m always  intrigued when I come across  a person daring to think outside the box a little bit and having the courage to do something that they really want to do in this life.  I can imagine the naysayers saying  “You want to ride your horse around America on the busy roads?” It makes me laugh just thinking about how that conversation went.  I can imagine also all the adventures he’s had along the way.  Navar asked him if his horses needed some water and a rest, but he had just started his journey so he was excited to get on his way.

The next day I was  looking at the Sunday newspaper paper   and I noticed his photo and an article.  I was glad that he caught someone else attention and they wrote an article about his adventures.

Here’s something else that caught my eye last week.  Looks like somebody made their own bumper sticker.   I’ve always wondered why people would put a small  ” Don’t tale gate”  bumper sticker on their car.  The sticker would be so small that cars would  have to get close to them to read it.  Things that make you go, Huh?

The other things that caught my eye last week: bee’s rolling around in brightly colored flower’s.  They are funny to watch as they spin around with pollen on their feet rolling around in the flower.  I found myself watching bee’s a few times this summer.

Another eye-catching moment was a sunset I went to grab my camera and Navar pointed out the giant dandelion, great idea Navar so I took a picture of both.  The last photo is of a barn with a small patch of canola in front of it I thought it looked cool with the yellow stripe.  For several weeks we’ve been driving by giant  yellow patches of canola to me it smell a little bit like broccoli as you drive by.  That’s my week in a nut shell.  Hope you’re doing well.

All the news that’s fit to print.

Acro dance partners execute a Lawnmower, one o...

Acro dance partners execute a Lawnmower, one of many types of partnering tricks found in acro dance routines. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

 Grouchyrabit.com    Navar came home from school the other day and he said  “Check out groucyrabit.com this is what the kids were doing instead of their homework.” Bad kids, but  hey I appreciate the link.  I said ” Let me know what their doing next time their not doing their homework OK?”  They were suppose to be reading something about helicopters imagine getting distracted and not doing what your suppose to do.  The picture over to the right has nothing to do with this post it just happen to be one of the options Zementa offered me.  I’m always curious how they will interrupt my words.  Is that the image my words make a girl flipping over with a spotter?  I use to do a post called Free Chat Thursday it was to hear about what was going on in your world.  The basic chit-chat of your life.  What’s on your mind?  What was the highlight of the last couple of weeks?  Or what’s coming up soon that your sure will rock your world good or not so good?  Life does have its way with us sometimes. There are moments, I feel like life is the hammer and I am the nail. By the way I figured out how to get the results of my first poll.  Easy peesy looks like the winner for the The field trip IS Great Falls Sip and Dip. Yippee that should be fun.  I will take pictures and report back probably a few photos of Great Falls Montana in general so you can see what it looks like it’s your basic small city.  My guess is we will probably at some point go to Judith Basin it was one of the other choices on the poll.  I will take pictures to show you what Judith Basin looks like even though it wasn’t the poll winner.  Valier Montana received no votes.  I’m glad because one night I couldn’t sleep and I was listening to the radio there was a  show on and the quest speaker had said that in Valier Montana there had been some cattle mutilations who needs to go there!  Your gut probably told you that would be a bad place for a field trip,  get it gut… it’s too early in the morning to pull out a pun.  I must say when I went for a link for cattle  mutilations this was third on the list of Debunk 10 rural legends.  I should point this list out to the kids that are trying to avoid doing their homework.  I found the idea of cattle mutilations very disturbing!  Great I live in an area surrounded by missile silos and cattle mutilation stories.  So what’s the news that’s fit to print in your life?

There’s a missile silo on my Montana Bluebird Trail.


This is how I thought the bluebird boxes should be decorated.

Makwa, our dog, got tuckered out. Too much excitement on the bluebird trail.

The Air Force keeps the roads well maintained up to the missile silos.

Number 8 bluebird box is directly across from this minuteman missile silo.

Bluebird box #8.

