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Rounding up Cattle in Montana


I hope you had a good weekend.  I wonder what the week will bring?

Here are a few photos I took over the weekend.  The photos with people I took on our drive Saturday to Slippery Ann Elk viewing area to listen to the Elk Bugle.   We had a great time watching the elk so close up and listening to the bugling it did not disappoint.  I will put up a few photos in the near future of that trip.   Anyway the cowboy and cowgirl photos I took from our moving car as we were flying down the highway on the trip there.  Navar driving, pointing and saying  “Look they are rounding up cattle.”   Rolling down the window and pointing the camera out the window ( carefully holding the camera more inside  the window than outside the window).  Not wanting to lose the camera to the road.  I’ve been wanting to tell you about a fun creative project for a while, hopefully I can explain it Ok.  You may have already tried this way of taking pictures before, but if not I will do my best to explain it.   Also if you have not tried  this before using a small camera is best.   I call it drive by photography.   As I rolled the window down I could hear the sharp short whistle from the working cowgirls and cowboys as we were driving by it was very exciting.  I  immediately felt like I was on the range.  Usually when I try taking photos from a moving car it’s more of a blur.  I think of it as a fun creative project instead of an official photo shoot.  If you’ve never tried this before I can tell you it’s really fun and it can also be very rewarding.  I know it sounds simple so the benefits could be easily overlooked.   I think in one way that it has changed my photography by making me more relaxed and more open to the idea of seeing other possibilities when I’m taking a photo.  Instead of just seeing what I think  might be a good photograph.  As you are flying down the highway of course sitting in the passenger seat not the drivers side now that really would be distracted driving.  Seeing interesting old or new  buildings or different shapes and colors and just snapping photos and having fun. The big part is just having fun, chances are you will be deleting most of these images.  Seeing things burr by and clicking as fast you can almost like watching  moving paintings going by.  It’s not ment to capture sharp photos, but to loosen up the ways of seeing.  As I click I may take a photo in a very different way then I would normally and some times when I look back at these images there are surprises, buildings or telephone poles that I would not normally think to put in a picture but some how it works.  It’s a fun creative project when you are bored going from point A to point B.  The two photos without people I took yesterday while waiting for Navar as he was talking on his cel phone.  This time I got out of the car and took more time with the photos.  It was nice to watch the light change as the clouds rolled by changing the colors of the field from tan to the bright yellow.