Almost the end of the bluebird trail.

The End of the trail.

Lichen heart.

Excerpt from the song “There’s a Bluebird on your windowsill” Lyrics by Elizabeth Clarke
There’s a bluebird on your windowsill
There’s a rainbow in your sky
There are happy thoughts, your heart to fill
Near enough to make you cry.

Buying my clothes at the Farm and Feed Store.


Navar and I decided the other day, maybe what we needed was to buy some Wrangler jeans to fit in we have jeans but not wrangler jeans!  Standing waiting for the lady’s room/fitting room, staring at the neatly stacked chainsaw boxes and small boxes of bolts piled high all the way to the ceiling, thinking this is the first time that I’ve ever bought clothes at a Farm and Feed Store. I find it interesting that different parts of Montana dress in slightly different ways.  Probably because there are so many Farms and Ranches here, that the dress is mostly jeans.  Also, I would say practical wear snow boots, ear muffs, scarves, muck boots, cowboy hats, wool hats and cowboy silk scarves. I think the silk scarves you pull up over your mouth when your riding your horse on the range. I find it a little difficult living in an area with such a seemingly narrow window of acceptable dress.  Yesterday, it was very windy and dusty 60 to 80 mile an hour winds the whole state was under a red flag alert the weatherman was very excited and a little out of breath giving the news last night.  Do you find the area that you live in has a typical dress attire or is it eclectic?

Bloggers Field Trip You Vote on the place to go!


Horatio Nelson Jackson in his 2-seat Winton to...

I have a small case of cabin fever so I was thinking it might be nice now that the weathers warming up to go on a little trip.
I think Navar can borrow one of the schools buses for a Bloggers Field Trip, he’s a very good driver. I’m sorry there are no lap belts in the bus so you must hold on tight! For those who would like a little softer ride the car to right is a possibility. This is the first poll I’ve conducted so please take a moment to Vote. The tricky part here is I don’t want you to google the options just a random close your eyes and point and vote. We will go and take pictures of the winning place and post soon. I’m still getting over being sick but I’m hoping to be ready for a car trip shortly I mean bus trip. My camera cord should be arriving in the mail any day so I can take pictures and retrieve them from my camera. Posts in the near future will be hanging bluebird boxes, Bloggers Field Trip, Post of the Week, and Photos of the area. Now grab a sack lunch and hop aboard.

“To Love Life”


When I was single Valentines Day was one of those annoying holidays that would remind me that yes other people are in Love and yes I’m not blah, blah, blah. I found that if I treated myself well chocolates a nice mushy card, actually I didn’t do the card part but why not?  It’s interesting How Holidays can  sometimes be difficult. I had a tradition listening to blues music on Christmas for years. I think developing your own ways to cope in difficult times is a good thing. This Christmas was difficult as we had a change of plans with a family member being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Traveling in the car very early morning dark sky, to visit and to support our family member which at that moment Christmas wasn’t about gifts or the traditions of Christmas stuff but simply spending time with family. How did I go from Valentines day to Christmas?  I guess holidays can be what you decide.  Resisting the urge to compare. The other day I saw Tony Bennett sing a duet with K D Lang, singing  the song Blue velvet. I was moved at how beautiful the duet was and how Tony Bennett is so busy singing his heart out. The interviewer asked KD Lang what was the most important thing she had learned from Tony Bennett and she said  “To Love Life”, it wasn’t about music but about his ability to Love Life. That thought has stuck with me over the last few days.

Scan of a Valentine greeting card dated 1909.

   I was hoping to post some photos of the area but, its difficult without my camera cord. I guess I need to buy another cord so that I can transfer my picture from point A to point B  eventually that will happen. I’d like to show you what this part of Montana looks like. It’s different from where we use to live. It’s interesting learning new things and seeing the world in a slightly different way.  Getting to know people slowly.

Valentine postcard, circa 1900–1910

Give me Color!



I’d like to go to this Aquarium in Georgia I think it would be a lot of fun, I call Field Trip.

Looking for color in Montana in the month of February, too much white snow and brown farm land for me. I need color!  Feel free to add a link of anything colorful!  I know the Camel is gone, I can’t decide between this theme Matala or the Adventure theme with the camel choices, choices. What do you think?  I took the theme suburbia out for a spin but, wasn’t so sure. I did like it when you ran your cursor over the posts they changed a nice blue-green color.  It was change my theme or dye my hair, what’s a girl to do?

Winter Fair Dutch Oven Cooking.


Our cherry/strawberry cobbler.

The Recipe:  1 Box of cake Mix use 1 egg instead of 2 eggs replace the water with 7up or Sprite and 1 can of pie filling.

              We used strawberry and cherry pie filling.  I know that’s two they were small cans instead of the one big can.

Three Piled High main dish, side dish, and dessert.

Moving briquettes under the Dutch Oven. For 10 inch diameter oven, use 7 briquettes under and 13 ontop.

Chimney for heating up the briquettes.

Hearing on the radio about the Dutch Oven Cooking contest, I thought it sounded like a lot of fun. In the back of my mind I’ve always wanted to learn about cooking food outside. The gentleman in charge was very nice and supplied the coals and oven we supplied the Dutch Oven Pot which is a cooking pot Navars Mom gave him a long time ago. Most of the people there were cooking main dishes.

Neighbors cooking stuffed porkchops.

Neighbors cooking stuffed pork chops.

Cooking chocolate cake.

Our neighbor to the right of us,  was the people’s choice award winner. With his gooey chocolate cake. The next morning when I woke up I swear I could smell that chocolate cake still cooking. That’s why it won The People’s Choice award, it was that good.  Moist warm chocolate cake cooking on a fire Yummy.  If I can find the recipe I’ll post it.  Now that it’s a famous award-winning cake I’m not sure he will let go of the recipe, but I can check.

Dutch oven and coffee cooking.

Steam rolling off of dutch oven cooking.

I found out that they give classes for Dutch Oven Cooking.  Also you can find recipes on Google.  I think it’s a fun way to cook outside and it really didn’t seem to be that hard.  One of those things you can always learn more about.  I’d give it two thumbs up, it was rewarding cooking and smelling the food as you cook. We served a line of people food from our dutch ovens they seemed happy and greatfull to be eating what we had cooked. For the main dishes they would use a thermometer to make sure  that the temperature of the food was hot enough for food safety. After going to several food safety classes because of being a waitress over the years, I appreciated that step.  Some of the recipes were bread pudding, peach cobbler,  chocolate cake, strawberry cherry cobbler, dessert first always in my book.  Let see pork chops, mexican stack, fish chowder, I think that won a ribbon, cheesy burger and potatoes, anyway I can’t remember all of them but as you can see that you can cook a wide variety of recipes. I had one women look into my eyes and tell me the cherry strawberry cobbler was to die for and that she was going to vote for us, we also had a couple other people say that they would put in a vote for us. We did not win any ribbons but, they did give us two really cool aprons which I’m sure will use.   All this talk about food I don’t know about you but I’m hungry!

Western Larch Trees some say Tamarack.


Tamarack (or more specifically Western Larch)

Super fun day driving nine miles up a dirt road looking at fall colors.  We stopped  a couple of miles into the drive to take some pictures of the Cedar forest it was noticeably colder you could smell the moldy musty smell, looking into the forest you could see only a few spots of light where the sun was hitting.  At the end of the nine miles standing outside of the car it took awhile to settle down and to hear just how quiet it was up there.  Some people call these trees tamarack trees and others call them western larch. At this time of the year  the trees turn bright yellow.  Soon they will drop their yellow needls and  people who are not familiar with these trees can  sometimes make the mistake that the trees have died. It sure was a nice way to spend a Saturday afternoon.